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dweller @dwellerforever Brooklyn, NY

festival celebrating black electronic artists. dweller 3, 2021: tba

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Thank you @Mixmag for this lovely write up. Hope we can make it to 2021 🖤
.@dwellerforever educates audiences through a series of events showcasing legends alongside the NYC collectives 🔊
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Must Listen/Watch: @izehot - This is Not a Drill produced by @acemo Care, Blue Notes by @careforgotten post up on @dwellerforever musings on how Arthur Jafa, Bradford Young, Renegade tik-toks, and black music in…
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Simpler times 🥺 @dwellerforever at @BossaNovaCivic, @iReyBear screaming at me. Captured by @narenkicole
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Must Listen: @JasmineInfiniti's new record BXTCH SLÄP
queer sounds ep 11 is on the brand new dweller blog as well, with a little write up from me there is a workout pla…
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Siren in the Ever thickening Fog Please shoot me a dm/etc if you'd like to contribute lets find our astronomical…
Retweeted by dwellerhi dwellers we have started a blog platforming various contributions from black perspectives 🖤 concepted by…
An interview with Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, co-founder of the influential Discwoman DJ collective, and producer o…
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a dweller alum <3
@DjNativeSun and I answered a couple of questions about @dwellerforever and black music culture. Check us out…
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Pride, Gratitude, Beautiful. Still trying to sum up how incredible of an experience it was to be involved with…
Retweeted by dwellerrepresentation matters which is why i sent @__gyasi to cover @dwellerforever ✨✨✨✨
Retweeted by dweller❤️ let’s look to dweller 3 @dwellerforever 2020 in New York
Retweeted by dwellerthank you for the rave review <3 you @dwellerforever! 👠💋
Retweeted by dweller @jelrgreen Love how it increasedAWWWW, THANK YOU @frankiefatgold was so beautiful to experience and to be a part of @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerStill in awe and filled with gratitude. We did it yo @dwellerforever
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salute to @frankiefatgold for putting on the 2nd edition of @dwellerforever fest – a celebration of black electroni…
Retweeted by dwellerDweller energy captured by @elise1111111 🌀 Still can’t believe how insane this night/the whole festival was! So bea…
Retweeted by dwellerDweller was absolutely amazing for a multitude of reasons but I also hope that venues take this seriously and reali…
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@frankiefatgold Thank you for throwing such an amazing event series/festival. Personal highlights: DJ Assault and P…
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Retweeted by dwellermajor shouts to @frankiefatgold! the marathon u gave everyone was spectacular. my only regret was not catching ever…
Retweeted by dwellerWill gladly make the pilgrimage to @dwellerforever every time to pay respect to ancestors and elders. thank you…
Retweeted by dwellerwhen you rave five days in a row: @livwutang ❤️❤️❤️thank u @dwellerforever for bringing me the opportunity to actually lose myself in dance for the first time since s…
Retweeted by dwellerSo grateful for @frankiefatgold for the magic of Dweller. It’s a privilege to be in BK at this point in time, an ho…
Retweeted by dweller @StillABadIdea .Sweating my hair out for @dwellerforever 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by dwellerif you weren’t at @dwellerforever this weekend, where the fuck even were you? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by dweller @TheBunkerNY @TitontonD Indeed 🔥Jfc @TitontonD laying. it. down. @dwellerforever. Track after track after track nothing but heaters.
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Kind words and so honored to be part of Dweller. See you at Nowadays !
Retweeted by dwellerSad I’ve missed a lot of @dwellerforever stuff, but I’m getting my life together rn —- if you haven’t gone to any of the events yet GO
Retweeted by dweller @TitontonD ooooof. Sunday is about to go dowwwwn Midwest OG style. the best of the best about to let…
Retweeted by dwellerAbout to hit up the last few events for @dwellerforever This has been a truly amazing weekend so far.
Retweeted by dwellerTonight at de school me @acem0 and @MoMa_Ready out here missin @dwellerforever so we doin our own little one tonigh…
Retweeted by dweller @dwellerforever @nowadaysnyc BLACK 👏🏾 HISTORY 👏🏾 WAS 👏🏾 MADE 👏🏾 THIS 👏🏾 WEEKEND 👏🏾
Retweeted by dwellerSo grateful that I could attend @dwellerforever all weekend. A black electronic festival is mind blowing when it’s…
Retweeted by dweller @Melknee ❤️Day five
Retweeted by dweller @heyygirllhai @nowadaysnyc ❤️Up watching whitney and Brandy's Cinderella after a transformational night at @nowadaysnyc x @dwellerforever im bou…
Retweeted by dwellerOK NOWADAYS WOW YES PLEASE @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerOooof! @bookperms shapeshifting! Theo Parrish x Dance Mania madness @dwellerforever 🎵🖤💥
Retweeted by dweller @_AriKill ❤️laaawdt! queeen @JoseyRebelle turning the F uuuup! traaaackz 4 daze @BossaNovaCivic 4 @dwellerforever 💥🖤 #blackexcellence #excellence
Retweeted by dwellerGoing to @BossaNovaCivic early tonight is the move. hashtag @dwellerforever
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Retweeted by dweller2night:Two titans of black audio: @lichensarealive and @JoseyRebelle making @BossaNovaCivic debuts for the second e…
Retweeted by dwellerup from my nap after the @dwellerforever warehouse rave and tbh I’m still on a high from seeing one of my fav dj/pr…
Retweeted by dwellerThank You @dwellerforever for giving me the space to lull folks into many planes of consciousness (and play Aaliyah…
Retweeted by dwellerPODCAST #128, LIVE PERFORMED BY VIBP (REGGIE & KHALLEE) -- Performed at Confused House as part of @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerDay four
Retweeted by dweller @dwellerforever more of my music was played by others than myself. That makes me happy lol. I need to stop being stupid and send zips out.
