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Penny @dxndeliions South West, England

Sci-fi, fantasy and horror nerd. Animal lover. Star Trek 🖖 The Witcher ⚔️ IASIP 🍺 Assassins Creed. Currently rewatching Doctor Who.

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@StarfleetQueen1 Already had him blocked for some reason or other. Glad of it. @thePeaDock Hard agree. Opening theme gave me goosebumps @A_Nonny_Maus But I think you know that anyway since you’ve defended me on that in the past. @A_Nonny_Maus Again, I think it depends on who you follow, I haven’t seen much of either. Tbh I rarely see any indi… @A_Nonny_Maus I think this fandom is always going to have two sides, and on each of those sides there’s two types o… @HeyStevieLee That’s so cool though. @TeltheTrekkie I was actually very concerned for a moment until I noticed the rt. 😂 @A_Nonny_Maus Just the opening credits gave me goosebumps because it felt like TNG @A_Nonny_Maus Also, just based off the first episode, I’m actually very surprised at how much it felt like ‘classic… @A_Nonny_Maus But the polite thing to do is just to not watch it and move on. Not continuously post about how bad i… @A_Nonny_Maus Yes because I don’t want to be following people who A. Spoil things for others and B. Post reams of n… @TeltheTrekkie lol, what? 😂😂 @NCC_17fOrmula1 The Cat- Red DwarfTime to watch this Red Dwarf documentary then @_Verikey Yeah, it felt pretty ‘classic’ trek to me @jazzleberrywhy If a game has photo mode you can bet I’ll be taking 100s of photos @jazzleberrywhy This game.. It looks so beautiful @TalkingXtreme Cuuuute 😊I love them. @A_Nonny_Maus How is saying I haven’t seen any negative comments gatekeeping?I haven’t seen a single bad comment about Lower Decks on my timeline yet, nor a single spoiler. I must be following the right people @BeezleMcFly @idontgiveahuxx OMG, yes!! I love it! 😂 @Ballerina_KC I never saw Lower Decks as being aimed at children. However, there is the upcoming Nickelodeon show ProdigyI think the thing I’m most excited for in Lower Decks is heading the opening themeI have never seen Star Wars @nerdyscott91 GASP @MrAWright86 I just stick to the default setting, but I will drop to easy if it’s too hard. Some people play for a… @missapea If there was no internet to look things up, I would not be playing games 😂 @missapea Whereas I loved EnterpriseI use walkthroughs more than I care to admit. I also used skip checkpoint in RDR more than a few times. @OddFables Fishing is the worst.A lot of TNG/VOY was a struggle for me to get through. I preferred Ezri to Jadzia. @OddFables Any game that has crafting and or hunting in it- if I can get away with never don’t it, I won’t do it @Rakow01 It was starting to feel that way, but there have since been statements saying that getting it broadcasted… @Rakow01 At some point, no information as of yetWaking up and seeing people are enjoying Lower Decks is making me even more excited to watch it.
@thePeaDock I love this show @BeezleMcFly Thanks, bud! 👍 @Stueymon It is, popular dish, they probably have a batch made alreadyRemember that time I ordered food and it literally never came... that restaurant should take notesI ordered food literally 5 minutes ago and it’s already arrived. Super fast service there.. @Oliviaj_8 Literally no sense, why would you steal a dog off someone who’s house is attached to your own? It would… @Oliviaj_8 What the fuck is this??? @Tempestsaint You should see the price for Arthur hats! 😳A pair of pups @dandeckr I want to watch Lower Decks so bad, I hope they sort something out internationally soon @Lee80523285 @strangenewpod They’re just little mini discovery episodes, about 15 minutes long, there’s also Picard ones @dandeckr Unless you live elsewhere in the world 😞Thank you so, so much @strangenewpod it has arrived safe and sound! 😊🙏 on purchasing unnecessary things. (Planning a cosplay, though it’s going to take me a while to get everything… is boring
And that’s that. The end of Red Dead Redemption.Again, I knew this was coming but JOHN! 😭😭😭 (Also Uncle!!) 🥺 @ChristophrNoyes Bloody hell, it took overnight for me @ChristophrNoyes I hope you enjoy it! You’ll be waiting a while for it to download though 😂 @kam_stephens @TakaakiMasuda1 It’s just one disaster after another today @Mr_Picard No surprises thereThe Severn.. kinda lame @EnjoyLi46809627 Yorkshire, strong with one sugar. I will drink coffee, I just prefer tea @vectorpicasso I’m only on 66%Good news, guys, we can hold and pet the cats How did this happen?? @vectorpicasso Got Abigail and Jack back, doing ranching stuffWhile I am enjoying Red Dead Redemption, I don’t think I would be enjoying it half as much if I hadn’t played 2 fir… @vectorpicasso I now have tea bags, all is okay again @CraigNufcraig Have fun with that 😂 @UntenableWhale I love it @TeltheTrekkie How long before the divorce, @jazzleberrywhy?Hell yeah, it’s party time! @Trash_Panda_C Me too. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any sfx makeup, but I used to do it a lot @kam_stephens Yorkshire @Trash_Panda_C Toss up between score and makeup, but I went with the makeupThere’s no tea bags in the house. This is a disaster! @Oliviaj_8 I will continue to use them through the next 3 years of uni. They can pry the Oxford comma out of my cold, dead hands. @Oliviaj_8 Respect to the Oxford comma. I was always being told off for using them in my essays. 😖Has anyone drawn a Cardassian in Lower Decks style yet? I want to see it @sunflower_scout Absolutely disgusting. Blocked. @TeltheTrekkie So nice to wake up and have to block somebody straight away.
You, sir, are most definitely the asshole @TheUnRealRiker Yay, some love for Geralt @HeyStevieLee I had an argument with my coworker who insisted that Crash is a fox...Alright, follow up question- Who are your favourite video game characters? @TeltheTrekkie We’ll see... once the student loans come in @TeltheTrekkie 😂😂 I don’t have any Nintendo consoles. I did have a DS when it first came out but I was preoccupied with Nintendogs @widescreenJohn I could never get into borderlands @JohnWMentor I wish I could play the last of us @TheStarTrekWars 😂😂 open world also fits my tastes @TeltheTrekkie Damn, and the only one I’ve played is The Wild Hunt. What about 2018-2020?Question- What are everyone’s favourite video games? 🎮 @q3ark Just noticed the typo, was meant to say ‘wouldn’t say’ but I think you knew what I meant anyway 😂 in a lot o… @TeltheTrekkie @Oliviaj_8 I had one too, but surprise, surprise, Ezio ate him :/ @BeardyGeoffles I want that shirt 😂My goal is to own at least one shirt for each of the seriesI need more Star Trek shirts, I only have 3. I am a disappointment. @q3ark I would say I’m enjoying it as much as 2, but I am enjoying it.Good to see that the last hour or so of my gameplay on RDR didn’t save 🙃Why have I been up since 7:30 on my day off? 🙃
If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you absolutely should be following Dan @dandeckr Ohh, a chief, I like that