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NYU | suburban inequality | education | justice | author of 'Inequality in the Promised Land' | infamous hater of Drake | Mets | tired baba

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@hystericalblkns wait, it's your day too? Aight, this is too much. Thank you for being and making us better! @NewBlackMan and happy birthday to you, an intellectual giant, fellow sag, and brotha with superior sports team tastes!I love the way in which ⁦@marclamonthill⁩ shows us in his book “We Still Here” how our cultural narratives on polic…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @ProfessorCrunk @NewBlackMan happy birthday!! We are lucky to have your brilliance among us. Have all the fun you can amidst it all.Remembering James S. Jackson (1944–2020). Article in the APS Observer. @rianaelyse @NkemkaA @RyonCobb @SandyDarity
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@mstambolis @ASASexandGender cc @saigrundyToday, I announced the E-LEARN Act which secures free broadband for every student age 5 to 21 at their residence, w…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyUniversity administrations + police = a *continuum of policing* (and nothing less)
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyLast call--Looking for abstract proposals for papers on suburban inequality, for an issue of @RussellSageFdn Journa…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @KatieD_PhD @nkwarikoo @RussellSageFdn @algrigs sounds like it!Support independent bookstores!!!
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyCV, abstract, scholar, tap in #ineedhelp much appreciate the comedic love from the outrageously talented and funny @Lesdoggg! My mama would be proud :)
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@DarrickHamilton no doubt fam. Always glad to support and uplift good work and good folx.And trying to build this directory! The pandemic’s caused an uptick for many clients because you can be booked in…
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@BlancaVNYC @urbanjibaro my great virtual assistant @ariannelyoung is fully booked, but she has a set of hand picke…
In case you missed it, I have made much book list! And the lists have expanded since this morning.
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When Amazon Web Services burps and half the Internet goes down maybe just maybe it's not a great idea to have a sin…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @prisonculture see, you do something nice and here come the disrespect! I can't help it if you don't know good pizz… you can--get one for yourself, one for a friend, and one for the person you haven't met yet but who will need it!, I really try my best not to use the quote tweet for shade or snark. I employ it for funny/sweet things or if th…
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Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyShouldn’t it have been the WNBA?
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @polumechanos @louise_seamster @zra_research @JessicaCalarco @BrittanyCMurray to be an after thought is better than…
Support early-career research scientists & pay tribute to the contributions of remarkable leader, scholar, teacher,…
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@NYCMayor's own School Diversity Advisory Group made calls to eliminate exclusionary admissions screens over a year…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyHi @NYCMayor, we have class so we can't call you this morning. You know where we stand. We just filed a federal Civ…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyHi everyone, just a housekeeping note: It’s no longer an “unpopular opinion” to think turkey isn’t great.
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@letisha122 @Dr_CMGreer Yeah, but Black Mirror 2020: Soulsnatch is pretty f'ing terrifying. @Dr_CMGreer I think what I read is correct. We're definitely in a season of Black Mirror. @EricaLG right.It doesn't get more interdisciplinary than this. Today at 4pm!
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyBreaking: @NYCMayor will be announcing admission updates on TikTok sometime before 2021. I hear he's got a little d…
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@moneymills_15 @jshiran_ go'on and let her breathe nephewBREAKING: NYC school system will temporarily close tomorrow. Chancellor Carranza just announced in email to princip…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyAs my son’s school is now closed for COVID, and NYC teeters on the brink of going fully remote, here’s a story we f…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @JudithKafka I literally just came on here to find that out ... because ya know, the news on schools goes to press/… tribute to an amazing woman.🗣️New Episode Alert⚡️ "What's Homeschooling Gotta Do with Black Folks?"w/ Dr. Cheryl Fields-Smith. "Black parents a…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyKiss recalls our conversation with @DumiLM in Vol. 4 of The Education Suite about reframing our ideas of the suburb…
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@BKuzan a whole ass lie! ain't no way!
I am very thankful that @PhdAmaka came through and dropped science on my class tonight. She broke it down about pol… WEDNESDAY: Revolution or Revelation? Racial Awakenings and an Emancipatory Vision of Education. Details and Zo…
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@public_archive I swear this is how my timeline be reading so I don't be over here much.
"Some people may ask, 'Does this mean that I can never call the cops if my life is in serious danger?' Abolition do…
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🗓️ Reminder: @NYCschools will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11, 2020 in observance of #VeteransDay.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyFirst LOI deadline is Dec 15!!!