Retweeted by dwellerThis gal right here @BEARCAT_808 💣💣💣💣
Retweeted by dwellerAbsolutely headless fever dream tonight 😈 @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerHardcorset tonight @ da civic club uak @dwellerforever ❗️
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feel like shit lately... planning to leave it all on the decks. catch me 11:30-1 tn at bossa for @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerDay three
Retweeted by dwellerTonight at @nowadaysnyc I will be playing records from start to finish for the 2nd edition of @dwellerforever. Shou…
Retweeted by dweller @LIKETHATRECS at @dwellerforever is insane. 🏁🏁🏁
Retweeted by dwellerI am gutted to miss day 3 of @frankiefatgold’s @dwellerforever w/ @TortugaMinor (but bizness calls). go check 🐢 in…
Retweeted by dwellerwoof i can not tell you how excited i am for Sunday @dwellerforever 🥵
Retweeted by dweller @dwellerforever 🖤🔆 🌀🔂🖤 @TheLotRadio
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@dwellerforever kickoff events last night were amazing, feeling very lucky to be in NYC today and getting to experience this amazing scene
Retweeted by dwellerYesterday at @dwellerforever festival @BossaNovaCivic 2/5 featuring @kush_jones_ @djswisha_ They played my life…
Retweeted by dweller“Who Does Techno Belong To?” @dwellerforever | #maketechnoblackagain
Retweeted by dweller @dwellerforever 4 hours takeover starting now with @julianahuxtable !
Retweeted by dweller“Who does Techno belong to?” @dwellerforever talk was so enlightening yesterday! These forums are vital for sharing…
Retweeted by dwellerMet a fellow East African brother who came all the way from Minnesota just for @dwellerforever fest—This is why thi…
Retweeted by dwellertune in today 2-6PM EST’s “Who Does Techno Belong To?” talk for @dwellerforever was so so good, very happy I was in the room to hear that conversation
Retweeted by dwellerI just wanna dance 😤 @dwellerforever
Retweeted by dwellerDay two. Dweller x @TheLotRadio takeover TBA Dweller: Like That Recs w/Ase Manual, DJ Nativesun, Neon Nuckles…
Retweeted by dwellerAll the ig stories from yesterday's opening night for @dwellerforever look amazing. wholesome content, wholesome cr…
Retweeted by dwellerJust gonna say @dwellerforever off to a good start. Happy black history month y’all 💖
Retweeted by dweller @Black_TonyBlair @BossaNovaCivic next round of printing yesBlack people were central to creating dance music culture. This all-Black Brooklyn festival is here to remind you o…
Retweeted by dwellerget yr ass down to @BossaNovaCivic 4 @kush_jones_ b2b @djswisha_ 4 @dwellerforever !! they r really gettin it humid 💦 💖
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NYC this is essential (and fun) from today through the weekend— do not miss it!!
Retweeted by dweller @deeediggity hope you feel better ❤️❤️❤️I’m so hyped for @dwellerforever tonight. You have no idea.
Retweeted by dwellerOur EIC had the chance to ask @frankiefatgold a couple of questions for the second iterative of Dweller Festival!
Retweeted by dwellerAssembling a Black Counter Culture
Retweeted by dwellerwhat @dwellerforever said ⬇️
Retweeted by dwellerready to make some history, see you tonight love how @dwellerforever is making white people uncomfortable. Booohooo 😂
Retweeted by dwellerDAY ONE OF @DWELLERFOREVER STARTS TONIGHT! Me & @kush_jones_ kicking it off at @BossaNovaCivic B2B all night, going…
Retweeted by dweller @JeraldTheGoon @BossaNovaCivic YesMake Techno Black Again presents: “Who Does Techno Belong To?” - a conversation with @dwellerforever founder…
Retweeted by dwellerShirts and posters will be available to buy at @BossaNovaCivic throughout the festival until stock runs out