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Duglas T Stewart @DuglasTStewart Bellshill, Scotland

Dreamer and romantic fool. Leader of BMX Bandits musical family since 1985.

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Retweeted by Duglas T StewartOne of my favourite songs for Summer days (or nights) listening. It should have been a Summer smash 🌞 @IGetSpellbound That's what I call art. @gfpaterson Wishing you well. I hope something good is waiting for you not too much further down the line.
Can’t sleep? Fancy a late night quiz about movie and music trivia and that kind of stuff? Try this o… us tomorrow night 6pm only on @coastcounty for this weeks indie show, thanks @country_mile @WallyTBM
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartHere is a song that didn’t win Eurovision but it is so beautiful. 💙 @IGetSpellbound Sorry for late reply, inside but Slappy got presents.Quiz starting in 15 minutes (that’s 8 pm).’t Get it Out of My Head 💗 Altered Goldfish digging the scene at the 13 Barn St Cafe in Strathaven, after checking out Frets Creative / Cr…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartI feel like Quizzing tonight. Please come and join me at 8p.m.’s an interview I’ve just done ..
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartA killer melody. Ultraromantic pop. is the day of the #WeMakeEvents RED ALERT event. Without immediate support from the government, the UK live e…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart........11/8 writes the theme tune, *huggs* the theme tune #MikeHugg
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25 years ago. favorite rock ‘n’ roll, country and R&B legends as marionettes via @DangerMindsBlog
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartIf you've got a few mins to spare, here's an interview I did for @intocreative with the sonic shapeshifter that is…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @cafdan @ropoem That is what I like to hear. Thank you.Can you do me a favour? One of my songs is going up the Reverbnation Americana Charts. It's called, 'Blood On Your…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartRazorblades & Honey @GrantMcPheeFilm @ropoem Top selling singles of all time world wide. @ropoem The third highest selling single in the world of all time. Bigger than anything by The Beatles or Elvis by… is an initiative looking for a solution to the devastating crisis that the live music industry is fac…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartA gig or a festival is a team of people working together - from tour managers, to sound engineers, lighting technic…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @elle_be3 Excellent, thank you.Happy birthday Ronnie Spector. Of course I love the song but I also love this accompanying clip., it is week 20 of It’s Quiz Night with Duglas. Here is where you can watch it. The quiz will premiere at 8 pm o…
@MrNormanBlake1 @Tim_Burgess @thethe Me too. The same one.I will be singing a song for @GladCafe Sammy’s open mic tonight. Also performing are the very excellent…'s Suzi Jane Hokom with one of my favourite sunshine songs for you. We've been enjoying this sunny day on our l… art.
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartWonderful production still from 1978 #Columbo ‘Try and Catch Me’ starring the fabulous Ruth Gordon (not to mention…
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@Well4243David @MickeyUndertone Great song but I prefer John Simon’s quirkier original version from You Are What Yo… version of L'Anamour by @thepearlfishers and @MrNormanBlake1 with thanks to @DuglasTStewart for uploading…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartAn excellent piece by Andrew Male on one of the best and scariest television dramas ever made. I really love it. Da… few more suggestions to check out for Bandcamp Friday @peterhallmusic @YellowMelodies @MikeGaleMusic
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartContinuing my salute to the late Mark Wirtz with his life affirming version of Brian Wilson’s I’m Waiting For The…
Sad to here that Alsatian pop visionary Mark Wirtz has left this world. This record made a big impression on me wh… some, buy some. 😀 up this delicious release from @DuglasTStewart #BMXBandits #BandcampFriday
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @howcaniapply If I had my little shopping trolley, a tweed jacket and a Sesame Street bag it was me. Hope you had a good one.It's bandcamp Friday and for 24 hours 100% of the funds from whatever you buy there will go to the artists. Please…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @WallyTBM @peterhallmusic @YellowMelodies @MikeGaleMusic @GaryOlsonMusic @thepearlfishers @subjangle @futuremanrecs @MrNormanBlake1 You are also a groovy cat.This was my favourite song when I was a kid. I still love it!
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @SongwritingMagc Thank you Jim.It's bandcamp Friday and for 24 hours 100% of the funds from whatever you buy there will go to the artists. Please… @CallumFT @MartinDowds1 Delighted this is happening.Available from midnight tonight!! Vinyl at last! 🤩
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It is Andy Warhol’s birthday. One of my all time favourite tracks to celebrate. Recorded pre-Hunky Dory produced by… old photo of me with Brian Wilson in London in the Winter of 1995.
