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Joined Twitter 10/8/13 @MattTurner4L That’s true. Or back to DWP - she could easily fit most of the high profile roles. Such a shame she w… @MattTurner4L There’s a small chance of Cooper surely?
@AndroidLupe @MichaelCraig96 I really enjoyed that - except sad I only came in during question 9 @Daniel_Hatch That’s fair enough. At least he knows the options. My boyfriend is working from home for the first ti… @Daniel_Hatch It’s only been introduced in the last week for these times! @Daniel_Hatch He can legally take it forward to next year (up to 2 weeks) @SpoorJack @CJLittlemore Knowing you it’s something you’ll get all at once after the seafood dish
@Huwniverse @Ryanair Read the email and nothing about it. Will try and send an email but they shut their email a while ago @Huwniverse @Ryanair It won’t let me convert to money - only to credits?? @Huwniverse @Ryanair Thanks! How long did it take? @Huwniverse @Ryanair Can you help me with the cash part? They put it into credit for me although I applied for the cash @Huwniverse @Ryanair How the hell did you get WizzAir refunds? @natehiggins You’re wrong on so many levels @natehiggins Where’s Starlight Express?? @GuyBenson96 @vueling I’ve got the same problem with @easyJetMA received 17% of requested medical supplies from the Trump admin. ME: 5%. CO: 1 day's worth. FL got everything t…
Retweeted by Duncan @CJLittlemore That’s your natural state4. @easyJet - am trying to cancel my flight to Iceland from Luton on 9th April (6am) but it won’t let me on ‘Manag… @newschambers .@AndroidLupe
@AndroidLupe Shit on it @AndroidLupe You can be my MartinI’m watching #FridayNightDinner for the first time ever and I aspire to be Jackie @AndroidLupe @Chas10Buttigieg I don’t look as hot on a stage as Pete does @Chas10Buttigieg .@AndroidLupe why isn’t this us? @AndroidLupe @givememymonet Oh
@AndroidLupe @JackEO_Robinson @janemerrick23 Erm @AndroidLupe @JackEO_Robinson @janemerrick23 It’s green @SamirDwesar @easyJet @easyJet_press I’d also like to this info is possible, albeit I am less pressing as I am going away in 13 days @stephenkb @siennamarla .@AndroidLupe
@lxthrdg My next four have so... @youngvulgarian Rishi said that they would use what they have to work out an average @lewis_goodall What about recruiters? @PaulBrandITV What about recruiters? E.g. those with commissions? @ameliargh .@AndroidLupe
@AndroidLupe @tnewtondunn @piiipluuup That’s not good @jaesyun .@AndroidLupeBet most people wouldn’t know that includes me - 26, go to the gym and no obvious physical illnesses. People must… My. Fuck @realDonaldTrump .@AndroidLupe @mcashmanCBE @UKHouseofLords Thanks for letting me know. I will relay back to my friend in Peru. He said many of th… @mcashmanCBE @UKHouseofLords Please help those stuck in Peru, Michael. There are around 200 citizens scattered acro…
@antony_ldn Yeah that sounds good! @WMcHBg Don’t think the Ball is happening in July.... @antony_ldn How do I get in on this? @AndroidLupe @NetflixUK Yes @NetflixUK .@AndroidLupe @gileshutchings Give it 3 weeks @gileshutchings Show or album? @Fly_Norwegian Hi Caroline, What are your plans for those who need Shielding and cannot travel in the next three months?Hey @Fly_Norwegian - I am in the vulnerable group of people and am in ‘Shielding’. I am supposed to be flying with… @Jane_Stevenson_ Thanks for the clarification. 😊. It’s not noted on official advice so hopefully that can be updated
@Jane_Stevenson_ What about Vets? @J_IsardMcNulty We cancelled ours last week but she’s getting paid for her regular hours @cg_williams .@AndroidLupe @amyklobuchar @jaketapper .@AndroidLupe @louisvelati I’ll race you @AvantiWestCoast Cheers! @NBCNews .@AndroidLupe @AvantiWestCoast On the website and as a guest. Yes. Is there any way to cancel this? I cannot get through to your phone linesHi @AvantiWestCoast - I’m trying to cancel and refund a ticket but not able to find my journey when I login online. Any help? Thanks @SpoorJack @AndroidLupe 👀 @SpoorJack @AndroidLupe Not what you have in mind @adebradley Dairylea dunkers @adebradley And cheese @M_IsardMcNulty Don’t argue with the army and obey commander’s orders
I caved: @AndroidLupe @danbloom1 Yeah she shut the park at 5pm today @AndroidLupe @danbloom1 TerribleThe only politician who’s had any balls today is @NicolaSturgeon - shut the country down to protect people. @ThatPlantGay You need to self isolate. @ThatPlantGay (I’m really not joking) @ThatPlantGay Some ENT doctors are saying that’s a sign of coronavirus @joehudsonsmall 12 monthsShut the fucking country down @tm_hch It’s my level. I love it @tm_hch @SpoorJack It’s been there a long time before this crisis babe @SpoorJack Always here if you need to chat :) @BethGrimsey That is the video. What are you talking about? @maitlis ‘the Diary of a Bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell is sweet, quite easy to read and brought humour. I got addict…’ve discovered YouTube Zumba. I’m never leaving the house again.@SadiqKhan @MayorofLondon - if you want to stop people using public transport other than key workers, make a journ… him. Imprison him. Throw away the key. @mrjamesob .@AndroidLupe
@alevcazim Thank you ❤️ @jessphillips Is it possible to advocate people walk on one side of the road when possible? (Like with your left sh…’m 26 and I’ve been contacted by the NHS as I am in the high-risk category. This virus can kill me and others like… @OxVent @maitlis Can the @TheIET help? @bobster76In the early hours of this morning, my father tragically passed away after having contracted COVID-19. Please keep…
Retweeted by DuncanI never thought I’d say this - but on this one - fuck the EU
@AndroidLupe *Joint* third @karinsmyth Get better soon! We need you in this crisis!Can the government not make it illegal for anyone except the NHS to buy free appropriate face masks / necessary hos… @alevcazim @Nesil_Caliskan @EnfieldCouncil @Bambos_MP @KateOsamor @NorthMidNHS @FeryalClark Yes please RT! Enfield… @EnfieldCouncil @Bambos_MP @KateOsamor @alevcazim @NorthMidNHS @FeryalClarkIf you live near a hospital, sign up to @JustPark and let #NHS staff use your front droves for as free car parking… @SamCoatesSky @SkyNews I’ve already been contacted! @JoshDixonTweets 🤤