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what do you mean alex seriously?thinking“I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother an…
Retweeted by dan Little Nightmares come watch!
Retweeted by danok this is like super random and small but one thing i hate is when you are on a moving platform in a game and you…
2021 dont like hate orisa's design but i feel like a centaur should not be a slow anchor tank. like she should at least be some form of fast...also fire emblem just for fun should make jeralt, kronya, solon, rhea, nemesis, potentially sothis, and gatekeeper… that's horrifying. is that not horrifying to you?body horror tw? also im fascinated by the relics being BONES from the nabateans and the crests just being blood fr… i am FASCINATED by rhea potentially naming all the children she experimented on after kings of hell. what's wrong with you?who the FUCK wants to live for 1200 yearsimagine living for over 1200 years and all you wanna do is bring your mother back to life.... give it up @pecharings I mean... perhaps she isi think fire emblem three houses is meant to get more dlc unless that rumor isn't true but i would love for more!!!… @taaronmc in my opinion sylvain and felix shouldve been gay together. would have loved for less racism from felix a… @personunknown omg............ @taaronmc when charlie streamed she not only had sylvain killed right away (i think that was an accident) but she w… think the multiple routes are really so you can learn about the characters, their motives, and then piece togethe… don't think fire emblem three houses intended for any of the routes to be satisfying or fulfilling. i think you w… @taaronmc claude is the only likeable one but he still wants to change the world within the framework of society. h… @taaronmc she and rhea are the same person. WHY would i like herwas up late reading ALL the lore of fire emblem three houses. rhea is a monster @bitchnojutsu @love4sometimes You are so.
Retweeted by dan @YaBoyPonkyVT I don’t wanna know!!!!!Oomf said something abt infinity stones on Grindr and I was like is that a sonic thing? Bc I genuinely don’t know w… @zahiral7aqq @gayforcommunism True but I’m cishet @zahiral7aqq @gayforcommunism OH LMAAAO I WAS LIKE IM RIGHT HERE @zahiral7aqq Me...?Hubert is such a fucking omega. “If I had two lives to give I’d give one to you.” Ok faggot... @taaronmc LITERALLYWhy did fire emblem mention Nabateans??? Hello??? @Honyeol Why did it turn PINKI don’t like it here at all bought the one on the right i think i still have it hehe U.S. president Joe Biden is planning to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit via an executive action on…
Retweeted by danGod don’t want me to start a new game -_- so in the meantime while I figure out how to fix that I’ll jus have a sho…
Retweeted by danTHIS? stop updating your insta stories I cannot keep up
Gonna start using my ig close friends just to make my close friends feel good that I love them that much but will I… question: who’s giving this man a platform like? He needs to be ostracized. To gehenna I’m cutting back sugar bc I’m scared of it affecting my body and who knows I could have diabetes but it’s proba… too much coffee achebabe are you okay? you’ve barely touched your Doctor Who®️ Cassandra Lasagne
Retweeted by dan @lovablelopmon I understand how were socialized to think older guys are some sort of goal and whatnot but if it’s e… MEN DO NOT READDo not even get me started on ppl with no pics. My SECOND line is have face pics. Fuck OFFI’m just gonna start blocking. For what reason would I, a full 25 year old person, need to associate with anyone like under 22?My profile: NO ONE UNDER 22. 22+ ONLY 18 and 19 year olds, who don’t read I guess: hey! @radicalcoolkid You will join Castiel in super hell for thisNow that we live in covid times I can’t believe we used to have to go to work with a cold and it would be normal to…
Retweeted by dan$15/hour was proposed over a decade ago. Too little, too late in 2021. Workers need $20 to $25 an hour now, dependi…
Retweeted by danGod I wish cancel culture were real. What I would give for society to stop talking about the same 12 people over and over and overI’m scared of the vaccine’s side effects too. Trust me. I’ve heard things left and right :/ but ummmmm I’d rather g… YOUR FUCKING VACCINEMy sister: *terrified of covid in every way. Talks abt how scary it is and how she doesn’t want it* Me: have you si… my whole family to get the fucking covid vaccine so I can get a god damn tattoo!!!!!! @pandesalt Made this post the second he was revealed. I saw it comingDrop a gif of one of your favorite anime characters @brunt3n I delete and remake once a weekI know we, as a community (rather the people I surround myself with), are way past this. But like. It does kinda sh… just tapped me on Grindr and their profile pic was their Pfizer vaccination document 💀💀💀💀soldier 76 would be on scruff, growlr, AND recon @pecharings oh he's absolutely right that every dalek should die. absolutely. even tho he's like oh no youre the la… Afternoon - Overtip the person who is delivering your food during a pandemic.
Retweeted by danthe doctor: omg i wouuld never kill or condone killing any being whatsoever even if theyve killing billions, such a… @geniebysnsd_mp3 Yeah I do flfbdjdndkkd but at that moment I was like I know nothingOk back to privateEvery other moth that isn’t a #coochiemoth therapist: you tend to think catastrophically don’t you Me: do I? Me, four times a day: this is going to be the… *reads about covid lung* My brain: your breathing is off. It’s weird. Monitor it. It’s heavier than normal isn’… I don’t think there’s anything wrong w going shopping or getting stuff out of the house just try your best to… not a guarantee and a lot of things are out of control. But like if you are considering Idk going to target onc… story short. Do what you can to avoid covid y’all. I got it literally. LITERALLY right as quarantine started.… I had covid and my breathing was slightly off I got an X-ray and everything was normal. But who knows! That wa… gonna read up on covid lung bc why would I? I’ll literally just make myself anxious. Instead I’ll just get an X-ray and go from thereI went to the doctor after I had covid. Maybe five months after idk. And got blood work. Everything was fine surpri… don’t doubt this but whom does this affect mostly? What ages? What groups of people? How long does this last for?… brb no one give me notifications for 30 min i need to take my japanese lesson and NO distractions otherwise i dont learn @zahiral7aqq yeah i mean we def have different experiences but like you definitely should get more positive feedbac… biofreeze on my body and now my body is freezing 🤪🤪 are so sick and twisted and back are hurting again :(((( no more sitting in my chair until I know I’m ok. Time to do my stretches and exercises again :((((What if the #coochiemoths did this 🤪 @tommnot Why notI may have been young / be young but when you know you know.You know. Marriage is dumb but I wish I married Eli.Me vs. my inability to feel shame for things I like and consumeIt almost ruined my dayInsects / bugs cw Since I like mahlon I will provide some solidarity and let you know I understand his perspective.… @sardonicheight See you there! I’ll bring the chips and dip