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'The houses of God are full of sinners every week. Praying for forgiveness, for those they leave to bleed'... Unwritten Auto-Biography: #ScumLikeMe

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@ThatGiraffe666 @nubiannigisti He procreated with schools? #Frottage
@simonmaginn @PDWriter @JewishChron #UsefulIdiot @alexjameshq Fascinating... @MattHancock Yep...#VoteLabourDecember12th @GreenLibDems @Preamble_LibDem @JB4Rushcliffe @EastMidsLD @LibDemsinBiz You've been conned... @tangowhisky26 @JamesCleverly Caravan of Death...30,000 dead. Not as many as #Austerity...130,000 @JamesCleverly @JamesCleverly @JamesCleverly @JamesCleverly @JamesCleverly @JamesCleverly @HillsHaveEyes02 @cultinvestments @Antmidd1 @ronanburtenshaw @AKnitWit Can't be bothered...#Soz @ThatGiraffe666 Took some time out. Tired of politics and the nonsense too many on all sides are spouting. Focusi… @SonjaConscious No yes? @SonjaConscious Thank you. @SonjaConscious 2 parts, perhaps?Crips this is a long read but inescapably great knowledge 👍
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @SonjaConscious #MMT #TaxAndSpend
Right enough Twitter for one day. It's too much like hard work... Good Night and #VoteLabour2019 @TudieTomlinson @angelaissa66 @expressionessd1 @linda_whyman @upsadaizy @abbyhoffmann @doggfatheruk @bth77police @mrs_coyle @AudreyAurus1 @PlainLincoln @Conservatives Ignoble...not a word used enough.#PritiVacant @janeydarling1 @BorisJohnson @patel4witham @GazNorris15 @JamesEFoster @Conservatives @janeydarling1 @BorisJohnson @patel4witham @angelaissa66 @TudieTomlinson @expressionessd1 @linda_whyman @upsadaizy @abbyhoffmann @doggfatheruk @bth77police @RobParsonsYP @Pam15094627 #MarxistChips @simpson_anton @patel4witham #Liar @patel4witham #Liar @janeydarling1 @BorisJohnson and @patel4witham Friends of Terrorism... have form on every disaster this country has faced. #VoteLabourDecember12
Retweeted by Duncan and the PoundcakesTrue Dat... @Lovehasnowords1 @e_gulvin He doth protest too much... @JamesEFoster @Conservatives They have form... @patel4witham @BorisJohnson Friends of Terrorism... @AudreyAurus1 @PlainLincoln @Conservatives Ignoble...Nice. @Lovehasnowords1 @e_gulvin You have lovely Gob. @GuidoFawkes @kaclarke3 Thatcher on the IRA... @Conservatives Britain -2019 Where lies are sustanance... @AudreyAurus1 @PlainLincoln @Conservatives @Conservatives be like @angelaissa66 @TudieTomlinson @expressionessd1 @linda_whyman @upsadaizy @abbyhoffmann @doggfatheruk @bth77police @Andrew22253776 @Changeling_1 I really don't know. Reports from the trenches saying support for Swinson and BxP are… @angelaissa66 @TudieTomlinson @expressionessd1 @linda_whyman @upsadaizy @abbyhoffmann @doggfatheruk @bth77police @duncanpoundcake @angelaissa66 @TudieTomlinson @expressionessd1 @linda_whyman @upsadaizy @abbyhoffmann
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @RowlandBrexitSE You were #Owned @e_gulvin @Lovehasnowords1 Tweeki Tweeki Tweeki... @WhimsicalAf Coming... @blepharon @Changeling_1 What be that? @Andrew22253776 @Changeling_1 Oh, I'm still here. Hung parliament? @ClubMedUK It's Sunday. Give it a rest... you RT? @CCHQPress @CCHQLondon @patel4witham @BorisJohnson The trouble with a lie is, you need to keep on lying... the @Changeling_1 'I’ve just been banned from Twitter for 7 days literally 3 minutes after replying to your… so Priti, oh so Priti Vacant...@patel4witham #Liar so Priti oh so Priti Vacant...@patel4witham#Liar @WhingeEl @MishalHusain But far less charming. @Thehopper7 @krustysghost Doppler Effect. @nevin_simon @Adolf32507916 @JeSuisFuckstick @absolute_INTJ @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @MattHancock Matt, open your tiny little mind. The emergency services run 24/7. 365 days per week. Yes? There is a… @Habirshibir1 @JamesDuddridge @Southend_Tories I'm a hardcore recycler. Been doing it for over 20 years. @JeSuisFuckstick @absolute_INTJ @Adolf32507916 @nevin_simon @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @WhimsicalAf Skills... Northeast town is a very bleak picture High unemployment Years of no investment Foodbanks Crime illness No oppor…
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @JeSuisFuckstick @absolute_INTJ @Adolf32507916 @nevin_simon @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @TheFabledAesop You fed him. That counts...👍 @Conservatives Are you fake too? @dirkybee Hi, please find the unroll here: Thread by @duncanpoundcake: #marr @BorisJohnson @patel4witham BoJoke: It…
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @TheFabledAesop I drove like the clappers for 20 miles in the spring, with a sick pigeon. The little bastard died o… was quick! Thanks and @duncanpoundcake
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @Adolf32507916 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @TheFabledAesop Oh, bollocks...😕 @Adolf32507916 @absolute_INTJ @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla pretty much sums it up 👏
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @AudreyAurus1 @Adolf32507916 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @Adolf32507916 @AudreyAurus1 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @Adolf32507916 @AudreyAurus1 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @BorisJohnson #PuttingTheCONinCONservatives
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @Vote_Labour2019 @emmash80 @goa_kev @Mrs_FlangeE @K4Owen @karenmeehan44 @marie_kate2 @mariecountryman @hardy843 @Adolf32507916 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @bobruss46 I didn't even know how to do them until @duncanpoundcake had the patience to show me one Sunday afternoo…
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @TudieTomlinson @bobruss46 @duncanpoundcake @BorisJohnson @patel4witham Brilliant thread!😎
Retweeted by Duncan and the PoundcakesThread about sums up Johnson's interview on #marr who I thought was pretty lame, certainly an easier ride for Johns…
Retweeted by Duncan and the Poundcakes @MellorSJ Nope. @Traz33389403 @JamesDelingpole @DominicFrisby 🤣🇬🇧 @lindas1954 @Lovehasnowords1 @IfYouSaySoGeez @mmusJu @NonnyHay @Card007Teri @derekhansford2 @susieshoes @lindas1954 @Lovehasnowords1 @IfYouSaySoGeez @mmusJu @NonnyHay @Card007Teri @derekhansford2 @susieshoes @lindas1954 @Lovehasnowords1 @IfYouSaySoGeez @mmusJu @NonnyHay @Card007Teri @derekhansford2 @susieshoes @JoeRTooting @JamesDuddridge @Southend_Tories I see you know Dudders well? @lostinfens1 "You're not answering my questions. Stop talking"...😂🇬🇧 @Adolf32507916 @JeSuisFuckstick @nevin_simon @absolute_INTJ @AudreyAurus1 @Pamos19 @DDIGITALMEDIA @Banjomarla @Jonathan_Cloke @JamesDuddridge @Southend_Tories Sharp edges... @Lovehasnowords1 @IfYouSaySoGeez @mmusJu @NonnyHay @Card007Teri @derekhansford2 @susieshoes @TuckerClemens @Yesfanboy @JamesDuddridge @Southend_Tories @lostinfens1 Were we watching the same interview?