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Storyboard revisionist on @spongebob! 局 Lover of all things vintage, weird, and wacky. Golden Age of Animation fanatic. I retweet my art to @daffydoodls

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@greendarmok THATS AWESOME!! that was the same thing here, he mentioned he saw this crazy Porky Pig cartoon and
He deserved it. #2d #animation #penciltest #bugsbunny #daffyduck #LooneyTunes
Retweeted by Eliza! ive officially made it as a cartoon-affiliated person, my uncle was excitedly telling me about a Porky Pig cartoon @danimichaeli1 WOAHHHH CONGRATS DANI!!! thats awesome!! @meditativezebra HAHAHA AWWWW that makes me so happy to hear!!! that animation of the bull running is a BEAUTY!! so @dee_bax SWEEEET, thanks bunches!!this has to be one of my favorite gags in a LT short, its so delightfully stupid @charliepgavin CONGRATS CHARLIEEEE!!!! youre gonna be great!! @TweetinV LOL EXACTLY THAT YES!!! @tobias_krebs WOAHHH CONGRATS!!! Augie and Daddy are easily some of my favorites in this show, this scene cracked m you feel lucky punk
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tonights insightful commentary on The Patrick Show, courtesy of my mother: i can see his buttcrack! @TweetinV i never knew i needed Miss Prissy holding a gun THIS badly thank you for always delivering!TONIGHT - new episode of The Patrick Star Show 潃 see U at 7pm!
Retweeted by Eliza! @peytonpartyhorn HAHAHA im glad to hear that!! hes a hit with my parents, which is really funny to me. i love himwhen i said i would draw him, you better believe i meant it!no comment! @ShermCohen GORGEOUS!!! really lovin' those lines!!A selection of various #SpongeBob doodles published in SpongeBob Comics (issue #53 I think)
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@Izaart YAY MELODY!! i've been having a total blast so far, Augie is SOOOO dang cute!!! you guys have done an @KomeDraws HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!! HAVE A GREAT ONE!!#dragons #walkcycle
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@nicklauerart @TweetinV SO GOOOOOD!! been catching up on the shorts lately and having a blast, can't wait to see what's in store!! @MyNameMud_faint HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope its a great one!!!some REALLY gorgeous Donalds on this page by Harvey Eisenberg! @thomasjolliffe loving those Porkys!! this is looking great!
81 now! i think this may have been the last time i actually DREW a fully rendered piece for Bugs WHOOPSIES @greendarmok MAAAYBE? i try not to focus on numbers so i honestly cant remember, but id say probablyA fun Gary and #SpongeBob moment. I can't remember if this was from an episode, but when I scanned it I saved it as
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theres no way i can reply to everyone, SOOOO for those asking, this is from LETS GET MOVIN (36)! tis a fun one week the second batch of Kamp Koral episodes premiered on Paramount+! That included "Hard Time Out," hysterica
@TimWollweber @Chaponegi its from LETS GET MOVIN (36)!These are the main two that I used as a reference! everyone's been enjoying #ThePatrickStarShow! To NOBODY'S surprise, the Fleischer sequence in "Enemies a la Mo @bobjinx OH TOTALLY!! me too! and its all so inspiring, too! the Popeye cartoons are great because theyre 7 minut @HighPriestOil GLAD TO HEAR IT!! its definitely been and made easing into the day a lot easier!! glad i could be of help!lately ive been getting into the habit of watching a cartoon as soon as i wake up (preferably something i havent say, i think this is one of my favorite fights in a Popeye cartoon so far @TweetinV AAAAH I SHOULDA KNOWN YOU WERE BEHIND THIS!!! i was just rewatching this part this morning, SOOOO GOOD!! I can share some characters I designed for The Patrick Show "Enemies La Mode"! Starting with the diner o
Retweeted by Eliza! @dee_bax THANK YOU FRIEND!!Porkys always such a great subject to draw because i LOVE drawing cheeks, wrinkles, clothes, and the like and hes got it allEnded up rushing this a bit because I was so excited to see it get finished, but heres a pig for your Sunday viewi @MakinitaSilva OHHH HOW NEAT!! im super glad to hear that!! been meaning to watch more episodes, cant get enough of their designs!! @MakinitaSilva just watched this episode today!! soooo good! @DanVariano THATS AWESOME!!! i watched it on YouTube and saw all of the comments indicating a similar air-time tre
finally finished BABES IN TOYLAND after starting it about a month ago(!!!) and LOVED IT!! i cant stop thinking abo terrifying. i love it @PotatoesTomatos THANK YOU!! your guess is as good as mine, to be honest! ive been using Blossom from The Powerpuf @electrkladyland BESTTTTTTT THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE THIS @madjackrabbit AHHH, thank you!! thanks a LOT, SNIFFLES @madjackrabbit what cartoon is this from, anyway?? that's so weird @christabaress YOU'RE A MASTER!!!! these are INCREDIBLE, wow!!! so energetic and funny! great work!! Here are some of the boards I did for past two Pat episodes Stair Wars and Pat-A-Thon. Lots of fun working on t
Retweeted by Eliza! @ToonholeRyan these are SUPER good, love how cute and funny your Patricks are!! the episode came out great!!I got to do a storyboard for the Patrick Star Show that recently aired, here's a buncha panels I liked.
