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@misslubriderm this is gonna be the best major story campaign for Shadowlands lolA sea shanty for the barbz 😂
Retweeted by Kevin Lêoops sorry. MRAzn content lmaoi can't believe we keep letting E*die H**ng make MRAzn movies
whoever created vietnamese iced coffee deserves the sloppiest neck
Retweeted by Kevin LêGaara in the churning exams when he had to fight lee.
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i miss them.....
Retweeted by Kevin Lêbecause y’all mistake the neon/vaporwave aesthetic for the actual substance of cyberpunk
@stevie_mat i enjoyed it a lot and hope that they’ll stick the landing 😌 and tbh, i don’t think the movie writers i… @furioursus i do enjoy playing as a Resto Druid!!and Holy is too reactive :////i barely got through Torghast Layer 8 with Discipline healing and idk how they do it 😭 there are way too many timer… only healing squad in WoW guild
Retweeted by Kevin Lêthe asians that care too much about non asians saying their food is stinky and cultural appropriation are not the s…
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @dontlikeapples unfortunately 😭 Yang pandering to NY voters: in the bad way lmfaobig Nice Guy™️ energy here
shocking: university professor and researcher wishes to continue the cycle of economic exploitation way some ppl just be following political provocateurs is always so funny to me lmaoNew: One month in and Prop 22 is already worse than feared. Not only are consumers paying more and drivers getting…
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East Asians uncritically supporting Andrew Yang for purely representational reasons 🔘 You hate to see it 🔵You stro…
Retweeted by Kevin Lênon-Americans in the comments are ASTOUNDED 😭 WOMEN IN GAMING PT II
Retweeted by Kevin LêBLACK WOMEN IN GAMING PT I I worked really hard on this PLEASE don't let this flop
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @czepekumaps Thanks again! Like always, we are building an online virtual tabletop board to play TTRPGs. Using a 3D…
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @myqueero can't get vaccinated if you ain't feeling cute!That Dr*ver’s Lic*nse song...
Retweeted by Kevin Lêevery day i think about ali wong saying "i don't want to lean in, i want to lay down"
Retweeted by Kevin Lêthis.
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Retweeted by Kevin Lêthis is forever iconic lmao 😭 the best pop song ever made
Retweeted by Kevin LêNO ALBUM OUT.
Retweeted by Kevin Lêwell...... i'm in the program now. they got my gyal!
Retweeted by Kevin Lê"How many times was the worst president in US history impeached?
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So you don’t have time for yoga, but you’re tired of your body feeling stiff and achy. Here are 3 stretches you n…
Retweeted by Kevin LêSeven of Nine to Five
Retweeted by Kevin Lêamericans: this is not who we are history:
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @introvertgay you’re also ✨ glowing ✨ in that one!UTADA HIKARU — 光 (2001)
Retweeted by Kevin Lêsigning up for a creative writing certificate just to feel a crumb of hope while our collective future is in a death spiral uwu
I've always wanted to do a take on Judith and Holofernes, and I've always wanted to contribute my take on the Otomo…
Retweeted by Kevin LêAlright team, let's get to another pressing vaccine question a lot of you had asked recently: Can those who have go…
Retweeted by Kevin Lê🤧🤧🤧 @painforestcafe me and who @RyanLacksTact somehow, this is infinitely worse than anything i could have imagined omfg @RyanLacksTact oh my god what now @painforestcafe i would die for herAnd Just Like That...
Retweeted by Kevin LêHuge outbreaks in well known companies in LA as of 1/5/2021 (a thread, alphabetical order): source:
Retweeted by Kevin Lêtoday officials warned that there are COVID outbreaks *everywhere* in LA and that anytime you leave your house you'…
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SO CAT FRIENDS!! If your cat played D&D, what class would they choose? What would their moral alignment be? Reply…
Retweeted by Kevin LêHR departments/upper management sending an updated return plan every 4-6 weeks three of the lord of the rings movies are actually, unironically awful. And ROTK is the worst of the three.
Retweeted by Kevin LêMost Carly Rae Jepsen songs
Retweeted by Kevin Lêwonder if they'll do anything about it this time you have any of these kinds of people at your table, you and your entire table are a red flag factory this shared on Facebook this morning and someone just texted it to me like… no disrespect to the artist, but lo…
Retweeted by Kevin LêHear me out, Dragonborn but Aliens. #dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg #rpg
Retweeted by Kevin Lêpst, hey. here are all the class and other icons I used for the crap guides to D&D, feel free to use them however y…
Retweeted by Kevin Lêfeeling: hole
2021 case folks don't know: please think before engaging with/RTing Br1ann@ Wu's content She's a rubbernecker who us…
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @bolinthomas FA: for sure @chrysanthemvm_ a few things: being queer; understanding the history of imperialism on a global scale; & knowing th… about you don’t want to watch ugly people. You are ugly people. That’s you. That’s your life. That’s how yo…
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Richard Spencer has a BA in English Literature and Music, an MA in Humanities, and was in a PhD program for modern…
Retweeted by Kevin LêMarxism doesn’t mean working class people are inherently good or that movements they inhabit are necessarily good.
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @moonrockpizza i’ve had two negronis 😌Trump’s team trying to log into different accounts so he can tweet only to get suspended again..........Sideshow Bo…
Retweeted by Kevin Lêaye how do you spell croshaë. the lil sewin shit.
Retweeted by Kevin LêOh, Peanut! How could you?!?! Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo: A Timeline of Their Feud #comedyGold
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Retweeted by Kevin Lême and who
Retweeted by Kevin Lê.@jack please her next
Retweeted by Kevin LêPSA!!! d*n*ld tr*mp's alt account is @/armiehammer!!! do not engage with this account but please spread awareness :3
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this is my new fav tiktok
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @misslubriderm honestly yes because if i didn't, they wouldn't fit in the drawer 😭"these people were none of those" but they sure were cozy with standing side-by-side with fascists and Nazis. HMMMm…⁺˚*・༓☾ manny jacinto ☽༓・* ˚ ⁺
Retweeted by Kevin Lêwhat lmao d: is a lot of words to say, “make room for fascists” lmfaooooooo slayed Hercules once again in 2021 like fuck the Patriarchy *halalalaalalala*
Retweeted by Kevin Lêchoke, you TERF anyways my salad last night needed more dressing
@furioursus something about his string of tweets is op behavior 🤔In LA, nearly 1 in 4 people being tested for COVID are coming back positive With so much transmission, it becomes…
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @bluekeyblade @dontlikeapples she and her untied boots have traumatized me 😭 @dontlikeapples i have not known peace 😭Twitter every time Tomi Lahren tweets
Retweeted by Kevin Lê @dontlikeapples can he just d word 🙄we're getting dinner tonight, and i got a fucking salad of ALL things lmaooooooooooooooo
Retweeted by Kevin LêHm. Does this flag still stand “for democracy”? Asking for myself, who repeatedly sang the South Vietnamese natio…
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