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Family office. Influencer influencer. Public equity L/S and Private Equity cheerleader. Advice to young ones: Give up now.

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Madoffs victims lost 25% Jeff Immelts victims lost 90% Just sayin 😉
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalWut @jamiepastore @AboveAvgOdds @AdamBScott1979 Afterlife Goes On Allah if you Hear Me I Wonder if Heaven Got A Souq @jamiepastore @AboveAvgOdds @AdamBScott1979 Ambitionz Az Al-Riyadh-a? @jamiepastore @AboveAvgOdds @AdamBScott1979 Brenda had a Fatwa @jamiepastore I never thought I’d see him quote 2pac
YASSSS THIS IS EVERYTHING I hear with these inverted yield curve tweets is “Laurel”
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital#TweetsFrom2012Now just watch Trevor Ariza gon’ fuck around and drop a triple double in D-Wade’s face
None - detain a tech blogger new requirement is that if my kid wants to download a new app, she has to write a one page report on the founder…
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And this amazing revelation accomplished what exactly?
I fucking hate everythingGreatest thing since sliced bread. This really delivers the pain. Violence baguettes violence. This would be gre… @sillyolddaniel Hold on a sec - is it him or is it her that looks absolutely ridiculous in this photo?Wow, way to kick someone while they’re down
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalSo my son who is 13 just dumped his girlfriend and now he's attempting to get his hoodie back. He's in for one hell of a life lesson
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalYour mom casts a wide net
@SuperMugatu Carbone is averagea whale would never kidnap your son
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalI already miss the greatest human being that I will ever know. Love you Dad!
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@modestproposal1 Not to be that guy but... isn’t this more accurate but less clickable with a headline like “BREAKI… @SuperMugatu He stands by what he said“Fuck bipartisanship!” ... *Gets all bipartisan* *Suggests a new party* @TheStalwart @RyanSAdams @APompliano Are these... haikus? @ShortSightedCap I love human beings man
One time in Starbucks, they finished making my drink and they screamed my name and everyone ducked under the tables.
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Tweet of the year @FaL_In_Chester @EventDrivenMgr @PennBasketball I loved this poster but now hate Abners @SuperMugatu @BATMongoose @MinvstrD @highermoments Seconded @SuperMugatu Be a good person. But don’t waste time proving it on the toilet
Happy Thanksgiving to all - even the CEO’s who authorize share buybacks and the passive investors destroying our world!
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @Jon_Doughnut @LSValue I should probably rephrase - the current players in discount surplus, particularly TJ and Ro… fear I know the answer but... is it pronounced...Just asked my 2 month old nephew if he wanted to “go out back and toss the pigskin” and he started crying......I do…
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @LSValue Not sure how these four got there but I’d have had it $VRSN $CACC $ORLY $GOOG, maybe put $TJX in over… @mariocibelli @EdBorgato Me and @jack
Should be a strong thanksgiving. to the anonymous 6th grader for saving me a couple thousand (Bus not drawn to scale)
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @DavidSchawel LOL I missed this... sweet Jesus
@brivu who hurt u Chris Lavish
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalDoes Thanksgiving Glorify The Historical Slaughter Of The Detroit Lions?
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalGOT by Darwin™️
@CyrusBlack3 He never understood the company. Basically every analyst who covers this stock is pretty stupid, but…
Value investors who couldn’t stomach buying $FB at $200 or $180... why aren’t you buying it now?If you put your entire net worth in $DAR and never looked again, you’d never hit a drawdown tripwire or panic, and… @CynicInvestor @BarbarianCap I call the whole alliance NissanAnd ima keep ridiculing it cuz of explanations like this you were watching football, real life was bubbling up just under your nose @BarbarianCap No. I want one of each subscription monthly. One candle, one sock, one razor, one pre-prepped meal… @DumbLuckCapital No. Musk.
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @BarbarianCap Ew. Sergio was decent. Maybe he was great for capital markets? But he wasn’t a smart car guy the way… Carlos is the best auto exec not just of his generation but maybe ever.I'm sure Sheryl aced that case on Extra Strength Tylenol and the biz history class. If I remember right, she aced e…
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@jamiepastore @SuperMugatu You two and @CrookedCapital are my ideal fintwit party foursome @LSValue @BarbarianCap @MidwestHedgie This is something I find odd but hear all the time. Is it responsible to LPs… your son an illegal immigrant? he tell you he got a “tech job” at Amazon? @eriz35 @‘ing in agreementDevastating self-own
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To do list for Twitter threads: 1) Long rant on Fidelity, 2) long rant on VC being the dumbest of the buy side, wit… is the worst private investor of all time, and is still a private company for reasons. @bbybrujaja @3YearLetterman @COLDGAMEKELV And they do serve purposes, as our mascots in over 80% of the teams. Aubu…
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalGoodnight Mon #RemoveALetterSpoilABook Bile #RemoveALetterSpoilABookMob Dick #RemoveALetterSpoilABook @LSValue Take Bluegrass’s most owned list and that should fill up the majority, then take recommendations to fill in the rest @BarbarianCap Wow, worst nightmare @elonmusk Worst song out there Elon. I caught one of the players on my youth football team listening to it, so we f…
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapitalFYI Jana Sucks @NickatFP @teasri @teasri @pearkes Good one hahaha @SuperMugatu $2.8mil signature Mandarin Duck l’orange coming to The Modern, where your subsequent excrement will be…
Why bring up safety on the earnings call? Oh cuz Reveal. Why suddenly aggressively start talking about trucking b… Elon prowling production lines because he really wants to know they can hit 7,000 cars or because it was clear i…
@jamiepastore Cc @SkeleCap Lahren looks like if Arizona State was a person
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @SuperMugatu Bail after step 1
@BarbarianCap This company won’t stop being a short until it’s a penny.
Literally nobody loses money selling weed, let alone more than smoking it themselves’m feeling some really awful shit post-close from a company we love talking aboutTaylor Swift's silence on the crude plunge is deafening
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @ShortSightedCap Wants higher
most whales were never asked to their high school prom
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@BarbarianCap Sold to you! I love those guys. Their second generation talent has proven to be truly atrocious and… @quantian1 @Nonrelatedsense @EdLatimore My wife and I have one. (CFA = Cum First Agreement?)If the only way you can make money with your degree is to become a professor teaching the subject... Then you have…
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @BarbarianCap Not excitement... barrons curse. @mariocibelli @maffei_fake ...OR IS NASCAR?! $LCARAWhite people.. Don’t lose your Fn minds because I’ve never eaten a Bagle.. Take it easy.... lol
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Fuck yes @tensigma @BarbarianCap Grandpa-hater @LSValue $MOMO is a value stock!!??!!Unpopular take: she’s trying to stay relevant @BarbarianCap I would have gone as-hominem and then hacked into his contacts to kill his mother, but maybe I’m a li… @realDonaldTrump I personally blame roughing the quarterback penalties for pretty much every problem this country has.
Retweeted by DumbLuckCapital @BarbarianCap I’m sorry but how can anyone not love this guy he’s like if everyone’s grandpa got to say everything…