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Daniel Uhlfelder @DWUhlfelderLaw Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Husband, Dad, lawyer, entrepreneur, @Stanford & @UFLaw grad, Notorious Grim Reaper, Justice advocate & founder of Make My Day PAC

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a domestic terroristHere is full opinion. the County's mask mandate "has a clear rational basis based on the protection of the public health."of people in the proximity of the mask wearer, with facial coverings providing a “mitigating measure” to help preve… is appeals court opinion upholding Palm Beach County, Florida's mask mandate. According to the Court, "[t]he… good news for Trump who holds Superspreaders at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach county, Florida it’s looks like @HyattOrlando and @Hyatt are still hosting the sedition Superspreader in Orlando next month.'s asking for federal help to get vaccines "since he has not received a response from Governor DeSantis"Republican Mayor of Hialeah: "Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis and other elected officials at the State level have… Republican Mayor of Hialeah, Florida even agrees DeSantis is a disaster an insurrection without consequences sets a terrible precedent Marco is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must never forget the more than six million Jews murdered by… have suggested @HawleyMO shouldn't be criticized for defending militias after Oklahoma City bombing b/c he was… like this "liberal lawyer" got @loews to cancel @HawleyMO his fundraiser in Orlando next month“The Orlando Hyatt Regency, where the conference will be held, requires guests to wear protective face coverings in…, is this you harassing @davidhogg111 weeks after the Parkland shooting, that my daughter was killed in…
Retweeted by Daniel Uhlfelder.@HyattOrlando - do you really want to host a super-spreading sedition-fest?
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderHow beautiful would it be if @Hyatt @HyattOrlando canceled @CPAC next monthi thought all the criminals who got pardons from Trump were going to pay for it.
Retweeted by Daniel Uhlfelder"ACU chairman Matt Schlapp said he is convinced this year’s conference will be no different from past years. “CPAC… @CPAC is so scared it’s going to fail next month because of lack of sponsors and speakers at @HyattOrlando it… is scheduled to be held at @HyattOrlandoWatchdog Group to Track Hiring of Top Ex-Trump Aides @CPACCPAC next month in Orlando, Florida is having problems getting speakers and sponsors. Will it suffer the fate of ⁦… of 'zip tie guy' is denied release ahead of trial Hawley for prison 2021I almost forgot. Josh Hawley is a traitorBREAKING NEWS: The ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER picks up my Trump International Hotel report from PROOF and contacts…
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderTrump appointee says Tuberville, RAGA director met with Trump family, top advisers on eve of Capitol attack
"We are here because our governor (Ron DeSantis) refused to act earlier," Johnson said. "This virus will not stop s… HOUSE: Florida should close bars, restaurants and gyms to stop COVID a mask Gym Jordan economist called Florida's bid to host the 2021 Summer Olympics "bonkers." Another called it "mind-bogglingly s… can’t handle a pandemic or vaccination plan but now wants Olympics this year. Listen to @PressSec response DeSantis is clueless Plaza in Florida: Condo board votes to dump Trump name after Capitol siege @HawleyMO TraitorBiden: Trump's impeachment trial "has to happen." He acknowledged the effect it could have on his legislative agen…
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderBiden to help distribute COVID-19 vaccine in Florida despite opposition from Ron DeSantis @TheRickWilson Hawley is a traitor is refusing FEMA assistance with vaccine distribution. He has blood on his hands Trump was cheating on golf course yesterday this flew above him DeSantis is afraid he’s going to lose re-election next year. He should be's only the first week of Biden Administration and @PressSec already called out Ron DeSantis for the liar we all know he is
Thanks for having me on air today @am640. This listener is seems nice and anti-Semitic time I tweet Josh Hawley is a traitor we get a ton of vile emails and phone calls. It really seems to trigge… Insider published an article earlier today with headline suggesting @HawleyMO defended the Oklahoma City b… for having me on @am640 this afternoon. I love you guys in Toronto!The brave American who flew banners over Mar-A-Lago and Trump's golf outing yesterday is looking for suggestions fo… Ron DeSantis. You said you’re waiting for federal government to get more vaccines. Where are you hiding the 1,3… flies over Mar-a-Lago with a banner message for Trump: “WORST PRESIDENT EVER.” More:…
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderRon DeSantis is a liar. blamed federal government about supply of vaccine today. Strangely, he never did this when Trump was in c… DeSantis cares more about the Super Bowl than COVID-19 County, Florida school board leader asks Gov. DeSantis to give teachers vaccine priority spoke with the brave American who commissioned the banner flights over Mar-A-Lago and golf course where Trump was… the air view yesterday of Mar-a-lago and Trump golfing from plane with special welcome banners lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder tweeted a photo of a flyer for the event demanding the chain explain why it was hos… claims he's been 'canceled' and won't be 'muzzled' by the left "A hotel in Florida… files $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani the view Trump
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderFox owns Josh HawleyAnother banner called Trump the "worst president ever." @HawleyMO @nypost @HawleyMO. There is no First Amendment right for a traitor like you to hold a $5,000 per family weekend fundraiser at a private resortJosh Hawley @HawleyMO is a traitor ⁦@HawleyMO⁩. He keeps crying that we got ⁦@Loews_Hotels⁩ to cancel his fundraiser. He’s a traitor and spoiled…’m so sorry Arkansas. If you need my help defeating Sarah Huckabee Sanders let me know. Sincerely, Florida Man… @MollyJongFast Yes. and frequent Trump critic Daniel Uhlfelder posted several tweets showing the banners, along with jesting c… Banners Taunt Trump At Mar-a-Lago: 'Pathetic Loser' @TMZ the view Trump
Trump is getting warm welcome from the skies near Mar-a-lago today
Retweeted by Daniel Uhlfelder‘Go Back to Moscow': Air Banners Near Mar-a-Lago Taunt ‘Pathetic Loser’ Trump @parlertakes Loomer states that the area around Mar-a-Lago should be a no fly zone because planes are flying around with m…
Retweeted by Daniel UhlfelderWait for itWelcome back to Florida Mr. Trump is getting warm welcome from the skies near Mar-a-lago today“ Hawley warned against depicting all militia members as domestic terrorists after the Oklahoma City bombing, which…“I told people when he was running for attorney general, I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher. I wouldn’t inflic…, 87, who said her daughter babysat Hawley a few times as a child, said she viewed him as a person who had ne…‘Bamboozled.’ Hawley mentors stunned by conduct, but early warning signs were there Birx has blood on her handsA year ago today we posted this video. Mike Huckabee has moved back to Arkansas but we're just getting stronger as… members quitting club since Trump moved in