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @AnnaRHaskins Congratulations!! Well deserved. They are lucky!Tonight, I'll be in conversation with the brilliant @esglaude. We'll be discussing my new book, "We Still Here: Pan…
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Join me tonight in conversation with @KeeangaYamahtta and @iPhilSomething!!!! We'll be discussing my latest book, W…
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Below-replacement fertility is a fake idea and I say that as a demographer
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy💯 @CarlaShedd Wwwwwoooooowwwwww!!! 📝 @CarlaShedd @HarlemCandles 👀Another Monday morning, another week of reassuring my teary 8yo that it’s definitely not HER who should feel ashame…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @AFROAMPHD lol, “car direction lady”—come on and pass that good glass over here!I’m confused. Folks keep posting pics and videos from their reckless events occurring during a pandemic and getting…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @HoldSher lawd. I thought we got beyond the "covid is a hoax to impact the US election" thing. Guess not. Global pa… of Assata Shakur’s liberation from prison today 🙏🏿November 2, 1979. 41 years ago today.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoythe insurance industry is probably saving all these photos of in-person mask-less gatherings to deny coverage, to l…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyOn today’s episode of As the Empire Turns, we have a diasporic Colombian man who has donned a Nuyorican persona for…
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@tressiemcphd 🤦🏾‍♂️"everyone in this photo was tested for covid" as an IG caption is the new "retweets do not equal endorsements"
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyEdward Said was born November 1, 1935 in Jerusalem, Palestine.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy🤡 @uche_blackstock @JonathanMetzl It’s a good question, what I know for sure is it won’t be the 500,000 estimate that they made up @JonathanMetzl @uche_blackstock And pair that up with the city’s timing for demanding parents opt for in person...I've been reading the @nytimes since I was 15. Back then my favorite writers were the opinion writer Anna Quindlen…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy“To expect justice from them at any stage is to be naive.”—Steve Biko
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyMark your calendar: Nov 18th, 2020 @ 3:30pm PST @CenterUCSB w/ all the homies. Register here:…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyPresident Trump’s embrace of white supremacy has demonstrated to many Americans what the African American community…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyAnd I'm beyond excited to be working with @Meagan_Levinson and the entire team at @PrincetonUPress on my next book!…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyImagine how many NYC voters might have voted early if our 5.3 million registered voters were served by an adequate…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyOver and over we told him, we even gave him a better plan and he still did what he wanted.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyI’m so proud to know these young people 😭😭😭
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@IolaElla i think so and "in the heights" @hystericalblkns Awwww, well if it matters I didn’t even notice it and followed your link and really enjoyed the co… y’all it’s finally here! I hope you all enjoy! #beylloween
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyI’m relieved to report @Northeastern has walked back the Spring return-to-work policy to be flexible and adaptive t…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyI guess Black women experts had nothing to contribute to this conversation 🥴
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @KizzyPhD Yo, but please don’t be like “vaccine done, yall get it when you get it.” Rolling round the lab showing i… @nataliapetrzela 😯No matter what happens next week Join @marclamonthill, @KeeangaYamahtta, @iPhilSomething for an urgent conversatio…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyWe’ll definitely hit 100K cases a day by Election Day.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyHow Two Black Women Sidestepped Corporate America to Build a Fierce, All-Star Literary Agency…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @monifabandele @vmsoutherland I know that’s rightCome work with me and our fabulous team at Spencer!!
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PLEASE put this on my tombstone.
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @DrKYSR ExactlyAny reporter who amplifies/allows @NYCMayor to say, unchallenged, that he “didn’t see this coming” is a participant…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy😑😑😑!FREE! !FREE!!PALESTINE!
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyWhat’s the return policy on all of 2020?
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyMy book finally arrived. It’s always exciting to see it in person! Order your copy today!
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyNEW from me: “I understand that it is not particularly progressive to support the presence of Black people in physi…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy @CarlaShedd @redclayscholar @NUsociology I’ll only allow this because we hadn’t met yet...For the final volume of The Education Suite, @eveewing brings some questions for the guys to make sure they were li…
Retweeted by L'Heureux Lewis-McCoyJust brazen racist propaganda. The disinformation spread by police and their allies isn’t new but the speed, spread…
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