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i’m duck :)

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@chiefkeefmidi it’s so grossthis made me spiral’ve seen it go from being considered absolute bottom of the barrel work to every single person with a Pulse join i… can’t believe i’ve been doing sex work for going on 6 years now that is so wild to me @eyeH8itHere it’s definitely not just like any other regular job and shouldn’t really be treated as such imo. there… @kubrickfan ily❣️i just want to live in the woods so when i am so depressed i can’t leave my house i can just roll my little body th… @kubrickfan this is all i needed thank you so much bri and bri tiny soni am So Sad today. could someone please fix that for me @Lawrenc80706314 i need some easy entertainment @Leo_G1999 reply to this tweet one more time u fuckin dorkalright can they give trump back his twitter nowgot this dog sitting request last night. she just like me @ThaWhiteMLK i’m gonna start doing this to peoples cars @kubrickfan i love him!!!😭 @kubrickfan i’m going to cry and i mean it @ipa_guy12 just so u know, food goes bad
hey @capreolinae__ never seen this guy before !caring about the political beliefs of someone born in the 1800s lmfao @HammerFist3 you are 4’11 this is us next to each other @jacobccfisher you’ve never looked better @methfairy_ you just said you’re abnormally tired what a bizarre leap lol @methfairy_ the pregnancy message lmao ? @adderalluser LMAO @c0wgaI mhm that’s what they’re made for @HammerFist3 sure u are big guy
@kubrickfan that makes me so happy he’s so precious in them🥺❤️big spooning my 4’11 boyfriend @TheBobCrawford not common enough for me to be against raising minimum wage lol. your argument is basically that yo… @ThaWhiteMLK if paying your employees $4 more puts u out of business maybe u shouldn’t own a business! not my problem! @TheBobCrawford this is a bad hypothetical for SO many reasons, one of which being how small this pool of people yo… @ThaWhiteMLK for real @Seth_FierceD @wydstepbrOoke i mean i’m not talking about hours worked. i’m talking about hourly wage @wydstepbrOoke @Seth_FierceD exactly lmao @Seth_FierceD if you are paying employees so little they can barely afford to live... i don’t think you should own… @wydstepbrOoke what is that even supposed to mean LOLif i am not following u and was before please message me i can’t lose any of my Online friends @ilovetopiss i Love youwhen i reactivated my twitter made me unfollow so many ppl on accident i’m sorry i love each of u @numberbones hi :)only reactivated to make u all look at my face @notrickbitches NO I HATE THIS @notrickbitches which kind do u have? @SoccerMomSyd @lizardsdotcom yeah no i don’t want that lol my period is already fucked now i don’t need it worse. i… @TheBobCrawford i’ve been reading so many articles that just completely disprove this and nothing pointing towards… @SONICAlDS the majority of small businesses have already stated that raising minimum wage wouldn’t hurt their busin… @EliseLaurenne that’s genuinely what i’m most afraid of LOL @lizardsdotcom @SoccerMomSyd that’s also a problem for me but i’m gonna look into it bc it’s the only BC that doesn… @lizardsdotcom i’ve never heard a single good thing about depo so if the implant is at all comparable to that i wil… @EliseLaurenne same my brain was not right then as soon as it left my system i felt okay again. horrible bc option.… @AdrienneLuxe i’m just so scared of the iud being put in lol and i have a weirdly low cervix... but ur not the firs… @EliseLaurenne it’s so crazy after i got the shot i heard so many horror stories about it. im debating iud or impla… @paige___w @xxxduckling well... that sounds terriblehave any of u gotten the implant birth control? opinions? thinking about getting it but don’t want to lose my mind… @brainwormhaver 🥺❤️ @jodieegrace a company shouldn’t exist if they can’t pay their employees LOL even if that were true like... good...… @DigitalZodiac_ this is what sparked me getting so mad lol i remember when fast foods were significantly cheaper. t… @gnomechomskyy been reactivated for a day and i need to log off lmaohow much do u have to hate people to not want to see them get paid a livable wage. i genuinely don’t understand how anyone is that miserableif you think raising minimum wage is going to make your fast food burger $40 i need you to just give up. in general. you are not neededraising the minimum wage talk makes me feel so insane because i don’t think i have a great grasp on how the economy… @seinfeIdwatcher i’d die for you both! love u!
nap time @Homosextremist thank uplease look at bri pretty face and bri tiny son. thank you asparagus and fingerling potatoes but those were not pictured @Eggolas_ thank u😌made chicken pot pie last night
@typhillips twitter mad at megood @whitefeeIings :) @whitefeeIings everyone decided they were mad at me and unfollowed @immrylee you’re the only one who matterswhere are my followers
@tayallard thank u patrick @samelpan2 weird bit @nosferatu_wife i almost bought an alice letter off of depop the other day... @chad_waifu this looks lovely @PastaVersaucy come here!!! i need u! @chad_waifu i adore you @tayallard i love you more than anything @icedoutomnitrix you’re righttake her next please bad again
living in a country where your president is suspended from twitter doesn’t feel realthe most impressive thing about me is that i’m alive and not dead @ColinDeKerf noi’m back on this i think i should get a fishbeing in the woods would be easier if i lived in them or owned a car. something for me to think aboutsome bugs @fatboyjohnyy no👍🏻 @tayallard it’s very pretty and nice i wish you were heregood news i drank my coffee and found water bad news i fell in mud trying to jump across the water @HarshmanHills no👍🏻do you guys need something @paigeygrl i feel that way toogoing to drink my can of coffe by some water @terelot i agreelast night i decided “tomorrow i will get a fish and name him alexander the 3rd” but now it’s tomorrow and i don’t…