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David Szymanski @DUSKdev Pennsylvania, USA

Random guy. Made Dusk. Working on Gloomwood with @TafferKing451. Part of @NewBlood. Married to @deathpuff. Streams Friday 9pm ET @

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Retweeted by David Szymanski @tat2kid714 Yup same. I was very pleasantly surprised.Seriously, GO TRY THIS GAME If you have even a passing interest in claustrophobic cyberpunk as horror, you have to… @Airdorf I have not. Good? @sheep_of_autumn I mean Tom was a master, but there were other effects wizards who did great work on other Friday m… @DaveOshry @DandyDook I'm not sure he can even take damage from physical objects tbh. I can't remember. Nargle is… don't hate part 8 as much as some people but man are the practical effects and makeup a downgrade @DavidGParsons yoooooooo @Airdorf Yup
@Ademan555 @ProZD Wait you follow me lol @Ademan555 @ProZD Predates Among UsThis movie is deceptively terrifying. Like... way moreso than you'd think from the synopsis and trailer. @ProZD Unfortunate Spacemen It's Among Us with guns! be fair 16 is the age I bought Chasm and started really getting into PC Gaming, so... @yaoisludgerave FallI like trees ok Also drawing on phone sucks @Pitypitmusic Yeah for me Soma was just a pure misery simulator and I didn't find it engaging or fun in any way. J… @GarfieldPipe @SLTGarfield @Pitypitmusic How in your face nihilistic is the story? That's what really put me off of Soma. @CelerySam I don't even know if this is sarcasm or not lol @elfoggy1 Everything in Unity is C# now. Dusk was originally done in Javascript (which is very similar) but they'v…
Retweeted by David Szymanski @DUSKdev I've set up the comic edit account at @SLTGarfield because why not. I'll edit the occasional pic from time…
Retweeted by David Szymanski @elfoggy1 Unity FINALLY STALKER IN DUSK @DUSKdev hash tag twenty twenty
Retweeted by David Szymanski @DUSKdev nb
Retweeted by David Szymanski @DEGL_TOONS @DecapDan it is @Foone @Celeritas_T lol @DUSKdev Y'know editing these is kinda fun lmao
Retweeted by David Szymanski @DUSKdev Legitimately your video game about running around hunting squirrels and stapling them to a body was both s…
Retweeted by David Szymanski @ReallyFatPigeon Thanks!See now the punchline is "THAT'S A BIG ASS SUITCASE" and it's actually kind of funny.Yes exactly like this @ReallyFatPigeon god is coming @DUSKdev
Retweeted by David Szymanski @BregerW Oh yeah definitely, and it's great too @Kate_Bunni @Foone I mean to be fair, he DID create a behemoth of an IP so I respect it.Hell even the immaculate Pipe Garfield strip is funnier without the "GARFIELD" in the last panel.Somebody with extra time please start one of those Garfield gimmick accounts, and just make it a random strip with… This is a perfect example. Original comic: "ha ha Garfielf eat food" Without the text: "BIG SUITCASE"One thing that's endlessly fascinating to me is how almost every Garfield strip suddenly becomes funny if you remov… @Ademan555 @Ggdograa @TafferKing451 Heh I know of the movieI guess this really is an open-world roguelike now. #gamedev #indiedev #gamemaker #pixelart #roguelike #indiegames
Retweeted by David Szymanski @FTZombie @MichaelJaiWhite Yup I've seen that. Was hilarious @SmirnoffJoe Correct @fshpsmgc CS:GO @Airdorf I've never seen it but I feel like I should @Zed13261326 I would assume Frank Booth got herА ну чики-брики и в дамки @PuppetCombo I like it @SteelsRicky Man, cheap 2000s cover art with completely borked perspective was sure an aesthetic @Ggdograa @TafferKing451 Also Alma isn't scary ooh naked woman so spooky @Ggdograa @TafferKing451 Everyone always praises the highschool but I don't remember it being anything special, esp… in "things I forgot existed until exactly this moment" @GeO_4K @IsannKeket @NewBlood Some day! @Chibigamerbot About two and a half hours @Law5212 @DaveOshry @angriestpat We already made fun of him for using a controller to play DuskJust did some yoga to @DUSKdev album. It's great excellent work.
Retweeted by David SzymanskiOpinions on Cloudpunk? @scot_cool kind of. It's a subdivision that super failed so there are like 30+ empty lots. I like it. @DaveOshry @KinoFabino Aww :( @KinoFabino @DaveOshry It's so good @CaptainSnoop Yeah Chasm has always had a special place in my heart. All credit for the fixes goes to the people w… @CaptainSnoop HROT is basically Chasm 2 yeah. The moment I saw it I was like "MY HOME!" @CaptainSnoop Oh, more than that! This also has whatever fixes I could find applied already. Still not guaranteed… @TymfliesSkyline I can FEEL the momentum being lost around the middle of day 3 every time I see someone play it. Very frustrating lol. @TymfliesSkyline The pacing was definitely off yeah. I wasn't able to get it completely right. Eventual Director'… @CaptainSnoop Hahaha it's quite a rabbit hole to go down. @CaptainSnoop Oh yeah HROT is heavily Chasm-nostalgic as well, down to a bunch of little details like how certain e… @CaptainSnoop I can also see some similarities to Vivisector: Beast Within, which was by the same devs as Chasm @CaptainSnoop It's a really neat little game, huh? It borrows HEAVILY from Chasm: The Rift. Most of the weapons a…*yellow background with black text*
@DUSKdev @selewidev @ludodrome It’s not complete yet, but we have a free alpha demo of our shooter/dungeon crawl, E…
Retweeted by David Szymanski @pressftouse I love EYE This is in a whole other world as far as the atmosphere goes though @NottyRainbow As you should @pressftouse If you like dystopian cyberpunk environments and are on board with gameplay that's sort of a rough aro… only yellow background image that matters @DUSKdev @selewidev @ludodrome There's also [post void] which is $3 of absolute insanity
Retweeted by David SzymanskiHave some @CatZamboni getting evening pets @evanjkszymanski This is mine the hand-penciled aesthetic of Mundaun, 2D visual effects are animated frame-by-frame. In this case,…
Retweeted by David Szymanski @BrutalHouse Half-life 2 van Half-life 2 vanCase in point, I didn't even know this existed: Is it good? Who knows! Only way to know… @uriah_119 @JohnWolfeYT It's easy to forget how essential entertainment is for a healthy life. @JohnWolfeYT It's no different than any other professional entertainment career. Dunno why some people see it as less worthwhile.This is by no means an exhaustive list, so also here's a reminder to go out and find indie FPSs nobody has heard of… @SeriesofDays Thank youHROT Syscrusher Are two that immediately come to mind. Also chec… @slipcase_ imma check that out @slipcase_ Ok where did you find that option? @slipcase_ wait WHAT I didn't see that lol @TheUnistallWiz Have you tried this? @SongsofMaldoror Maybe? There's a demo on the store page if you want to give it a shot. A bunch of the appeal for… also want to shout out the visual style, which is a very clean and appealing throwback to the Doom 3 look, with s… @zamboni_goblin It's a great example of how just having clean shadows and a well tuned ambient light level can still look really good.How do you mute a color lol
Retweeted by David Szymanski @zamboni_goblin No actually! The game is just very clean and tasteful with the lighting and shaders.And when I say a love letter to Chasm I mean like... HEAVILY inspired by. Perilous Warp. Great relatively polished love letter to Chasm: The Rift that I enjoyed immensely. Price…