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@sniperiwnl I never bought 😎 @grantthegoatyt Evo @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ Yeah you have to have soft aim or something
@Hantao @Formula so you're saying you'll get me one? I know you have that BTC bread @Formula Can I get a couch instead of a vouch? @normsbruh Drippy norms @skibo75 Happy birthday! @OnePercentHQ AYO GIVE ME THE PASSWORD RN @gorboob Gm 🙈 @Surfnboy @SamsungMobileUS LETS GOOOOO CONGRATS!! @RazzJoey Minecraft @Surfnboy LETS GOOOO @normsbruh HAPPY BDAY NORMSSSS!
@CliftonDustin It's not really a way to make money, it's mainly just a way to get the pack opening experience first… @imgoldenyt It would be a lot easier to back them up if they actually did anything for us over the last 7 months :) @Formula Hi Formula (verified tab btw) @Ravers which one is better, I honestly don't know, I was gonna send to PSA LOL @IanIrbby You think it could be a 10? I was hoping for a 9, honestly the centering isn't prefect, but I don't see a… @Yellowroll_ LMAOOO W @Yellowroll_ YES DO MEAbout to send this bad boy off to get graded. Hoping for a 9 or higher 🙈 @NovaaWtf FaZe Zay @Surfnboy You’re welcome, I followed on 1.29m alt accounts :) @sniperiwnl Yup @yocrxzy @akamissducky why you gotta expose my empty fridge like that
@CompetitiveFNM I'm about to run an over/under bet on this happening LOL @grantthegoatyt @YourFellowArab sike, now you have to shout me out and give me a com tag @MostacheFN @YourFellowArab i'll pass @orangie @YourFellowArab shoutout to the #1 best minecraft grinder @YourFellowArab These people are the weirdest. True friends won't ask for handouts like this. It's the funniest tho… @itjustwontlast Oh I know the end result won't be in the best interest for Fortnite iOS Playes. That's already been… @Quick Excuse me sir, I’m going to have to report you for breaking the rules 🤓 @FaZeOrba Lemme get a SHEEEEESH @Surfnboy BUT NEW WHEELS OMGGG @FujiAnthony @aydan Vouch @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ #1 Fortnite player of all time
JUST POSTED MY FIRST NON FORTNITE VIDEO IN OVER 6 MONTHS! Go give it a watch :,) @SypherPK THIS IS SO FUN @TTfue 687's Twitch Rivals DEBUT... WE PUTTING MY BROTHER ON THE MAP LMAO$10,000 TWITCH RIVALS WITH MY BROTHER CAUSE GRANT IS SLEEPING LOLLLLLL @Tenser @itsPearr @GhoulzOfficial Oh wait, yes 😀** @GhoulzOfficial Yes 😩😩 @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ Literal beasts like I don’t get it
@MackWood1x but us mobile players play with 100x more of the lag and don’t cry. not to forget i’m from south africa… @Diiscc @Formula Formula said “I GOT TWO PHONES 💸💰” @OnePercentHQ WWWW @MostacheFN @YourFellowArab @SypherPK VOUCH HES INSANE BRO ACTUAL DEMON @MrTop5 Bottom @Vraxooo @XSETGAMING AYEEE @XSETGAMING @Vraxooo WMy vote is like 20%, I’m not confident at all LOLWhat do you think is the chance Fortnite Mobile returns sometime in May after the lawsuit? @raidr_fn Modding is the future of Fortnite, we just have to wait an eternity to get it apparently :( @SypherPK Looking forward to playing and winning it 😈😈 @RealBobbyPlays Just got a GoXLR Mini and I highly recommend it. Elgato’s lighting equipment has also been great to… @FleaYT @MikeDulaimi LMAOO @akamissducky 😍 @leexdesigns This is true
I was considering playing in the cash cup tonight, but then remembered I only have 200 arena points 💀 @Diiscc deactivate, you won't 😈 @GhoulzOfficial that sir is a 16 @RazzJoey @Randumb AYO that bad boi is CLEAN @SLAYNFL YESSIR GOOD STUFF @slackdz @OnePercentHQ Welcome!! 💚 @nznfnm Congrats bro! @MedalCore YUR @akapluu Hi :) @gorboob Ah yes @Thiefs I play it a few times a week strictly to record content, but haven't streamed it since season 6 came out @xTDod LMAOOOOOOO @SanchoWest I like the effort on this one :)I better see 913 replies to this or I'm deactivating... @orangie meh @OnePercentHQ @slackdz YESSIR WELCOME
@ShivEdits :D @iOS_App_Dev Banger vid @HarryButAverage WTomorrow I’m uploading a Minecraft video to the main channel for the first time in 8+ years 🙈 @jimipapifn Couch @FreightTrainUSA Same exact thing happened to me :(( went from small chip to huge crack @TheMobileMatt Welcome to the club 🤝
@OnePercentHQ @AcornFN AYO LIKE THIS TWEET UP, RUN MY MAN ACORN SOME MONEY @SavinTheBees LIKE WTF JUST LEAVE THE FOOD AT MY DOOR @Ravers I won more than this in comp alone, so I came out on top 😈 @TheApeCris I went to college for a semester, it didn't apply to what I was doing in content creation, so I dropped… @YourFellowArab 100% the right move. @MikeDulaimi ... BRUH @imgoldenyt Epic literally used iOS as a platform to sue apple from the beginning lmao that’s so funny @Surfnboy Nice clan :) @DonnySC W @thatdenverguyYT Just got ROG G-14 For my gf and it seems like a really solid device @DripzyyWR Emeralds
@ClixHimself sick photos... but the captions need a bit of workUse code "Ducky" @GFuelEnergy checkout to get THE JUICE! @duckybtw
Retweeted by 1% Ducky @wixkzy That was a very high quality meal, thank you @xTDod @GFuelEnergy W @ItsEvanTube Yo