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i’m anakin skywalker in disguise // 22 // cap ☼ libra ☽ aries ↑ // NO free dms // dm fee $10 // unblocking fee $50 // links to pay me are below // m♡

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getting a boyfriend is easy! just use your siren abilities to lure him into the depths of the ocean with the melodies of sea shanties
Retweeted by the baddest bitch in the land🖤“100 likes is a good number for you, right?” OKAY MAX, WE GET IT. YOUR HOT AND THE PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE FUNNY >:(me @ all you horny motherfuckers now that i’m a born again virgin i love kylo ren. yes i’m mentally ill. @weeniehutmenu yes🥺🥺i’m quite literally going to screamcommunication is a two way street and being stubborn is a motherfucking road block @kroptopking21 drive wag @kroptopking21 STOP TWEEETING @agirlisivan i’ve lost a bunch of people. including my grandpa who was my father figure. it is really really hard b… @caththesoso LMFAOit sucks i can’t tweet fucked up things without you guys being concerned about me 🙄just drove like an ass next to a cop but i think he knew i’m going through it so he didn’t pull me over
goodnight.can’t kill yourself in real life? just get cancelled on twitter instead.i’m dating 2 white men 🤢both of my boyfriends are white ☹️@lytchell @kroptopking21 @SkinnyKingSahil just go with it tho. i’m trying to cancel my wife-boyfriendlytch actually has a j name #cancellytch @SkinnyKingSahil lytch is forcing their dog to go by he/him until further notice...cancel lytch 2021i am legit doing this, buy one for yourself from @hollysTWpoetry !!!!!buying myself a love letter, call that self love @lytchell running @NickNicklenick no🤍my recommended on instagram is ALL pregnant women and babies 😭😭😭 @lytchell all except green but ESPECIALLY black @bigblackwild thank you! @jenney_sun JENNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @hawttubdaddy heyi’ve been crying for the last 2 days pls be nicebare-faced baby @SkinnyKingSahil @lytchell @Iytchell IT WAS FUNNY. U ARE BEAUTIFUL SAHIL @SkinnyKingSahil @lytchell BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahahH @Iytchell i fucking love you @kroptopking21 he loves my crop top wtf do u mean @kroptopking21 STANgo stupid, go crazy look how cute my boyfriend is in MY CROP TOP @kroptopking21 WHAT A CUTIEjust finished work for one class this week 😎 @hollysTWpoetry NOOOOOOOoooOOOooooOOOooooo but congrats @hollysTWpoetry I DMED U I NEED ONE AH @sillyg00sesav wow nice character names madison and HALEmy grandma got her first dose of the vaccine 🎉trying to be productive but at the same time a nap sounds so goodeveryone’s favorite TA is making an appearance in like 2 weeks @kroptopking21 i wish we could eat bagels togetherwoke up wanting to cause chaos on the TL but alas i will stifle my urges @kaidynivy HOTTTTTTTTIEEEEEE @kroptopking21 already checked. not there. last time i saw it, it was up your ass. did you accidentally leave it in…“stop losing your butt plug. that’s not a thing you can just lose” @AllisonIngram18 yes :(~~*~*~*~*~owa owa*~~*~*~*~~*when he goes home and you have to go back to using your vibrator @kroptopking21 i won’t anymore @AllisonIngram18 @kroptopking21 BAHAHAHAHA also yes he does not have another girlfriend or he will be in big trouble @sweetveenyc NEED THE ROBE @robbyissad 🥰 @AllisonIngram18 i love you @dumplinss that could be US but u aren’t texting back @scoobydoobyboob omg baehonorable mentions
Retweeted by the baddest bitch in the land🖤 @diskpix glad ur back tho bb @shook_shan hi gf @YaLiekJazz it was supposed to be special but tasted like velveeta which i don’t likeno i’m not crying over my mac and cheese sucking. YOU ARE! @soupinhercan @kroptopking21 thank you🥺i want to take cute polaroids of each other while we do random things throughout the day and just do it throughout our days together :( @shook_shan if you aren’t this obsessed with me i don’t want it (yes we’re on facetime @tiddievampire69 👀👀the fact that i will now have to say “i met my boyfriend on the bird app” ... @kisstina_ YES @shook_shan duhrt and ill tell you what historical figure you were in a past life
Retweeted by the baddest bitch in the land🖤 @shook_shan can we facetime
@kuromistanacct omfg @pepperonicowboi she loves uwhy the fuck are bean bags so expensive? @robbyissad something so amazing. i need 20 more. would really like my boyfriend in my bed right now but i GUESS my squishmallows will suffice till he can come back 🙄 @HDparx HER COLLARhonorable mentions @kroptopking21 shoulda cropped itQT this with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally… @kroptopking21 fineyeah. @kroptopking21 LMFAO @rachh__o @kroptopking21 MY EYES ARE HALF CLOSED @kroptopking21 WE LOOK WEIRD IN THE LAST ONE @sunshinebishhh I LOVE HENRY @kroptopking21 stan 🥺 and your voice🥺therapy time, leave me nice things to come back to if you want @whatdaFisupkyle my favorite thingslytch and i’s brains are connected. we would be too powerful together. that is why the universe did not put us together geographically @chodedickenergy ME with a mix of othersi know i always joke ab crying bc i rarely do it but i am legit crying LOL. max leaving got me down bad… bitches shouldn’t be crying this much. need to get my act together 😞f(22) iso a printer to print a goddamn shipping label for her money backtoday feels like a sunday and it is REALLY throwing off my vibe @sweetveenyc I LOVE THIS WTF