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Academic at Ulster University teaching in Politics. My personal twitter- so I am solely responsible for the mistakes too. RTs are not necessarily endorsements.

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Out on our own in Belfast Holy Land. Hopefully the issues of previous days have calmed down. But still big challeng… deal is UK’s deal and at election time the govt promised no paperwork and unfettered access. IMO there were muc… Culture Night panel on Irish and Ulster-Scots with @duncan_morrow, Dr Niall Comer and myself. The way ahead: ho…
Retweeted by Duncan MorrowThe sinister absence of a simple yes ... @APHClarkson Every day in the last year had been a good one for the SNP tbh. @APHClarkson And, in the circumstances, they would be right.The risk that this appointment is based on political ‘face fits’ criteria rather than honesty, the ability to speak… the single most systematic and merciless abuse of human rights on the planet.
@jasonashford89 Ban ‘low hanging fruit’ - ‘going forward’If the UK continues to drive towards no deal, it will be as predicted earlier: a chaotic shambles- says government.… is really startling is the age profile of those testing positive in NI. 90% are under 60, probably with active…
@BelfastHolyland @BelfastColin That was my impression too, although licences are granted for a five year period. B… @BelfastColin @BelfastHolyland hmmm. The lottery of who gets one and who doesn't will be interesting. @BelfastColin @BelfastHolyland The problem is that it is getting there. 90% houses are already converted and rente… now cannot be said that politicians in NI want the UK to breach international law. Nothing would destroy the GF… @JimLawless16 @gottostopnow @BelfastHolyland How would you prove an invitation in court? @JimLawless16 @gottostopnow @BelfastHolyland There is no way to do this in law,I don’t think. Each person is respon… @BelfastHolyland I am not interested in playing anything down.Yet it is a question of saying that effective solutio… @gottostopnow Huge efforts have gone in. Street ASB is thankfully now less than in previous years. The problem of p… @gottostopnow Agree. And managing and creating pro social conditions is a collective task with many steps. @BelfastHolyland The word student is used very generally. Of course the issues of anti social behaviour are very re… it is time to change the narrative? Students may not be responsible for the majority of Covid breaches in t… should stop pretending that this has anything to do with ‘defending Ulster.’ “Gang threatens to murder electe… does seem good practical advice really. @Watsonmydear Each individual person moving weekly between an HMO and home is a full member of two households in a…
@Kilsally The damage of being entirely untrustworthy on the principle of upholding agreements you co- designed, pro… @Kilsally Yep. Brexit is a catastrophe sadly.Theresa May telling it, this time, as it is on breaking International Law as part of the Internal Market Bill: “Th… current HMO pattern means many living in two households in the same week. We need guidance on travel, isolatio… @aodhan83 It certainly would be safer if the choice is the one you suggest. @aodhan83 Actually, it may be true: but it is a mixed signal not a clear one, and I think we need to monitor this one. @aodhan83 So far....The argument that organised drinking causes less spread than disorganised drinking will have to be measured against… big increase in Covid 19 cases is in the socialising age groups(age 10-60). The risks are largely to others. U…
Another day in Northern Ireland, another brutal and criminal attack and still given the spurious elan of a ‘style’.…
What a remarkable role model. Chuck Feeney achieves giving while living, much of it given in Ireland, north and sou…“It may be floundering in every other respect, but as a machine for the destruction of what Britain used to mean, B… are personal moments when the history of the world can turn. a reminder of what the Imperial College paper predicted in March. The up-down pattern of infection and the rei…
Jedward turning out to be the voice of reason is an unexpected twist😂 implications of breaking international law set out in terms by a former AG. Suella Braverman should probably r… us at 1pm for another discussion on languages and cultures in Ulster with @Neilcomer and Dr Frank Ferguson…, Mulvaney is a Trump Republican.
The Reconciliation Fund is open for applications until 29 September. The Fund awards grants to organisations worki…
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Two things are certain: it is logically impossible to defend or support the Good Friday Agreement while breaking… @rm_mcguckin @bridrua No. Six is legally unenforceable as it is 'guidance and advice' not legislation. 15 outdoors… @martinmartin2 They cannot be alternatives. @StevieHollywood @SimonCatRiley @Scottyb531 The issue is not this. It is that, against all advice, Boris Johnson si… @SimonCatRiley @Scottyb531 It is a disaster IMO. GFA has been at risk from the start because its pillar is not the… @SimonCatRiley @Scottyb531 So once again the problem is not the deal but maintaining national integrity within the… @SimonCatRiley @Scottyb531 This is true. And.. the way Brexit was catastrophically negotiated left no options. We l… was the strategic reason McMillan and Heath concluded that joining in was the only option.
