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A collection of accounts from individuals describing their experiences with @/EsportsMurphy CW: abuse, manipulatio…
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We're hiring for X3 project based short term roles... 💻 Events, Digital Marketing & Socials, Content 🏡 Remote 📅…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @Shakahron have a lot of time for clubs that get fucked over by the efl and/or fa tbh @ZeeboDesigns oh christfootball fans 🤝 lisa nandy hating the efl
2020 @charlieepickles cheers for the heads up I'll go back to the piesSo the local Country Club found a duckling in their pool after it fell in and landed in a puddle. Apparently had be…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyIMAGINE asking ppl to come forward with their stories of abuse in esports so you can make a list and then deadass i…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @ThatOneGirlIG ooooooooooooooooooooo! nice to know I now have a godson!obligatory: "I'm willing to manage your rocket league team for warm feelings" offer to anyone moderately™ goodhnnnnnnnnnnnng proven true, there's only really two parts of this that is utterly fucking mental behaviour from a players assoc… @kpiz_ pretend you're still asleep
@AnthonyEnglish_ "I'm the one on the right" @EsportsLawrence @EsportsLawrence nah, straight desk @jon_winkle yesdesk desk desk desk DESK DESK DESK DESK american military industrial complex so quirky xd @MeganGannon99 👏👏👏we love the financial ghouls👏👏👏 @Naysayerz @RevolutApp I've had strange errors recently where it says a payment / funds transfer failed before near…
A message from @sam_s_cooke that affirms Esports Insider’s stance on recent industry abuse and misconduct allegatio…
Retweeted by Michael Moriartyphew phew phew phew phew @padrman big deskupdate: apparently half of my desk is in kent, the other half is still in the netherlands good good. @_BrianCS b..b..brianbe FASTER @CallMeTalha yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas @OnFireAnders pogschamp
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this
@StrikerHLTVorg the men of esports + gaming: Misogyny is a pyramid. Sexual assault is the peak, and the bottom is the behavior…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @RyanAtRBM :)me vs animated me @RyanAtRBM who the fuck is this and why's he getting the UKGC involved
@AnthonyEnglish_ yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup’t even @ me until you’ve lost to Gillingham in injury time on a Friday night in league one.
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty...where? @vowelsgg do not likemy timeline is currently filled with fields of red @Hosselote just want me stuff hoss :(I feel lied to. pumped 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Michael Moriartyswamming @JohnGeeMcCarthy I mean, sponsorship deals with US military has been relatively common in esports over the past cou…
@Saituchiha_ not that I can see on their websiteesports you have an image problem at the moment probably not a good idea to partner up with people committing acts… all contribute to the culture of the gaming industry. We’ve known for a long time that culture is fundamentally…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyOur Statement:
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @JRavenEsports what a tosser @RyanAtRBM p e a c e m a k e r @neLendirekt what why @Ginjured immediately on the grind there jack
since I have a bunch of people attacking my teammate I think I'd like to share some things I've found when watching…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @RyanAtRBM this man's a journalist as well ffs @sam_s_cooke @TheGSPC some of the things they've got in there man......This could represent a blow to ESL’s plans to have Cologne on LAN.
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @shaneyCSGO beer belly back in fashionI woke up today still in shock that an entire regional fanbase sent threats of violence to a 16 year old kid. Wheth…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartySo, for those at the back: 🔴The court backlog was caused by govt cuts, not Covid 🔴We had a bigger backlog in 2014…
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Oh shit I get to copy paste my reminder to my freelance friends that you are legally required to be paid for work y…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @esioLoL @Jackyesports @Jak3ycsgo @lolbanelor @BTScsgo I... don't wear glasses @esioLoL @Jackyesports @Jak3ycsgo @lolbanelor @BTScsgo they look like bathroom tiles :/ @Jackyesports @esioLoL @Jak3ycsgo @lolbanelor @BTScsgo bathroom tiles vs painted shed @Slasher bruhJust checked out a few streams on Mixer to see partners in tears, having been completely blindsided by the news. P…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @TadpoleRL we move you'll be back on top before long dudethe IRONY of a sexual predator retweeting a post about How Not To Be A Sexual Predator. imagine the lack of self awareness
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Retweeted by Michael MoriartyIf you're a man reading all of these stories about sexual harassment & assault in the gaming industry and you don't…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @charfromafar can't see how that's a problem charlie @charfromafar not enough buenoAfter a month or so away, the interview series on the @Pinnacle Podcast will be back later this week. We've got a f…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyNew: just days after NSO announced its new human rights policy, saying clients have to limit use of the company hac…
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in this house we love online cs 'mon complexity lads. fucking 'mon"Survivor Stories of Harassment & Assault Streaming industry: June 2020"
@shaneyCSGO bap steksCops killed an 18 year old and then broke all the nearby cameras
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty20 Jun 2020 - weekend waterfowl
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don't fit
2020 @AtlGorillaTalk I mean, that's a quality shot. @esioLoL @lolbanelor @Jak3ycsgo @Jackyesports lads lads ladsomg LOL a comms firm sent reporters an email pitching the story that the #GreenNewDeal will "harm...minority comm…
Retweeted by Michael Moriartyguess I get more time to play watch_dogs 3 thendeath, taxes and @Dom_Sacco @krissakabusi @Esports_News_UK the crossover we never knew we wanted
are we a serious country @AnthonyEnglish_ @BarrowAFC g'won barrowhe was a punk she did ballet what more can i say
Retweeted by Michael MoriartySheffield / Villa game That should've been a goal. No idea how that's not been given considering both Goalline Technology and VAR exists...ah yes, the greatest of the pr moves from Activision Blizzard there. @CoJoPM @Ginjured @YinsuCollins John Green is a major sponsor of Wimbledon has a stand named after him tooThe Gateshead factory that has made UK passports for the last decade is to close, with the contract for new post Br…
Retweeted by Michael Moriartythis man is a parody of himself
2020 @ReasonGaming @tiktok_us christ