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An association of mental health professionals warning Trump is psychologically unfit. #UNFIT our documentary is soon to be released. For more, see

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“Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history. This is not an accident.”—John Gartner, Ph.D.,…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @SirsmokesGreen1 @ProjectLincoln Yes he is.It's getting increasingly difficult to tweet a new video from @ProjectLincoln which you think is their best one yet… @JoDonaldsonArts Not sure, but I guess they must have changed that policy some time in the future. @DebbieDoesOhio I guess they must have changed that policy some time in the future.We don't often post photos from the future, but we just returned and thought you'd appreciate … @Buoy_Spinner Ding!
@parrhizzia Only one thing could make it happen - fear. Fear is what drives him and fear of humiliation is his mort… day in 1974. Hint, hint. @AndreaR9Md You're not a vampire, nor am I. Sadly, neither of us are qualified in this area. @jacds68 He abruptly ended his latest "briefing" today after a question he didn't like.Donald got a tough question today. Then he ran away. He bravely ran away. When danger reared its ugly head He b… @TeaPainUSA Or simply Deadminster. @BattlecorgiG Oh man, my dog just read that, I gotta go --Which branch of government decides where money is spent? Donald - how about you- we'll give you 5 guesses: "Um, ok… Trump has no legal authority to do most of these things, more accurate to call them Executive Suggestions or…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉"Biden is a moral man. He is assembling a large and diverse political coalition. It is filled with the entire mosai… @sandibachom We don't know. He was too shit-faced, as you pointed out, for us to properly ascertain what is what. @SpiroAgnewGhost @GOP The @GOP is definitely letting him destroy himself & their party, but it cannot and is not so… @sandibachom See our most recent tweet. :)We were GOING to tweet that he sounded disordered, inarticulate, angry, defensive, whiny, defiant, vengeful, corrup…"Biden has now gone further left than Bernie ever thought of going." Ladies and gentlemen - a NEW delusion and a ne…’s connection to Epstein and Maxwell is a huge story. It shows what a self-indulgent, amoral, sexual predator he likely is.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Trump’s purposeful botching of pandemic disqualifies him for re-election. In fact, he should be criminally prosecuted.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @duty2warn Let’s not forget he is antisocial and sadistic as well. Not just malignant narcissism. His combined psyc…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Trump was created and propped up by a myriad of forces. You see them at work now as those same forces try to desper… @MelissaJPeltier Agreed, but it's more than that. Trump was created by a myriad of forces. You see them at work now… @SpiroAgnewGhost Say it ain't so, Spiro!Whatever keeps people in the Cult of Trump, it's incessant non-stop use of false equivalencies, with everything alw… gaslighting technique is common amongst abusers (like Trump), dictators (like Trump), also narcissists (like Tr… @mythigator Their intention to support him a second time can only be viewed accurately if you realize they have sus… @WaveAesthetic_ Some are entirely incurable; malignant narcissism is one.Mary Trump's book has fueled discourse as to how Trump's childhood forged his worldview. But the press STILL avoids…“With a power that is like that of all presidents -- but with a temper and temperament more volatile than any prede… @Impotus045 You are right. Resignation is a possibility. IF he can spin it so it looks like victory, and get his pa… @Chrystalos We can go into a lengthy diatribe about why that is, but suffice it to say, it's pathological and in fa… @lovroflaughs There is bad press and there is humiliation. He gets bad press all day every day. Humiliation is like… @mythigator The vast majority of those 63M are planning to support him again, but some will not. And the size of th… @deacon451 TOTALLY agree with this. We've tweeted about it often.If you really take a look at so many things Trump says, especially when unscripted like with Chris Wallace and Jona… @TVardalos1 Yes, but it's not the prosecution itself, it's the association OF the prosecution as humiliation, as it… Trump peddles fear about cataclysmic events, it's because he fears a cataclysm unto himself. But it's NOT losi… of the day @SenRonJohnson is using information that our intelligence community has assessed to be an effort to influen…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉23 postal executives were reassigned today, centralizing power around a Trump megadonor. Also, USPS has informed st…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Germans see Trump as the greatest threat to world peace is in a dead sprint to authoritarianism. The man is pulling out all the stops to prevent the citizens of th…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Urgent: The Friday Night Massacre is a grave threat to democracy. Trump’s thug fired 23 executives at Post Office s…“Our suffering for Trump’s failures is just beginning. We have sacrificed half a year, $3 trillion of our treasure… TIME cover. This IS the plague election Director of National Intelligence says the Russians are laundering fake anti-Biden dirt through Senators Ron Jo… Saturday night massacre at the Post Office? Twenty-three postal executives were reassigned or displaced, the new…'s paying Bedminster customers boo when a reporter points out that many of them aren't wearing masks, violatin…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉"If you look at what they are doing even with these negotiations, that is an influence and an unfair influence on a…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A HEADLINE PROPERLY. Thank you.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @AshaJaneATX Medication. A stimulant or anti ADHD drug, or several, or both. @trying2help I'm sorry. Nobody who wasn't already voting for him just watched this and decided - yeah, I am voting… @9Moyle Sarah makes his voice much easier for us to hear, too.
