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aka Charlie — he/any

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I literally screamed of happiness when this song just popped up, so glad to see it in RL @Duumu @listentotrove
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️ @dossyxmusic put this in a savings account w interest @nebita :)since audius is popping rn @iamdnmo people who bash pop music in 2020 need therapy
WANDERING an EP 7 more days till this reaches your ears x
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️is what it is... 10/30 🖤 pre-save:
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️my next song isnt gonna be out for a little bit so here's a little something to bridge the gap :) say 'thank you skrillex'i was in a vc with @duumu literally an hour ago and this mf said "can we just get a new skrillex album PLEASE" and then this happened
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Retweeted by Duumu ☔️ @SpotifyCares DM'd @agrimsingh @heyjaron i'll be in class 😭 but lemme get a raincheck on that @formerhero_ wind is killing all the birds @agrimsingh @heyjaron i hate that americans can just go to sleep after this but we have to suffer an entire day off… @heyjaron HE SAID 'I CANT EVEN SEE THE AUDIENCE ITS SO DARK' @jimmypueblo i better watch my mouth around jimmy @rosarrie__ australians be like helloer
@SpotifyCares I’ve tried in every browser, this is always an issue and it has been for such a long time @formerhero_ @bitbird the most genuine stank ive ever seen @singtoconley this is genuinely so fucked up dude it's 12:55 AM on friday here @dossyxmusic i think this is pretty problematic that looks vilehey @spotifyartists what's the point of telling me i can paste a link if it doesnt fucking work? ive reported this… @hunter_hhhh @spybbie i agree
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@summetmusic @electric_mantis @chuck_suttonn heavier+less reps and more time under tension will help for more Bulk
@andosux hopefully not too long until we can hang out again ✨ @_kendallmm cant w8 to collapse into tears the moment i hug my mom and dadim finally going home in 5 weeks for the winter i havent seen my family or my closest friends since last december.… @dossyxmusic out of all my released music i think it’s the piano outros for ‘Discouraged’ and ‘Little By Little’ on my first Charlie album @andosux hey ando i miss uDuumu
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️ @Subtact Hey, thanks for reaching out. Due to time zones, it may take me some time to reply if you aren't located i… @robgassermusic never how’sday :( @maxschramp id rather drop out than write this stupid dissertation @maxschramp finally a team to figure out how to bring unbiased audio technology infrastructure to the world of rendering
@gemitunes ukg with orchestral bridge @LankyBallerina taking my glasses off, ive seen enough @maxschramp task evasion @kennethtakanami weebs be calling their alias ‘shiro’ like yeah, we know u are @korisound @lewh4milton @gemitunes king on the track, king On The Track
music production tip, this one will help you achieve clean mixes and really help take your music to the next level: don’t abuse women @pepsi u could have hired me to make the beat and it would have been good. do u see what happens when u dont hire m…
@hikarustation yo ✌️ @extantmusic awww u r so wrong 🥰 @inflakemusic i did buy it but it's absolutely not a necessary tool to make good music @arielheartheat synths: Operator / Wavetable / Massive effects: mostly ableton stock but also a bit of AIR, Valhall… @CloudNinjaSDF it's literally just a wavetable synth. there are dozens of them out there, including ableton's built… is overrated universal audio is overrated stop spending thousands on products just because they're marketed… @ocularedm which song is this on the LA Noire OST again? @paulineherr @heathersommer @sadgirlsloan @sushitrash @DROELOEMUSIC @LouisTheChild @greymusic @JaiWolfx @iloilofeel
@roshux @maxreist now im just sad and wish i was 17 again @hyp_e tag urself im 'Defects' @majorbean_ Yeah, im aromatic *smells good but on purpose* @FortExcalibur Bon Iver - 22, A Million HONNE - no song without you @thisisemia @sbierman7 such a privilege and a pleasure to work on this with u guys !!!NEEDY DESPERATE MANIC is outttttttt 😭❤️😭❤️. Made this one with @sbierman7 and @duumu the gems of all gems. This son…
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️ @maxcompulsion its also the shortcut to close windows across macOS but ssshhhh @GDDR6X and? @_kendallmm oui comme ca je peux recommencer a parler un peu tout les jours @nebita ive literally made a video about this in my patreon mini tutorials ben u have the playlist link
@axidnt_media thats pretty cool!!! @nokkusuu some of us been saying this for years, just like with lonemoon. better late than never i guess @maxschramp ive spent a total of 3 weeks with my family in the last 12 months but westerners will continue not wear… @iluvduumu hello :) love u too
@orbjpg @thesoundofkites i have no idea who the hell wrote this but 'jour' means 'day' and 'à jour' means 'up to da…, you helped me connect with my dad today.
Retweeted by Duumu ☔️ @mama__sauce__ 🥺
@korisound who the fuck is duumu what a dumb name he should quit after 2021
@isabelhiguero a global pandemic obviously has adverse effects on our mental health whether or not we realise it, s… burnt out really really hard today after overworking myself for the past 3 weeks so this is a reminder not to ta… @TheOnion stop giving them ideas @onlysayvere THIS IS THE MOST CURSED TWEET IVE EVER RECIEVED
@pooldad i think it was @ryanhemsworth who tweeted once that u should start by showing people the demos you dont li… @thisisemia YEAH YEAH YEAH
@pooldad europeans be like @slippy_music @EASTGHOST i swear repost chains are half the reason users left too, i stopped checking my stream whe… @EASTGHOST soundcloud is dead as hell it used to be a place for musicians to host their files, eventually turned i… @hunter_hhhh i am a faithful 'steve is smiling' guy but i feel like i should bring this image out from the planetmi…
@discord why the hell does livestream desktop audio sharing still not work on mac? at least give us an option for stereo audio @gemitunes oh yeah?how it started how it’s going @majentmusic @aturamusic @thesoundofkites kites moment :) @redzamusic @roshux you’re right eric :) @manilakilla h8 this stupid ass website @sanholobeats 💖
@puppetsucks really wish spotify let us have a spotlight, at least in a separate tab on the artist page @iluvduumu :) @overspacemusic americans wont address systematic racism but the police will get involved in the alleged theft of a four dollar bin alright
@yitakulxiv hii @imyetep jokes on you i live in asia and am very much awake @habstrakt ca fait 10 mois que j'ai pas pu rentrer en europe voir ma famille et mes amis proches. apparemment perso… @mattvanmusic can confirm i said 🥺🥺🥺 @farrahsounds @farrahsounds changing the tail/envelope is really easy in simpler (which is whats inside of drum racks) using the… @thekittiekrew ppl be like “go to sleep if u feel sad” bro i can’t be SLEEPING on these woes @farrahsounds only track i use drum rack on is my kick, use it to audition multiple kicks — use the pitch midi effe… @michaelmasonsux “and i know there’s a risk, but thats okay! and now i’m better, maybe i’m immune i dont know!” ma…
@andrewhuang i like to believe you go 'hey its andrew huang!' every time you enter a room @iluvduumu I THINK IT’S PRETTY COOL!