For Your consideration this belated Record Store Day, August 29, 2020. BMX Bandits 'C86'. Remastered 30th Anniversa…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart“Let the rain pitter patter but it really doesn't matter if the skies are gray. Long as I can be with you it's a lo… @AnneBillson It is brilliant and extremely unsettling.Just in case there's someone out there who didn't know - this is Nigel Kneale's 1989 TV adaptation of Susan Hill's…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartMildred Bailey, what a singer and what a song. a fun quiz to do while you’re breakfasting. It’s here waiting for you.
@Tim_Burgess @LlSTENlNG_PARTY I am in our new seaside home of West Kilbride, just 3 minutes from the beach. Feels l…"Alan McGee says “hilarious” ‘Creation Stories’ biopic is “getting finished this week” He also hailed Ewen Bremner'…
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Retweeted by Duglas T StewartAch. Does this help? I hope so.
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @Dregan73Danny @thedamned @NewWaveAndPunk Wow. Thank you for letting me see that. Best wishes to you and yours. @Dregan73Danny @thedamned @NewWaveAndPunk Strawberries is my favourite. Machine Gun Etiquette would be in second p… @DuglasTStewart Quiz Night 4 August 8 p.m. with #DuglustTStewart
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartTonight: Different Days listening party at 9pm (UK time) with @Tim_Burgess #TimsTwitterListeningParty
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Today I've been thinking a lot about Brian Wilson and the impact that his music and his story have had on my life.… is where to watch week 19 of It's Quiz Night with Duglas. The quiz will premiere at 8 pm on Tuesday August 4th… a thing we’re doing with @OneMinuteBriefs. Check in with @Tim_Burgess on Wednesday morning. You could win some…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartJust taken delivery of a review copy of this, ahead of a book giveaway on LG/LE. It comes garlanded with rave revie…
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@DuglasTStewart @janicelongdj @johnrobb77 @HifiSean I remember sitting in my dad’s car in 1985, 15 years old, and h…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartCity living is not for me.’s a picture of Kurt Cobain wearing a tee of a band I was in. ♥️ @DuglasTStewart @Nirvana
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart#TeenageFanclub - ‘Neil Jung’ from the album ‘Grand Prix’ and released as a single in August 1995…
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @nadineshah He is a billionaire, richer than the most successful songwriter of all time.The Bernard Herrmann scored and Brian De Palma directed film "Obsession" premiered in New York City on Aug. 1, 1976.
Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart @janicelongdj @johnrobb77 Totally John, I believe Janice's support was crucial to BMX Bandits. So many dismissed us…
A message from David Essex and from me ROCK ON. 2020 is happening now and there's still plenty of excellent stuff for you night owls to watch. And I'll b… off at 2pm East Coast Time, 7pm in the UK. @LlSTENlNG_PARTY @AndrewBatt1 One of my all time top albums.Replay available @AndrewBatt1 : Bobbie Gentry : The Delta Sweete at #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartFor the past 13 years, #HalfJapanese have hosted the #Shakemore Festival. This year it's all going online, so mark…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartWhat a brilliant line up the Shakemore online festival has for you. I have recorded an exclusive performance for it… small tribute to Alan Parker. From the film Melody (a.k.a. S.W.A.L.K.), written by Parker, I have always lo…'s me chatting to Duglas T Stewart of the BMX Bandits. In this excerpt Duglas talks about writing the song,…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartI was sad to read the news of Alan Parker’s death. This is from my favourite of his films and the soundtrack of son… chance to support a local, original & unique project. Set in Glasgow on a micro budget. Have a look and pass it o…
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After the Fox.🦊 I love the song, I love the titles sequence and I love the movie. star photo. Clare Grogan and Siouxsie Sioux.
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Retweeted by Duglas T Stewart#RIPTerenceGreer
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartExcellent live stream with @DuglasTStewart of BMX Bandits here is the link for anyone who couldn’t get logged in (p…
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartRunner hit 3 million views 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Duglas T StewartSorry folks, gremlins.Little tech hiccup please stay with us. We are trying to sort it out. Thank you.