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divorce movies are now doing for me what coffee used to do @brendanowicz 💯this is a sub of kam btwthis dude thought cousin greg was a soundcloud rapper 😭
Why does Adam Driver, at the not unusual height of 6’2, seem like the biggest man in the world
Retweeted by doreen st. félixin chinese the phrase for breaking up is 分手 which translates to "letting go [of each other's] hands" which confirms…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix.@jiayangfan reports from Hong Kong, where, in the past six months, an estimated 1.7 million people—around 20 per c…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @hunteryharris the magic johnson theatre if we’re lucky!!!all i want for christmas is a bossip marriage story tweet
people to my parents when I was born
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Denzel really is the greatest
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @Jersey_Jinx he’s really an UNCLE now 😭the best of 2019.
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @melvillmatic dming u @melvillmatic spotify king i’ve been wearing it out
@hunteryharris i know exactly what this video is even though they took it down @melvillmatic UNDER the jail, kac! UNDER it! ❤️ @aherman2006 the low oxygen levels are thrilling! @nancyfranklin thank you so much nancy! i hope we get to meet soona professional news tweet! starting next month, i’ll be writing the television column for the magazine. i’ve learne… @emilynussbaum emily you’re the best 😭😭😭Some professional news! I'm gonna be on book leave for a year, starting in Jan—& when I get back, I'm stepping off…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @TrueLaurels get it right under your third eye @Muna_Mire home goods at the junction"can't see me/no instagram bitch" (JME) has got to be the best lyric OF A GENERATION
Retweeted by doreen st. félixwow is future’s life just a bizarro bojack prequel rihanna has braids, i move different
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @Judnikki literally you
“It is important to note that this statement echoes the justification given by George Jung in “Blow.” It is also im…
Retweeted by doreen st. félixThe African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) is pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominati…
Retweeted by doreen st. félixmy fiction is in this week's @NewYorker! it’s full of things i dream about: high ceilings, weird emails, a wild gar…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @csestanovich @NewYorker glorious day!
Retweeted by doreen st. félixhard to overstate just how much i loved Mati Diop's 'Atlantics', a transportive story of love, migration, and longi…
Retweeted by doreen st. félixthe score is also stunning, spacious, eerie, very very bluegranted i have not seen cats yet but atlantics is my movie of the year
Biggest lesson learned of the decade 🔥 #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @geekylonglegs @BeeBabs our parents were absolutely right @melvillmatic @TobiHaslett he had white bebes kids energy @choitotheworld block me back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@Danez_Smif @WrittenByHanna babe we are not the ones playing in your face ☝🏾the main one is do (pronounced deaux) and it still feels like i’m in trouble anytime someone calls me by my full name @angelicabastien @ValerieComplex fwiw i’ve heard of so many people using your review as a viewing guide. you’re an… of my childhood nicknames is bird and it’s been really nice to answer to that all weekend. sincere tweet. @grandpatheking @WrittenByHanna lmaothe less i yoda better
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @overdramatique @WrittenByHanna morning beauties @WrittenByHanna 🎼 brown skin girl, if she were a slave she’d be working in the fields 🎼 @collier when you’re either 1) a chimney sweep in the nineteenth century and you can’t afford to buy new socks so y… @_ShamGod 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@justbrad it’s your fault i’ve never had it 🧐❤️ @WrittenByHanna look at this rampant policing of black women’s pleasure @WrittenByHanna you didn’t have to blow up my spot like this @micahpeters_ my cousin tomorrow, probably: it was SLIM pickins / til i got this QUEEN i was wishin / for @ethiopienne @WesleyLowery i will definitely be embarrassing you both in the comments in the near future @hunteryharris this guy wears mcm, garnishes everything with parsley, does the #squint“i’m his queen and he’s my slim”just thought of the coming flood of queen and slim instagram captions and full body shuddered
Zoes parenting be fucked up I was drinking kremas at 10 years old.
Retweeted by doreen st. félixit is now officially coquito/krémas seasonBrooklyn, NY (1985). Barrington Levy on Utica Avenue.
Retweeted by doreen st. félix"happy thanksgiving. thank u for always being there even when i didnt give u any reason to be. u dont have to respo…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix“The West Indian Influence: Caribbean Blacks enrich life in the U.S. with their artistry, industry, intellect and f…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @dstfelix (Cuz I know u still gotta crush on me in heaven) 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Retweeted by doreen st. félixsomething that’s been nagging me about marriage story. do people in white society still say that they “darn their socks”? @theshrillest i’m so happy for you ❤️
@NifMuhammad u can’t write that! the auteur jumped out @melvillmatic king and thickRIP to Clive James, whom every critic here should consider reading just for a dizzying sense of what it looks like…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @NickdeSemlyen @micahpeters_ @yaaaaladin imagine you’re enjoying the afterlife and then you hear about this @Judnikki he’s a salope dhjajsbdjsjfhdbsgoldlink finally unseated jazmine sullivan’s facebook eulogy curving that poor dude @Judnikki the makakri!Anderson Paak vs Goldlink would be the first diss records with live bands lol
Retweeted by doreen st. félixculmination of an almost three-year chase! my profile of adam sandler is out today:
Retweeted by doreen st. félixBarbara Hillary, the first black woman on record to reach the North and South poles — which she did in her 70s — ha…
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i’m ‘late’ (whatever) but i feel like this Caroline Polachek album got hella underrated. i mean this song is so wei…
Retweeted by doreen st. félixForever fans of a good micro bag @lizzo @dstfelix
Retweeted by doreen st. félixtip knowing every polysyllabic word except for patriarchy is so tragic
what a delight to watch an episode as good as watchmen last night and then read a beautiful recap by…
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Independent bookstores! That's it. That's the tweet.
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@rawiya bossip told truth to powerWhen It All Falls Down: Amb. Gordon Sondland Drops DIME On Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, And Mike Pompeo In Impeachm…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @Rosie ayyyyi am convalescing and this is hitting different on narcotics i must saysondland rattling off names like petey pablo @saharkarimian @neeka_neeks 😭 listen anything for my queen and king on their day
One of the most underrated storylines in college football this year: the slow influx of freshmen named after early-…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @jmillstein milllllllstein omgI’m telling my grandchildren this was Malcolm X
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i wasn't hot in 2009 therefore there are no pictures of "me" in 2009. won't be entertaining questions. better luck next time
Retweeted by doreen st. félixFor the @NewYorker's food issue, I went into the belly of my favorite beast: the Park Slope Food Co-op.
Retweeted by doreen st. félixme getting my teeth emergency pulled this morning Mcleod was frequently bullied in school after he arrived in New York from Jamaica. That fueled his interest…
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Jamaican people are not real 💀💀💀
Retweeted by doreen st. félixIn a parallel universe, we’d have Lindsay Lohan’s HONEY BOY
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