“They wonder why they’re losing an election? Ten percent of Americans are unemployed. A hundred and sixty thousand… is just reading numbers, then looking up and saying "think of that" or "that's a heck of a number." And he has n… @StevenBeschloss I long for the day when I stop longing for simple things I took for granted my entire life. @6thgentxn Pupil dilation is likely medicinal. The rest is all him, au naturale.His pupils are gigantic. His reading is grade school level. He is having trouble keeping his place. He just started… said the coronavirus will just disappear AGAIN!?Jerry Falwell leaving his post to spend more time with the pool boy.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @horrible_helga There was a lid.Trump infomercial set for 7PM. Let's hope the media asks some actual hard-hitting questions that touch on sensitive…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Don’t mean to gloat, but Karma has come for Jerry Falwell Jr. who will take an indefinite leave of absence from Lib… uses God exactly as he uses people. As a pawn and a ploy. Trump is un-Christian based on his statements and behavior.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉When a NYS Supreme Court judge yesterday denied Trump's effort to delay a defamation lawsuit filed by Jean Carroll,… @georgiaboy2020 Even in that highly unlikely scenario, operative word being "highly," Barr will filter and excerpt… reality check (for him): We are NOT close to a vaccine. Your economy is NOT back. Your anonymous police was… Collins, in a Fox radio interview, says she is "offended by attacks from the left in this campaign."… today the WaPo reported that a federal appeals court has ruled that House Democrats can sue to force Don Mc… BOTCHERY - the term describes Trump, the administration, sycophantic governors, and science-defying citize… said Biden ‘hurt God.’ Biden has spent his life drawing from his Catholic faith.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @duty2warn Biden is a devout Catholic who attends mass regularly. The last time Trump went to church he gassed peac…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉If God is “hurt” it’s by an antichrist-like figure doing pure evil in his name. He holds a Bible upside down while…’s deal: Make Me Great or I will destroy you. #TrumpHoaxedAmerica @DavidGottlieb20 Good one.The WH has already called a “lid” for the day. It came at 9:42AM. Meaning that with 88 days left, a raging virus, p… Trump is the seven deadly sins personified. What a #BiblicalIdiot.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉This is not a repost. This is a NEW mashup of mispronunciations by Trump. As professionals we are begging the publi… Siegel on Fox. Trump appears ‘very cognitively advanced’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣“Nobody can do what I’ve done” to combat this pandemic. He isn’t delusional; he’s a sociopath whose lies are aimed at gaslighting.
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉 @SethN12 @PeterAtlantic By @ABlotcky @JohnMTalmadgeMD and @DMRDynamics
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉📺 NEW VIDEO Trump is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people #TrumpHoaxedAmerica
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉A lot of us can identify with Michelle Obama who is suffering from “low grade depression” from Covid, racial unrest… saw a commercial on TV for Newsmax which said "get the truth about what's going on from experts, such as Herma… @boredsfgiantsf1 @SpiroAgnewGhost He is both. A malignant sociopath, that's his pathology. There is also neurologic… longer the people around him pretend they don't clearly realize that he is mentally ill, the deeper the divide… NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they used the term "well-regulated militia."
@DrWinarick The urban legend version is that he ordered the hookers to pee on the bed in the spot where Barack and… is trending because of this excellent video. He IS killing seniors and they know it. It’s going… Fox & Friends, Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter "terrorist" "killers" who "hate white people ... white men…“As you look at Donald Trump these days, you can’t help but realize he’s out of gas. His war is soon to be over.”
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉IMHO, it is very likely that trump seeks out hookers to piss on him. The reported existence of trump’s golden showe…
Retweeted by Duty To Warn 🔉Biden “would hurt the Bible, hurt God” Trump said today. What does that even mean? Incoherent, desperate and insane…