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'The houses of God are full of sinners every week. Praying for forgiveness, for those they leave to bleed'...

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@TweetForTheMany Time for others to start shouting...😷 @CpbLexit By the Party Conference. @Fi5Drums Fight for what? You're not wanted. @grumbletits @eroader Only from the front. @POLITUCATION @RichardBurgon @lanacallu6 πŸ™„ @RichardBurgon Richard...#LearnMMT @PDWriter @Changeling_1 @NeishaWong @StephenAceituna @JamesEFoster @AudreyAurus1 @grumbletits @eroader True so the stupidity of her language showed extremely poor judgement. @PDWriter @Changeling_1 @NeishaWong Southend Hospital tonight πŸ’™ Video by Ade Parker.
Retweeted by duncanpoundcake @Conquillion @HavetStorm @lisabeldiaz @leftyjew And it wasn't on 12/12/19? @Lovehasnowords1 Entertaining as a car crash. @OpenUrMind313 For the fewer and not the few... @TweetForTheMany I'm shouting as loudly as I can. @lockforward4 Not sure whether to laugh or weep.. @jones_davy Propah British. No fackin' Empire types... @RoseGold177 You speak in riddles Ms G... @Patrick43792743 @DfJackson89 @thepeopleocu @edwardpoole1975 Don't expect @UKLabour to agree anytime soon. @Lotx @thepeopleocu @edwardpoole1975 Not much of a challenge...😏While the governments advice is to stay home, for some people, home is not a safe place. If you're living with dom…
Retweeted by duncanpoundcakeπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Retweeted by duncanpoundcake @HavetStorm @leftyjew @JohnGor30307844 @lisabeldiaz @DerbyChrisW @thepeopleocu @edwardpoole1975 Who wrote the manifesto and GND. Yeah she was shit. @Pamos19 There have always been very few Socialists in the Labour PLP. This affliction seems to have infected the CLPs also. @PSK9 The New New Labour way... @Paulbre24988621 Hence the point. @qanwarb It's the new way. The New New Labour way... @jones_davy #Fool @TommyXvelo Chicken Coup look after their own. @Frenchywilson I left over a year ago. Having seen how many MPs who failed to get behind Corbyn, are now on the Fro… @CreationJacks Sadly not.Old Stabber Phillips gets a job in the Shad Cab. Is that bile you can feel rising? Convenor joins Starmer... @og_tessa @labour_lives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜·πŸš¬πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ @HavetStorm @lisabeldiaz @leftyjew I can't find anything to verify these additions? @Changeling_1 @NeishaWong Behold. The man himself...@PDWriter @jones_davy Every little explotation helps the board of directors. I love your sis...#CovidReads @jones_davy Sorry. Rachel Reeves. I can't watch it. @Helmut_Herzfeld It's as South as you need to go. Oxted? Surrey bruv πŸ˜‰Buy some shit from Tesco because they really need the money... @AudreyAurus1 It's exhausting. @james08056172 Strange. It's almost as if Starmer wasn't on Corbyn's Shadow Front Bench...πŸ€” @Helmut_Herzfeld And I'm a Southern Ponce from Essex. @Helmut_Herzfeld Not me 😍 @MarcOPolosBeard @PointlessBrexit @wesstreeting GDPR. @johnandi And yet you took the effort to respond. Well done John. There's a Blue Peter Badge in the post...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @Changeling_1 @NeishaWong A very nice chap to boot. @Eglantine99 @AudreyAurus1 But hey. Everyone is clapping, right?Norti @richolden too scared to answer a straight question from your constituent...🧐 @NiSoc6655 @lisabeldiaz I see irony is your strong point. @jamesalandixon That generally is the point of a hypothetical question. What if... @AudreyAurus1 No but yes. Add it to the list. @JimReginald Laura.P was one of the few that referenced T.B in her speeches and spoke about class. @JimReginald He had revolutionary ideas and the Establishment and Labour Establishment, saw him off. Sounds familiar... @AudreyAurus1 *Publicly owned* @AudreyAurus1 The best way to support them is to: Listen to the nurses in tears in their cars pleading for us to s… @futurefilm1 I see the concept of a hypothetical question is difficult. @og_tessa Left field and the millennials will be scratching their heads but he worked hard to keep the unions on board πŸ‘Œ @AudreyAurus1 I'm getting quite pissed off with Clap For The NHS/Carers. It's now turning into a Hypocrisy fest.… @chrisshipitv @NHSuk @NHSCharities Will Liz be donating. @pastirka @AudreyAurus1 She's shameless. @david_kell3 Presumably because she needs to be a presence in parliament. The Labour establishment does not seem t… learnt... 1. Some don't understand the concept of a hypothetical question. 2. Lots of very different opini… @BenignHerbivore Laura is uninspiring? @bobmidd I'm sure you understand the concept of a hypothetical question. @Dorothy3737 @TMiniminx TBC @HerFaithness As a writer, I'm sure you understand the concept of a hypothetical question. @bbcradio6music Why? @gemmies8 Me too πŸ˜”#WayAndMeansFund Smoke and mirrors and Govt is a household analogy stuff for: Yes, we really do keystroke money fr… @CharliePontoon Thread... @CharliePontoon Yes. Once upon a time if you turned up with a bar of Gold, they were required to give you cash. @CiaranD1990 I shall investigate...πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜· @TweetForTheMany Everyone gets hooked on value. Everyone confused currency and money. What are they teaching these Universities? @RegisteredHere @sammeoch @SkidRowRadio_YT @AudreyAurus1 It will. @CiaranD1990 @foodologistgirl @GrahameVincent1 @Lovehasnowords1 It's personal choice. Some are worthy. As you say, many are just… @1climatechange1 That's my point. Any one can post a video claiming anything. @edwardpoole1975 I checked regularly. Happy to be proved wrong. @RegisteredHere @sammeoch @SkidRowRadio_YT @AudreyAurus1 Socialism, or versions of it still talk a lot about GDP, o… @1climatechange1 How do you know it is? The original tweet avoided all that information. Facts not fantasy #Soz @edwardpoole1975 It always puzzled me. I suspect there is a message there.#LearnMMT The nonsense of Govt Accounting The BoE, owned by the State & reporting to the State's representative, t… @edwardpoole1975 Interestingly, Laura didn't promote anyone for leader. @edwardpoole1975 Do you think she would have signed up to the BoD pledges? @foodologistgirl @GrahameVincent1 @Lovehasnowords1 You did what?! the @bankofengland need to fess up? #LearnMMT @foodologistgirl @GrahameVincent1 @Lovehasnowords1 Just sticking my nose in but me personally, yes. @CiaranD1990 Possibly the best answer all day #ThankYou#LearnMMT #CovidMoney "But...How will we pay for it??!!"😱 Perhaps ask the Japanese Govt? @jones_davy The 'independence' thing seems to hinge on being allowed to set interest rates via MPC, which the Chanc… has... as for not financing Govt spending through Money Creation... the Chancellor sets out the targets and aims, not the BoE. The BoE are tasked with the management of getting t… is a link to the latest one I can find of the Non-executive Directors is designated by the Chancellor. The Court delegates the day-to-day management… In the @FT today @bankofengland bod, Andrew Bailey insists the BoE is not funding Govt expenditure & is fully in…