Retweeted by Eliza! @SteelStellio thats so kind!! its definitely a VERY fun show! the animation is all new to me too, every week im blown away! @birdlegscass thats great to hear!!! im the same way, so im really to hear this!! theres definitely a lot more in store! @greendarmok yes indeed! @psimonster CRISIS AVERTED!!
in all seriousness, another GREAT batch of episodes from a great team!! my family has been really enjoying it so fa show is funny groundbreaking review of The Patrick Star Show from my older brother @MyNameMud_faint HAHA, ive had her since 2016, redesigned her in 2018! shes been around awhile! @AGuyWhoDraws THATS AWESOME!! congrats!! @ShermCohen THANK YOU SHERM!! ill definitely put this to good use, i appreciate it a ton!! @ShermCohen TOTALLY!! my mind is thoroughly BLOWN right now, what a lifesaver! technology can be a pain, but it's p @tobias_krebs HAHAHAHA, PRETTY MUCH!!just figured out how to copy and paste layers to multiple panels in Storyboard Pro... i won't spend too much time t @misterbabadork THANK YOU NAT!!! @Gilition figuratively AND possibly literally!!(also please ignore the fact that i misspelled basebalL, two Ls, the one time i don't hand letter the majority of m've been itching to make a reference for her for 3 years now, so... long overdue! I DO have my own characters, I j for the Patrick Show premiere of "Enemies a la Mode" tonight, and for one sequence in particular. In the me
Retweeted by Eliza! Family feuding Watch #ThePatrickStarShow tonight at 7p/6c on @Nickelodeon
Retweeted by Eliza! @greendarmok @KOlMONOGATARl @PotatoesTomatos AH, guess so (early morning tweet, bluh), i guess i was thinking more @JimBevan85 this is (surprisingly) from one of the Gold Key Roadrunner comics! sadly ive already forgotten the iss @NCLuke1024 THANKS LUKE!! and NAHHH, just wanted to get back into sketching traditionally again! @KOlMONOGATARl @PotatoesTomatos yep!! i vouch for KITTY KORNERED especially, though Sylvester isnt Porkys cat in @HiAdamReed THESE ARE SO GOOD!! i stuffed these in my bookmarks and meant to retweet them like a week ago, WHOOPS. was always a real big Felix the Cat fan growing up. FUN FACT: #FelixTheCat is the oldest mascot in Indiana (Logan
Retweeted by Eliza! @TweetinV looking at that last one makes me want to run after a bus going up at a 90簞 degree angle SOOOO FUN AND C SenescencePants 局佞兩曲
Retweeted by Eliza! messy + not so messy doodles, ive forgotten a) how to draw traditionally and b) how to draw characters other than @Izaart SO CUUUUTE!!! really excited to see more of them, so appealing and fun as always!!Some more character designs from Relax directed by @ToonholeRyan and story boarded by @andygonsalves . Check out
Retweeted by Eliza! @TweetinV OOOOOO i dont have much advice for this Particular Era, but something i like to do in general is to @tobias_krebs LOOKING GOOD!! (and LOVE that Pat figurine!!!) i was just saying yesterday that if/when i wear mine i @wetmonsoon CONGRATS HANNAH!!! thats great news!! im so happy for you!!
livin the dream @bratch1806 WONDERFUL!!! this looks fantastic, really digging the colors on those flowers and rocks too!!With the new episodes of Kamp Koral being released today, I can finally show off the SpongeBob model that I painted
Retweeted by Eliza! @Astro_Bat CURSE YOUUUUU @Astro_Bat AAAAAH THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! im really excited to seeing the new episodes too!! (and now i want ice cream, DANGIT) @TweetinV well, now i know what MY gravestones gonna look like, Donald head and everything! (these are great im LOVING THESE)
Some board grabs from Pat-A-Thon #ThePatrickStarShow
Retweeted by Eliza! @PinkieToons OHHHH i didn't realize these were yours!! SOOOOO GOOD, these blew me away the first time i saw them!!! awesome stuff!
@electrkladyland I THOUGHT IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE TOO but i was making fun of everything so maybe i missed it LOL @StarmansArt @paopusprout THANK YOU!! @TrustyCranberry THANK YOUUU!! i partly used retrosupplycos color lab brushes, i just got them/am getting used to