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정 🎴 (small hiatus) @dune5and

jeong 🇰🇷 he/him👺character/illustrations👺currently learning tattoos 👺prev @YachtClubGames👺inquiries:

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@fruiteater2 😳❤
More! It's pretty until I have to go out and catch the bus @xxTze Ty, he looks wonderful ❤😭 @Cubesona 🥳❤🙏commission for @dune5and
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)I love how @dune5and draws Pokémon gijinka and have been wanting to draw their Octillery OC!🐙 It was a lot of fun (…
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@mrxphn Tyy @sprigtoon Tyyyy buddy! @DeegaDraws Ty! Im so excited... and happy I'll be somewhat closer to everyone's time schedule hehe @cloverbeary Ty Clover ^^ @Yap1co 😊🙏 ty I will @plaest2k Ty 😊😊Until then, spending my last days in peace. Here's some photos I took while on a walk yesterday, I'll miss you kore… will be back in korea again soon though, have some family business to still take care of. Im proud of all I've le… crazy time to go back to the US, esp Los Angeles but! I must. I'll be practicing tattooing/personal art while in… a small hiatus, getting ready for my flight back to the US 🏃‍♂️
Also please go away poseidan your boons/design is my least favorite unless you're giving me your fishing boon @qugre Its not at ALL what I expected. It helps him to be this great mixture of charismatic but I still want to give him a wedgie(He is very funny and I adore this funny little twink) Also I bought beating the final boss a few times would make… oh hi welcome back I see u ate shit again good job : - ) Me:
There's understandably been a lot of talk today about the 25th Amendment and the Impeachment Clause. We should also…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)I’m calling for the removal of every @GOP member involved in today’s coup. If you’re with me, sign your name to m…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)The people telling artists/creators/etc. to "not get political" and "stick to art": what exactly do you think infor…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)The man directly responsible for the chaos of today is Donald Trump, who has made it clear that he will do anything…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)Lots of Black folks to donate to in this thread as well!
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)My first resolution in Congress will be to call for the expulsion of the Republican members of Congress who incited…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)we could only afford $600 stimulus payments because we have to fund the largest military in the world yet can't sto…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)Today has shown police don’t need de-escalation training, they choose who to escalate on, that’s not a training iss…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)Racism is everywhere just remember
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)$900 billion military budget, can't even defend the capitol
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)la folks: follow for updates if you plan on driving anywhere
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)I would like to see less "if they were Black, they'd be dead" cuz that's a pretty triggering sentence to read over…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & re…
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@andrea_pandrea_ They keep it fresh with all the new dialogue I'm loving it yeah!!! So much to do in the game hehe @andrea_pandrea_ OFc. I made it to the bull of minos and his funny boyfriend yesterday. Will prob play rn haha how far r u!!! @groovitronic It's just so...clunky?? I thought I'd dislike the bow more but the spear and its special esp I dislikeSo far my least favorite is the spear sorry dad it sucksTy for being the best I love using these holy shittwin fists of malphon @chromsai and I finally picked up the Yusuke Figma for a reasonable price 🥺 acrylic stand courtesy of @dune5and (al…
