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work in a lot of places / writer @newyorker.

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@surlybassey atlantique! @davidrkadler @nellienooks i’m just reading the tea leaves babesimagine a herman cain hologram at the rnc @laurenzcollins i eat them FREQUENTLY
@LanceStLaurent the villainy is so much stronger in korra @angelicabastien @vulture oh hell yesEvery. Damn. Day.
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @carvellwallace @ztsamudzi he had the craniometer OUT todaythe tactic of mystifying a plain thing so that you can claim to be the clarifier @israelizreal back ‘dag’ @alshipley 😭😭😭
Woahhhh did you know that the Japanese release of The Sopranos has a totally different opening sequence? I just ri…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @CraigSJ @phontigallo how they all added the "ee" 🥺 @mollylambert the singularity!losing ground is leaving the criterion channel at the end of the month, so you have twenty days to watch a movie ab…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @AyoCDASH this is a lot of projection on an observational tweet. if it is hell, then everyone is free to deal with hell in their own way @chungover okay...lmao... @bridgetgillard we are all going *threw* it @AyoCDASH give what a rest babya summation of the next hell is everybody making the same politically neutral maya rudolph joke @TrueLaurels i used to walk into opening ceremony like it was nothing for those bags 😭 i'm passing these on to my child lolKatt Williams as Willy Wonka would be must see cinema
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@WrittenByHanna happy birthday angelOnly two types of depression: “ass getting small” and “ass getting fat”
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free independent iraqi film festival, online for everyone. August 21 - 28
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@jaysonbuford 😌 this my friends dads spot @jaysonbuford get the frozen palomaMy daughter grabbed a random kitten from the street and had the nerve to tell me to relax 😭😐
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @byjoelanderson she was so ready she forgot to check the number @ElliottWilson @iamcardib omg 😂
@RobbyRav it’ll be a five word tweet and some adult left behind calls it a thinkpieceHoping someday I can write a song as great as Wet ass pussy(WAP) #goals #WAP
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @youngsinick a lot of them don’t like sex sex 🥴 @Terri__N @cataclysmcNegro it’s okay he’s still youngaminé made a loving v virginia twitter balladshaka is next
Apropos of other announcements today, @whetstone_mag just launched our new site and digital journal today.
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @BeeBabs that’s why the girls were and will continue to be threatened 😌 Kaufman trailers got me wishing I was white 😭
Retweeted by doreen st. félixI love when people are like ‘that’s a violation of the Hatch Act’ like anything fucking matters anymore.
Retweeted by doreen st. félixhigh fidelity didn’t really do it for me in a way that made me eager to check out its second season. the cancellation is absurd. @ejlordi means the world coming from youWheat in Beirut's port granaries not usable: Minister
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seeing lil wayne in the digital stands made me incredibly sad
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @notfolu youre right...that was like 17 minutes of nigger navy level of joy tho. imma hold onto that
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Retweeted by doreen st. félix @hunteryharris love is DEAD! @hunteryharris “you know him tender-headed” @WrittenByHanna gave him the note-perfect sean paul, i’m dead @NiaDaCosta is he taking appointments like? i will even blow dry my hair first @NicholeGunz i’m imagining jared sitting on the ground between fincher’s legs, baby kristin stewart handing him the grease @jeanuh_ @WrittenByHanna no fucking waya year did little to mitigate the sense of disbelief @_ShamGod listen i could have posted michael bolton but i didn’t 😌how i flip plantain so i don’t get burned would like to dip some nachos in it
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a sample 🗣 @nickycease yesheard bobby shmurda might be getting released tomorrow, to honor that here’s the hardest snippet to ever drop
Retweeted by doreen st. félixwhat meal is pizza at two am @TheQueenBRI ❤️❤️❤️I am so proud to finally share with y'all, 25 years to the day, The South Got Something To Say: A Celebration of So…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @HarronWawker beauuuuuty
@_ShamGod in shanghai of all placesis it something in the potomac that causes women in the area to dress the way they do @_ShamGod okay but candiace’s anniversaire alphet @msharmy yesjuan is the finest husband in housewives history @diamonde an absoLUTE mess @marmasaur disgosting 😭😭😭let me slide these colored contacts in #RHOP
@BeeBabs down to the light mustache 😭😭😭has george w bush been canceled for being friends with ellen
Retweeted by doreen st. félixme crying in the shower because i made up a scenario in my head & hurt my own feelings
Retweeted by doreen st. félix(Matthew McConaughey voice) the cost of living keeps growing but the poverty line remains the same
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @WrittenByHanna yachty and thirteen year old deaux twinning 🥴
giannis is kinga twilight zone ep about a woman (me) who goes insane trying to find her middle part. like slices her body in half with a rat tail combBelow is a statement from Ousman's wife, Lashalle, who continues to fight for her husband to be released. Black l…
Retweeted by doreen st. félixKwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) was a threat to Bill Clinton, who dedicated his career to the destruction of black…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @SheaSerrano he’s greatTOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE AND THAT’S JUST OFF ONE LP
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @mollylambert *nioj, lmao, wine @mollylambert yvan eht nyajthe sports are back commercials are so much like u.s army commercials @NifMuhammad a real MONKEYS PAW @offbeatorbit despite the trauma i want to try it so bad 🥺
@WrittenByHanna this person has one #ethnic grandparent 😭😭😭it’s giving me passe blanc energy though 😭🥴let it out sis be a scalia day, i see
"Aunties can be chic and a little out of place. A patent leather mule when the invitation called for flip flops. A…
Retweeted by doreen st. félix @jourdayen the face...the attitude...unbelievableGarfield is hard as fuck I would love — LOVE to see you plunge your hands into a fresh baked lasagna.
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