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Being financially stable and genuinely happy will always be the end goal for me.
Retweeted by wifey @Edjee_ Ja man, frikandellen zijn echt morsoe in dat ding. Ik vind het veel lekkerder als het in olie is gebakken
just seen this on snap!! pls keep a lookout guys, inshallah he comes back safe & sound🥺
Retweeted by wifey @Edjee_ Kapot vies zijn die dingen die je hiermee bakt imoHe lost the ring, she divorcing him
Retweeted by wifeyI just wanna be happy. Not confused, not hurt, not stressed, just happy.
Retweeted by wifeyStop trying to quit every time it gets hard! You’re called! You can’t quit!!!!
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The way people act like they don’t know what’s up when they’re the issue is beyond me🥴🥴How do you even get it?🥴’t ready for half the shit I went through, but i’m obviously built for it.
Retweeted by wifeywe really have to spend our 20’s unlearning our childhoods and reprogramming our minds to think for ourselves.
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@MELiSSABREEZY_ HAHAHAHHAHAHA ly too hoorTrying so hard to just breathe, to not give up, but it’s like no matter how much you try to you still feel like you…
Retweeted by wifey @susuajoke Thankyou sis!! @Rhodaaax Snap je!! Ik wil duidelijkheid. Ik ga niet als kleine meid 4 maanden lang zeggen “we praten” 🥴🥴Mbn. @MELiSSABREEZY_ Als we dinsdag beginnen met praten moet hij me maandag al gewifed hebben. Faka? Ik heb geen tijd hè
You deserve happiness.
Retweeted by wifeyIn this life, choose people that choose you
Retweeted by wifeyStaring at myself during the zoom meeting>>>>>
Retweeted by wifeyWe zijn in de 9de maand van 2020 en TOCH bemoeien sommigen onder jullie nog steeds in anderen hun zaken
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I swear i just listen to the same songs in a different order everyday
Retweeted by wifeyKeeping up with nails, toes, lashes, brows, wax’s and hair are chores to me 😭 I love them being done but I HATE the process of it all.
Retweeted by wifeySomeone said why do Nigerian girls look annoyed when they realise they’ve fallen in love. Bruh! It’s cuz now they’v…
Retweeted by wifeyI know you still love me even when I fall Lord🤍
Retweeted by wifey @jnnthomas Happy for you sisss!!Same🥺’ve met my soulmate 🌬
Retweeted by wifeyTo me, ben ik pas echt over hem heen als ik zn snap kan bekijken zonder iets te voelen😭
Retweeted by wifeyas soon as i see or hear ‘post this like you posted BLM’, im not reposting
Retweeted by wifey @aphx_ Okay dank je @oforiwaa__x HAHAHAHAH beter @oforiwaa__x Kan Sims trouwens wel?! @aphx_ Lordttttt what a mess. Ik snap niet eens welke nieuw is en welke niet😭. Nu begrijp ik hoe mn ma zich voelt HAHAHIf I cry in front of you , believe me, reached my limit.
Retweeted by wifeythe less I talk the better my life is
Retweeted by wifey3 things to keep private: - Your income. - Your next move. - Your love life.
Retweeted by wifey @aphx_ duidelijk, thank you! En word, PowerPoint etc kan gewoon op een MacBook right? En heeft het een USB port? @aphx_ Wat bedoel je met editen? En air is dus beter voor school eigenlijk qua gewicht enzo?Are MacBooks good? Like what’s the difference between pro and air? Someone help😭Sooo many girls deserve wayyy more than what they’re dealing with rn
Retweeted by wifey @tkm16__ Nah you kill me HAHAHAH @kyliek124 @susuajoke Loooolllll😭😭 @nkbbeats Pfff💀💀💀 @tkm16__ I was fuming looooool for no reason @aphx_ 😭😭😭😭 @lyca_nosim HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH @MELiSSABREEZY_ Pfffff red me😭 @V_esosa HAHAHAHA istgWhen you see me and my man like this? I don’t wanna hear pim. and someone’s son soon
Retweeted by wifeyAnd vice versa!!! this. simp that. i just simply want her in my arms
Retweeted by wifeyA loaded bank account, a healthy relationship and a comfortable life is all I want.
Retweeted by wifeyeen leerkracht in kapelle op den bos heeft meisjes verkracht en krijgt maar 5jaar celstraf ??????
Retweeted by wifey @soniaamaraih AHAHHAHAHAHA FFS IM TIRED @susuajoke HAHAHAHAHAH FFS LOOOOOLfalse alarm, he responded💀💀. but still, don’t waste time. not getting what I want DONT sit right with me
Retweeted by wifeyfocus on your school, career and future. Don’t go wasting time you don’t have on people
nobody perfect.. I get that . but we grown . yk exactly wtf you doing lol
Retweeted by wifeyStop accepting criticism from a tree with no fruit!
Retweeted by wifeyMature enough to wish the best for people I no longer talk to, and real enough to mean it.
Retweeted by wifeyNormalize not liking people without conflict. It’s no beef, you’re just not my vibe.
Retweeted by wifeyRed flags exists in friendships too
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@aphx_ @soniaamaraih @susuajoke HAHAHAH ey, kapot ongezond was dit😂😂😂
Rotterdam Centraal en de trein terug naar huis nemen
Retweeted by wifeySeptember will be your month of blessings, “finally”, & everything falling in place. claim it right now 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿!
Retweeted by wifeyngl those red flags look pretty orange when he gets a fresh trim
Retweeted by wifeyI wanna be spoiled but i have a bad habit of saying “no i got it” 🥴🥴
Retweeted by wifeyFresh white rice and stew
Retweeted by wifeyThey were, for hundreds of years.. stop trying to be a victim. iedereen die het nog niet door heeft, er is een partij in Nederland opgericht (pnvd) die pedofilie en kinderpo…
Retweeted by wifeyMbn to be a natural flirt😪
Retweeted by wifeyThis is still cultural appropriation.
I’m glad that Chadwick was able to show little black boys that there are superheroes that look like them.
Retweeted by wifeyIt feels like Black ppl have been mourning continuously all year long...just when it feels like the mourning is ove…
Retweeted by wifeyI was gonna re-pierce my lip🥴’m worth it. Always was, always will be.
Retweeted by wifeyI love seeing black men loving their black women unconditionally and out loud. i be like 🥺🥺🥺😩😍😍😭😭 YOU GO BOYY
Retweeted by wifeyI’m tired of saying ‘rip’, we’ve rinsed it this year 😭😭
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@sassalinaa Exactly! That’s why I’m saying God forbid because the rage is feel at that point is gonna be next level… God forbid cos I know I’m gonna be fuming. manifestation is coming. It’s inevitable. I ask, I believe, I receive!
He clearly got a U in maths
How can you put “brown skinned girl” as your caption yet you’re white? Never met a family so obsessed with black pe… ain’t for everybody and I ain’t trying to be
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I will never lack. ever
Retweeted by wifeyAll the time
Are you joking?! Madnessé endorsed? They didn’t born you well🥴
Somebody said some of y’all going to wake up at 35 and realize all you did was impress the internet 🤧🤧
Him: I’m outside Me: is weird. some days you are doing fine & the next you feel like breaking down..🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by wifeyThis heat actually has me angry 24/7 for no reason at all