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🇮🇹/ can draw/ retweets anything metal sonic related/ happens to be a complete idiot/ Groudon plushie enthusiast

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Retweeted by dumbaleenfunny robot does skateboard tricks 🤖 🛹 #MetalSonic #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 Mix of cyan and blue @SolarLight11 “Goddamnit” *dies*jokes aside, I’m binge playing this game nonstop, needless to say it’s fun Plus, I’ve kind of ran out of things to… anyone is wondering why I’m inactive as of lately, I’m specifically looking at this great microwave
@SolarLight11 I reached it once and then came back at that for no good reason (probably inactivity?) I offer you even more Groudon plushies
@ItIsMeJosh Can’t really make an opinion on that since I haven’t played enough sonic games @ItIsMeJosh You ask too much from the same company that threats its fan really poorly (business speaking, games are… Manga
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 *insert funni image here*I've been university work pretty much non-stop lately, so I wanted to do something a little self-indulgent. Here's…
Retweeted by dumbaleen @Starfish_Lad Yoshi :) @SolarLight11
@SnastheWeirdone @captnBill_ Losing my shit over this image @Zeldris_Stan Neat-oBoi gotta love those rooky numbers going down yet again Anyways how’s going, fellow assh- I mean mutuals? @captnBill_ starts his comedy career
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@snoozysoozyy Beans in that head boi @Pandora_Juh Happens to the best, bro @SmokeySpew COLEENder's just Soldier Tf2 with a Beggar's Bazooka
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 Ahhh fucks I was actually going to get that once I get all moners from the last comm note: I really like how I did this revolver overall, but there can be always improvement, aka @oakdaswagga’s commission Pretty fellow yeehaw lookin furr- bird
new puyo puyo tetris 2 dlc dropped
Retweeted by dumbaleenwell, you asked for it
Retweeted by dumbaleenthis was way funnier in my head
Retweeted by dumbaleen @ItIsMeJosh Sorry bro I can read the date of a tweet It’s coming out in 2022 😔 @Lettoice Have you tried drinking some water? @NotThatJanko Broken gif @Prez_Selk Yo it’s a GBA game? Neat-o, I still have the GBA emulator I installed in order to play Mother 3 Will give it a try soon enough @Prez_Selk WHICH ONE-Oh yeah did I ever mention I’m a bit of a Ridley fan despite not having played a single Metroid game? I blame Smash… @oakdaswagga WORTH W H A TRidley’s Fury #ridley #metroid #SuperMario3DWorld
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 it’s for funnies but I really wanna see if I get followed by that account just for the nick alone @SolarLight11 Hell ye Solar gang @SolarLight11 Brb gonna change my name to Solar idiot @Zeldris_Stan Oh no he’s absolutely tired of everyone’s shitEhh nah this is what edibles does to a mf
@EmberLovecraft W a r c r i m e sI’ve said it once and I’ll say it again OFFICIAL KIRBY ART.
Retweeted by dumbaleen @XansterGames 12. S P I T @Lettoice YEAHHHHH FUCKERSSSS @SolarLight11 11 eat cereals @Lettoice That’s what I said It funn yCrap the “in response to” ruins the joke @JankoGotNutz deengus @Lettoice Anything piss related is an instant funny @SolarLight11 Aw hell ye pyro fren d (alsos we could talk more on discord if you want to) help he’s performing mitosis oh god oh fuck he- @JankoGotNutz ditto @SolarLight11 For some reason I found this only under your profile Don’t ask why I was on your profile Please don’t… @JankoGotNutz h @The_Hydroxian thank you
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@XansterGames ¿Quieres? wanna hear somethin funny...
Retweeted by dumbaleenフューリーワールド楽しみ。
Retweeted by dumbaleen @Miles2616 IT’S GETTING CLOSER I CAN FEEEEL IT X and MegaBowser Y this Rivals of Aether match looks promising @SuperKalosBros Ah true true @SuperKalosBros By that logic these are just Dream fan characters i love piss
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 So you can’t be a sassy dumb idiot on this stupid social media with damn friends because it can be “o… @MugenSonic Minimalistic effect, I think Not a big fan of it but ye it looks neatThe art in Hades made me do it
Retweeted by dumbaleenMetal Sonic is already perfect, which is why he was one of the only sonic characters to get not much of a redesign…
Retweeted by dumbaleen @TheSlowestPizza > 11 notifs > thinks it’s about some dumb shit I did > “shotout to these fuckers” > f u c k
@XansterGames Alright that’s it bro’s helping his son beat a boss level
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SnastheWeirdone goddamnit Snas stop listening to one winged angel
the state of soldier funnies
Retweeted by dumbaleen @ItIsMeJosh @ItIsMeJosh Oh please be as harsh as you can be @MugenSonic Well, the most ridiculous one I’ve heard would be “Sonic games were never good”i'll never not laugh at this image for multiple reasons
Retweeted by dumbaleen @JankoGotNutz Facts
i'm having too much fun with i think
Retweeted by dumbaleen @TheSlowestPizza Man I want to rewatch that movie so badly, I have scattered memories of it from my childhoodRt If you know who this is
Retweeted by dumbaleen @boblecs requested SA- @ringo113_ (this time I pinged the RIGHT ringo) requested Klonoa boie @EmberLovecraft requested the Scorpio ladfinally finished them art raffle thingies, it was fun ngl @ItIsMeJosh NOOOOOO HE BECAME A MEMORY @Lettoice :) to say, shotout to @captnBill_ for editing a .mp4 into an image and making it 100% more hilarious
@myudori Outside of Grey mann and Sniper’s actual parents (piece of cünts) they’re all hot The hottest of them all… @JankoGotNutz Same for me @SolarLight11 (Also I only said that because it’s in your bio) @SolarLight11 Feel free to choose In the meantime, I offer you this is this tweet exploding Play oneshot
Retweeted by dumbaleen @SolarLight11 Simpletons will say “oh right, that pyro weapon!” Nah, we all know you’re obsessed with being an idio… @Lettoice Shush it’s not meant to attack anyone, it just gets repetitive pretty quickly to me“Guys I’m coming out as a-“ @SolarLight11 Nah