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Dylan Carbonell, amateur animator and illustrator just looking for a job. Also owner of @KombToons. Icon by @MyNameMud_Faint

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@corekismet I think the stitching on that bear is atrocious!!!You bet I’ll be there!'ve had this idea for far too long
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Simple coloring cause it fits better
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-Hell @miltonknight17I am sick of everybody trying to cancel Batman!!! Do you have any proof that Batman killed those people?! Maybe tho… @jonniphillips You saw him making those other cats disappear to a boat! @jonniphillips Macavity literally broke every human law! He wrote a fucking song about how he did!I’d love to see some weird alternate version of The Simpsons with the animation of the first 2 seasons and the writing of seasons 5 and 6! @lollipupcomics The weird animation of those earlier episodes is pure eye candy to me. It felt like they were allow… @FrederrickArt When Miranda turns around, she screams and starts beating Freddy with a baseball bat! @NonsenseIsland @Darren_HeidemanEpic and obligatory reference #HoneyyArt #FLCL
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-Hell @cartuneaddict Bob’s concept art for the character was pretty awesome @Daniexists6 Groucho was also the basis for a pair of gag glassesWhich classic Hollywood actor has been caricatured more often in animation? Peter Lorre or Groucho Marx?I regret not getting into them sooner! I am now an Evil Dead fan! :D @C_A_P_ Here FUCKING HERE!!!
@tomjerrycontext There’s something satisfying about Tom winning! XD @outsiderr42 I do agree on that @weeblovestoons It’s the animation equivalent of being one of those guys who says “there’s no hope, nothing good wi… @weeblovestoons“There will never be another boom of great TV Cartoons” I don’t believe this! In fact, that’s the opposite of wha… @weeblovestoons He’s went on long diatribes about how Let it Go is a thousand times better than Hakuna Matata @weeblovestoons Confused Matthew, my introduction to the idea of “Oh yeah, these kinds of people CAN be stupid and… of the co-creators of The Ghost and Molly McGee likes my fan art? Well that rocks! hell, Bruce Campbell himself could easily reprise his role as Ash, as Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs has pro… last two movies in that trilogy are basically cartoons anyway, Bruce Campbell is an expressive enough actor tha… know, if I was asked to adapt any live-action movie franchise of my choice into an animated series, it would be The Evil Dead! @C_A_P_ Yeah fuck that! @TVsKyle And someone else needs to listen to itI’d say Olaf is overexposed but... Timon and Pumbaa got very much the same kind of exposure when I was a kid so who am I to complain?The idea that Anime ruined Western animation is bullshit! @SadisticSponge Seasons 1&2: This show is about Rick learning that his actions have consequences. Seasons 3-Now: F… @EmbryMlh @JaredMorgan Hans this is a Girl Scout meeting @C_A_P_ I don’t even get how the Internet was the next logical step from Arcade games. They could have explored mor… show is gold mine of funny expressions @dinnerfortwice @JW_Cartoonist I know that, I was just pointing out how that Genie has rules while Norm doesn’t @dinnerfortwice @JW_Cartoonist But Genies have no rules according to Norm! XDI’m gonna do for those moldy pickles in the back of your fridge what Jaws did for sharks! I’m gonna do for that an… @NCLuke1024's baseball dance #FLCL #animation #2danimation #anime #haruko #gainax #artistsontwitter
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-Hell @ScratchyDerose I think I was horrified by him @DCSHGscreens That could not fit in her mouth! XD @DCSHGscreens @Darren_HeidemanYou know, I still don't really know what a "Storyboard Revisionist" does. Are they like the layout artist?Hmmm, what would Sam Raimi's version of Scooby Doo be like? @tubatron THEY'RE DOGS! AND THEY'RE PLAYING POKER!!!!! @TVsKyle @JaredMorgan Animation destroyed my life! @lotusfishicoot @Darren_Heideman @Michelangelo_gs @MossAnimation He is to this franchise what Frank Welker is to Scooby DooI've been told both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were heavily influenced by the physical comedians of the silent er…
@C_A_P_ @C_A_P_ I still haven't seen this movie and... honestly I feel like people might have built up too much how bad it… instead of watching one movie per day, I watched Evil Dead 1 and 2 back to back. Clearly this was a smart choice… @MossAnimation Yes. @CoffeeboiJ This represents how all internet reviewers talk about cartoons!Well folks, this weekend, I'm marathoning The Evil Dead Trilogy! @MossAnimation And I'm gonna film an 8 hour movie full of sexual assault jokes and pop culture references about how… Turn your volume way the fuck down for this) How to review cartoons in 10 easy seconds! @C_A_P_ Ben The Looney be like.... @aalong64 It’s cool what we can do with technology now but I feel like we’ve leaned on it too much make things hard… @cartuneaddict The awkward silence as he slides on the soap! XD @heydaigle Is it supposed to be ironic that the Addams themselves look less strange than the “normal” humans in this movie?A process I like to implement when coming up with character designs is to figure out the basic silhouette and negat…
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-Hell @dinnerfortwice @KombToons Uhhhh.... GF was BEFORE Wander! @aalong64 I’ve seen scripts utilized for shows that are supposed to be more visual, and outlines utilized for shows… hot girl album art showed up on my pandora station! Figured I’d share it! @aalong64 Honestly, I think both have advantages and disadvantages.Man, this fewer posts per day thing feels better
@cartuneaddict That’s it? That’s the punchline? @cartuneaddict That’s a little TOO good of a marionette! XD @BruceAlmighteee I see Bobby’s changed up his image @grapenuts_robot “I just got done teaching one of my toga yoga classes...” @lolwutburger So you want them to give you Pita bread? @Frostytrifle93 whenever my friends draw fanart of my OCs
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-HellWhich one of you little nose-pickers is next?
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Guess what I did today? I seriously can’t wait for Middlepost! Looks fun as hell!“My feeling has always been that just because somebody invented the camera, doesn’t mean people stop painting. I’m… the whole CG vs 2D animation debate, he’s a very profound quote from the great Disney animator Nik Ranier… @lotusfishicoot YupSo I recently learned that one of the animators who worked on The Raccoons was able to identify two guys who mugged… @MossAnimation I prefer Paul THOMAS Anderson @eenescreens Several murder took place here @AGuyWhoDraws Lisa is so disappointed to hear that’s what really happened! XD @DCSHGscreens #middlemostpost cooldowns. Can't wait for everyone to see the show!
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@JacobLenstar Things go right for our boy for a change @BN37Studios @cartuneaddict I mean, most of them just migrated here, so is there really that much of a difference? @corekismet Interned on season 3 @corekismet I worked on the latter, and had a great time!If they can put Abbot and Costello in the Universal monster movies, why can’t we have the muppets in an MCU movie? @MossAnimation I’m getting a paid storyboard gig on a special project from Exceptional Minds tomorrow, which means I probably c… @JacobLenstar The universe fucking hates Sammy! XD
@DylanCartoonell “Mother has always warned me to not put curses on heroes. BUT I NEVER LISTENED TO HER!”
Retweeted by Die-Lan (FOLLOW @KombToons) Carnage-Hell @eenescreens If THIS is how he is on an instrument he hates I’d love to hear how he plays an instrument he loves! XDSid HofffFRENCHman! Sorry, you guessed wrong!