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@CASUALRAD @FULLMTLPALADIN @Lancer_RPG @CORPSETYPE @fayren @gunheaded @DeegaDraws @mysillycomics Aw.... little g4mu… Astral Archers are partying hard, yet always pointing towards victory! (from @FULLMTLPALADIN's @Lancer_RPG camp…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)gonna focus on some personal art 🙏 youll most likely see lots of go🎴 @modanyaa amazing job! i still adore thisSome time ago (well, a long time ago) I got permission from @dune5and to embroider one of their awesome tiger desig…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)liminal space
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus) @sixiaotang these look so scary omfgThe wait is over - Contributor apps are now open for artists, comic artists, writers, merch artists and photo submi…
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@fayren Yw!!!! And omg haha I know!!!! Funny robot buddies.. Maybe one day if time zone permits it... I will pop in once or twice 😭😭🙏🙏 @fayren Everyone looks so good ahhh!! ❤❤ @Peach_Herald @gomihebi Omg.... ty they're so cute!! U captured their personalities so well🥺❤I just think they're really sweet @gomihebi @dune5and
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I use my comp. for remote and commission work, but it halts and crashes so often that I know it will stop working,…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)Jdjejsjsj this was meant for private... uh lmao I guess look at my dogs!!!! Im glad they're getting along cause the… sent this pic...miss my dogs T T @Wiebel_wiebel Charon! I also like hades and meg. Her voice I 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus)I got to meg... she got me I have a feeling she will kick my ass even more....missed a good roguelikeHades is FUN @rokudo U rlly can do anything in this game wow
@Deer_Head_Xiris So powerful... and I totally get u idk where old me stored all that energy but u draw sm so!!!!! You're good!!! @circuitting Coco this is so clever omg.... and tyyyy!!! U too!! ❤❤🔥 @sweatyandupsety Same bro.. I think I'll... treat it more as a journal if anything now rather than planner.... 😂😂 @circuitting That sounds rlly fun tbh it's a great idea! I think I may start doing so too ive been absorbing so much media lately..
🐅 🔥 ty @bootswithnofur for your patience!! 😊❤ @GamingGal4 Omg deviantart.. the old days.. ty sm for sticking around 😊 @rsdream12 Ty! It was nice to meet u as well! Hope we get to again 🥳 @mbox316 Same to u box!!! Hope we can hang out together one day T T ❤❤ @_hightro I'm so glad to be friends with u bud!! Ilu and hope u have a great yr too u r the best!! ❤❤ @Coffingeist Tysm I hope u r better now!!! Qns same to u ^^ @chiliflakess Ty! 😳 I love the mood of all your pieces ❤ and same to u!! 🙋‍♂️❤❤ @Izogii Carly omg! Tysm and haha I hope we get to meet in 2021 and hang! Same to u your art is so inspiring 🥳❤🙋‍♂️ @enlightendmoron Ty em! I am very glad @sunshinenoka Same to u noka! Let's def 😊 @IJustWantAloha Bro....👉👈 @bubbleheadpop Dude lets!!!! Can't wait!! 🙏🙏😢😢❤❤ @Gojeeez Ty gojee iluu ❤❤ @Mr_Ether I'm glad we're friends too! Ilysm 🥳❤ @SadfaceArt Ty April! Same to u, and u r also quite pog hehe @gunheaded Ferris 😳😳😌 we will be good old roomies just chilling in a forest @Yap1co Ty! I'm so honored 😳😳 and omg let's hehe! 🥳🥳💪 @batbandage I love you soooo much!! ❤❤❤ @CASUALRAD u too 동생 💪❤❤ @MurphyDahyeKim Aw ty. I'm doing ok! And I hope you do as well 😊😳😳😳 @chiliflakess Will do hehe! 😤🥳
@automeruz Ty u too!! 🥳🥳 @KnightyPo Ty u too!! ❤ @menoshil Happy new yr rayyyyy!!! Have a great one 🥳🥳 @pegushi_ Thanks pegu!!!! Happy new years to u too!!! 🥳🥳🥳❤❤I'm in the future rn, it is very cold!!!!It's new years in korea happy new years I say as I finish my tattoo final and walk home at 1am LMAo @DECOYCITEE Oh!!!!! What a wonderful surprise, thanks for drawing emmer! He looks so great here 😊🙏🙏🙏❤SUPERRR happy with how this came out... just a random doodle of @dune5and 's character :]
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The seventy-second demon, who is called ANDROMALIUS. He is an Earl, Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Ma…
Retweeted by 정 🎴 (small hiatus) @menoshil Happy birthday ray!!! 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤🥳🥳🥳 @Camperjon LOVE this design @greatsenpai 😳😳😳