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Retweeted by Michael Moriarty
@Boq_TV @TheUltraLex looks like it's had a mild graze with something warm mate @Boq_TV @TheUltraLex you call this toast? @_JakeTucker won't track but will still screw your discover queue x_x @CalixRL you're giving me flashbacks now @RamS_RL :( get well soon @jayforeman christtoday is not fun today is not fun today is not fun @TheEternalJay who the fuck knows what's happening these daysoh yes - you've noticed me say they're doing the online spanish broadcast why yes apparently there'll be a separa… out to movistar riders announcing they're doing the (online) spanish broadcast for telling us when rlcs final… @dionginge only been in the office twice this week and I'm reminded of why I hate it 🙃 @dionginge pint? @RealStrongLegs @WARDELLCSGO Roy out here straight bruising egos @RealStrongLegs @WARDELLCSGO lmao he's said he's got a 1m30s delay on as well HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STREAM SNIPE THROUGH THAT?just want to fuck about and have a normal sleeping pattern again tbh
@reformed_cheat @dephh_csgo heroine @Rix_Ronday @TheTrout91 @Gfinity I already have a job mateI'm in a fever dream shit atk did what? am I actually still asleep in a fever dream right now? @SalicilicAcid so we have a clip from season three... anything more recent? we even have any native-spanish commentary talent in rocket league?don't let the blueprints update make you forget that psyonix have a lan this weekend and haven't announced who the… @charfromafar 👏em👏ploy👏ment👏
@Professeur_CS should be = the standard in european jurisdictions i guess1) Counting an entire Major season from Minors to the Major (around a month between one end to the start) is... qui… @AshBoio import boxes about half the size cost nearly twice as much as this so I bought a bunch. big fan they cannot be beat.I'm tired but can't sleep. So I'm going through one of the many boxes of milk duds I brought back from Texas For…
I see Dignitas are running a retirement home plan in all of their titles then. @Pinnacle_JD trophy gang @Professeur_CS @NatalieBahbout @CarbonDogma @LucasHLTV @Pinnacle_JD esports gang @Kassio_RL @VeloceEsports kassiooooooooo @Pinnacle_JD yike @Pinnacle_JD get the open bar down you @DuckMoriarty as an EMPLOYEE you have far more rights than an EMPLOYER, the tories actually want to remove these ri…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @DuckMoriarty you CAN NOT be forced to take a paycut, you can agree or you can take the redundancy. companies that…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyTalk to your union rep. If you're not in a union, speak to citizens advice. Keep yourself safe. @DuckMoriarty just to spell out the basics as i know some people from ESL follow you. IF your position (role) is m…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @DuckMoriarty People that work for ESL in the UK need to read over the laws over redundancy and make sure they aren…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty"the UK office is currently under assessment and roles have been put at risk." This line's been handled about as t… this is an internal message sent by ESL to their staff. It's fucking disgracefully worded and sent at a fucking… @TatlFail goolge @Radiant_NoVaa I've not sleptback in the uk
oh good this the last thing I'll see before I get on my flight perfect could be a transformative month for esports in the worst way. I spoke with @Aya_Majzoub from the Human Rig…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @Speed_RL sorcery is this We’re new to Twitter. To open our account, we’ve analysed what MPs earned - in addition to their salaries - i…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @Vinno_Squires @ASOS @Hermesparcels oh right yeah, that's less simple to deal with just sounds like the drivers ha… @Vinno_Squires @ASOS @Hermesparcels at this rate it might be worth looking into actual 'safe places' they can deliv… NOW!!! AFTER WITNESSING HISTORY BEING MADE ONCE MORE AT ECS FINALS SEASON 8... WHERE ASTRALIS WON IT ALL...…
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @CarbonDogma @Professeur_CS @LucasHLTV @Pinnacle_KM @Pinnacle_JD @PinnacleBen @NatalieBahbout @astralisgg won their 4th @ecs championship! #ECS8
Retweeted by Michael Moriartymedals
@Rix_Ronday @ThatsVix /: @ThatsVix @Rix_Ronday go drink rix c: @byadamfitch how often are the releasesa madness @WeefreemenYT excuse me I said do not atvertigo is still the best active cs map do not at 💪💪 tight match-ups between for the #ECS8 finals, who are you predicting to win this one?
Retweeted by Michael Moriarty @BoritoB_RL @Rix_Ronday you'll do it next season. I believe too much in you boys. ♥️Well, @Rix_Ronday & @BoritoB_RL continue their depressing stat of being the most successful Rocket League players t… @ThatsVix large moodfuck rocket league stupid terrible unfair game @BoritoB_RL :( @Rix_Ronday ;_____________; @TadpoleRL :( so sorry mateFUCKNO @CallumTheShogun pls pls plsCOME ON METHODbollocks
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyYOU SIMPLY CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO BIG DUTCH LADS is a stud game is annoyingly close. Can realistically go either way. cmon method #RLRSEUSUPER RIXIE ON THE BALL Promos today. LET'S GO METHOD C'MONNNNNN BOYSSo I guess JKnapa has finally decided to play Rocket League this season.
Update: I got 8 points in the first game so I've got a sub do I KBM on Rocket League? @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS @Professeur_CS @CarbonDogma @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM @Professeur_CS @CarbonDogma violence is bad guys @Lustriga this one @Barrage_Jeff pretend to be Dutch @Barrage_Jeff next year yeah @ZeeboDesigns @TeamReciprocity yeeeeeeees ladSo... Anyone know who the guy in the HyperX advert is?okay what the fuck is this is... great?So much random stuff happens during the mid-game parts of American sports that I don't understand. I'm too used to…
Retweeted by Michael MoriartyHOCKEY