It is ironic, if chilling, that the justification for losing your moral integrity is saving your national integrity… @bridrua Rule of 6 is not yet law in NI. It is advice. Rule is 15 outdoors.‘Breaking international law in a limited and specific way’ A helpful phrase to justify: Dividing Poland Using che… @StevieHollywood Nothing that had happened is outside the deal he signed and was massively warned about and still s… history will record that Miliband summed up Johnson with absolute accuracy. Having won his election on… @AlexKane221b Both may be true, of course. Although not necessarily in the way Twitter finds😂So, a genuine question: Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon had 81 cases last week of which 26% were in people over 70… fact that every living PM and AG thinks the Internal Markets Bill trashes the UK’s international standing and i… NI protocol already contains an escape clause to prevent major disruption to NI-GB trade. This is it. So ther…
Retweeted by Duncan MorrowBehind torture is coercive control. Mostly this kind of intimidation and threat goes on without reporting. The clea…
If there are any Conservatives left who believe that good faith, upholding international law and honest dealing are… idea of a Secretary of State for Justice arguing for breaking international law on tv before this week would ha… had coffee with a mild-mannered friend, a natural conservative who used to work in Cameron’s No 10 and is now…
Retweeted by Duncan MorrowExactly. is the blatant retrofitting of facts that brings the govt into disrepute.👇Either you didn’t read it, you didn’t… local elections in Germany’s largest federal state, Left of Centre voters move from SPD to Green. No sign of any… @Grumpynorniron The logic is ridiculous. But it is left as if it is reasonable in tv interviews and repeated until it no longer shocks. @JamesWhiteNI Nobody outside the narrow confines of the UK govt believes this though. @mrneilmorrow The failure of @BBCNews to explain to people what the loss of international law would mean is derelic…
Retweeted by Duncan MorrowThe actually Conservative party is now breaking from the Nationalist-pirate party that currently holds the deeds on… @mrneilmorrow The failure of @BBCNews to explain to people what the loss of international law would mean is derelic… @BrianByrne Probably comes from being wrapped up in Westminster where this has become the world view. Just seems m… Iranian government will be glad to know it shares the British approach to international law."If I see the rule of law being broken in a way that I find unacceptable then of course I will go," says Justice Se…
Retweeted by Duncan Morrow @TimWilsonCSTPV UK govt agreed in WA that checks on UK-Irl trade will be in GB not in Irl. That also means some che… @mrjamesob @TeresaC123 The problem is that this analysis only applies in England. In Scotland and Northern Ireland…
This really would cause a constitutional crisis. (Can one man opt out of human rights laws?) are we even discussing whether Boris knew/ This was the BBC website on 19 October 2019.
Retweeted by Duncan Morrow @StephenFarryMP @ClaireHanna Could you ask this in the HoC? is @BBCNews not running loop tapes of Boris Johnson commending the WA to the HoC on 19 October 2019 and asking… @GlobalisedMinds Putting lives and livelihoods at risk as a result of proven lying by a politically responsible per… in the light of this, the PM either lied to the H o C and the electorate, is lying now or is grotesquely incomp…, HoC, Oct 2019: ’Our negotiations have focused on the.. nature of the border between NI and the Republic… idea that people didn’t notice the consequences of Johnson’s deal in October 2019 is grotesque. The ONLY possib… @StevieHollywood 1. this won’t happen. I think it is fake news. 2. Ireland couldn’t participate 3. Remedy remains, implement agreement. @StevieHollywood If it is an implication of the Withdrawal Agreement yes. If it is a consequence of Britain refusin… are we even discussing whether Boris knew/ This was the BBC website on 19 October 2019. @subonemesis48 Can’t ‘like’ that, but certainly also being given the same treatment. The whole system is rotten.Last October, PM Johnson trashed the backstop and signed his ‘miracle deal’. EVERYONE said he‘d erected a border… decent and honourable officials like Nigel Grimshaw for missteps while trying to ‘manage’ the unmanage…
British diplomats must have had some week explaining in every capital in the world that breaking the law is not bre… kind of thing should either be confirmed or taken off the table. It is too dangerous to be left as an allegati… international law and denying all responsibility for your own home-cooked deal is not a clever jolly jap… swans a swimming on the Lagan as a way of life and the end of decency. ‘It was not just that Brexit would not be “done” when the withdrawa…”Belarusian Venus" by Yana Charnava #StandWithBelarus #Belarus
Retweeted by Duncan MorrowLamentation "Trump illustrates by counterexample that the heart is the key to understanding. To accurately size up…