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@TheBearWriter Patience is indeed a virtue. The kindest person in a room full of people is the person who talks t… @SaveYourSons @JayThaDeveloper Please don’t take this advice literally. The greatest life change I’ve made is cutting out the news. @_JohnBradshaw Powerful message John @TheBearWriter How are you remaining kind James? @ruud_exploor Are you genuinely happy Ruud? @Dan_CharlesUK Dan my friend this is powerful. The message I try to spread on Twitter; Be yourself. @MaximusSimeon You hate to see it. Do you play the lottery Simeon? @SarahThooft EQ > IQ always What are you doing to keep your EQ high? @HustlingStudent Interesting answer. How are you remaining brave? @Kristy568343837 You’re mindset far exceeds your peers Kristy. This is beautiful. @JohnMoveForward You have kids of your own John? @natelinoandres My favorite saying has always been: You can’t pour from an empty cup. @WarnerJude Underrated answer. Do you expect those closest to you to be as humble as you Warner? @TinasheShumba20 What are you doing to make sure you retain your health? @ZZ22863420 Very interesting answer. What is your idea of fun? @qbit_charm Throw an egg in the middle of a box.. Hibachi. @hotschmoe Definitely one of the more popular answers. Loyalty is rare. When you find it, keep it. @qbit_charm @ReachGreatness_ Early bird my man 4:45 AM every morning @qbit_charm I’m much better at focusing on my purpose in real life than I am in chess.. @zbackyardbuddha What are you doing to stay honest Dante? @nateflipsfba I like that word candor. Love the way you think Nate @vidaperezv I do indeed. Very interesting perspective @booksbeatsbsg What are you doing daily to get you closer, or to keep, your freedom? @learn_ngrow What are you doing to make sure you stay in good health?What do you value most? I'll start: Integrity.
Retweeted by Dylan JoshuaThe modern man: - Overweight - No direction - Chases woman - Lacks abundance - Thrives in comfort - No defin…
Retweeted by Dylan Joshua @JeninaCrypt0 @naval @theJeremySchmit September 22 is now officially known as the day Naval says Hi. I don’t make the rules. @inkandprofit This is a very interesting purpose. How are you working towards doing that? @chadaunderwood Happy to hear that my friend @HOLLEYWOOD_JAY That’s the plan 🥂 @RationalRonin @C8ntral This is a really good way of looking at it. I’m glad to hear you’re living your life according to your values. @SaveYourSons Love the way you put this.
@FitFounder I have one complaint.. There’s only 10 lessons. Great thread Dan, thank you. @spectivv You do too. We’re both going to be there soon enough @spectivv My brother Thank you Mark. This means more to me than you’ll ever know 🙏Who you follow determines how much value you’ll have when you open Twitter Following insightful accounts adds valu…
Retweeted by Dylan Joshua @GrowWithElias Couldn’t agree more Elías @thepricingdude @DistillMike Underrated exercise equipment. @SaveYourSons School tests your ability to remember. Life tests your ability to understand. @MindOfRusso The most underrated advice you’ll read all week. @GrowWithElias Wouldn’t exactly call it my childhood: The moment that formed me was heartbreak. @DennisThread @HustlingStudent You beat me to it Dennis. Endorsed. @SalesNotepad Where can I buy a notepad that lasts 70 days? Congratulations my friend. Well deserved 🥂 @GermanHustle Killer thread my friend @BuildIt_HQ I’m thinking about fasting from caffeine as well. Always has been my biggest hurdle. @hitch_nishachr One rest day is necessary. Two rest days is laziness. @DennisThread The right action is what matters. 4 hours spent working on the right thing > 8 hours spent working on the wrong thing @SalesNotepad Is using a notepad a life hack? Asking for a friend. @SaveYourSons Go to school, get good grades, and you can do anything you want. @FreddyMac1989 Thank you brother that means a lot @bossyourday Relationships are simply exchangements of value. @SaveYourSons Do you strive to to have perfection, excellence, or neither SS? @ReachGreatness_ Excessively doing things you don’t want to do.John’s message is one of the more inspiring messages I’ve ever read. Strongly recommend everyone read this. Mon… @ApprovedSide This isn’t a tweet format. This is a lifestyle. @xavierraphael28 What’s the hashtag? @xavierraphael28 This is powerful stuff my friend. Love to hear it @triplej9k There needs to be change. @cloudrider58 @onlyomarh1 You have a very interesting perspective. This is beautiful @FreddyMac1989 Love the energy @triplej9k Do you value integrity most? @TaKasta_RSA My pleasure bro @spectivv Glad we both took it @LeeThe1King That’s all there is to it brother. Proud of you @DissectMoney I can see you being one of the more respected accounts on here as you continue to grow. You can’t h… @robertgriker The most underrated answer here. @ShumanSkyler Interesting take here Skyler. @mindsetbash This is understandable. @TStoosher This sounds powerful. Happy to hear you’re living according to your values my friend. @ApprovedSide Are you anti credit card Lauren? @JoePete19970615 If you’re able to be aware every time you slip, you’ll have no problem being truthful all the time… @FreddyMac1989 Sounds great my friend. Are you working towards that every day? @tropicaljazzrum Being aware of your ignorance is the first step to change. I’m glad to hear you’re working towar… @chadaunderwood A minimalistic lifestyle is less about reducing your possessions and more about freeing space inside your mind. @cloudrider58 @onlyomarh1 Interesting answer Susan. Why do you value love over everything? @ceogarcapital Happy to hear you’re living according to your values brother. @Russdsh > sometimes it’s best to just let it go. This is as real as it gets. @triplej9k Feeling the new profile pic John 👀 @HOLLEYWOOD_JAY Everyday it seems to be more and more a forgotten concept. Powerful message my friend. We need a change. @TaKasta_RSA The modern man has a scarcity mindset. When others succeed, he feels threatened. He limits himself… @Classy_Guy__ Are you happy with what you have Avinash? @HarshitSaraf03 🥂 @InvestorSeattle Are you someone who always tells the truth regardless of the outcome? @motivationaljp How are you helping others spread it JP? @xavierraphael28 How are you making a difference Xavier? @HeroDividend Does your girl have drip? Or does your girl have DRIP? @Diavolessa80 @UnmodernM The modern man never keeps his word. @spectivv Not changing anything about your life during a mandatory stay at home order is the real pandemic. @HustleWithH What’s your biggest struggle Harry? @bossyourday There’s never going to be another day that Kyle doesn’t kill it with his tweets. Follow him. @_JohnBradshaw If you don’t ask, you will never receive. I love your message a lot John. @JayThaDeveloper I love when I see numbers broken down like this. Makes you believe it’s much more attainable. Great tweet Jay @ReachGreatness_ Nothing you do will ever beat consistently daily action. @JayThaDeveloper Jay.. Are you purchasing a ps5? @ReachGreatness_ Which one are you? Early bird or night owl? @HeroDividend @thericklowe If twitter had the ability to edit I’d go back and change “rich” to “wealthy” @hypehussle There is no better feeling than the feeling you get when working towards something greater than yourself. @jatworld20 Would you consider yourself as being wealthy Jenny? @thericklowe You can be rich with $0 in the bank @MikeJamesIncome We don’t make the rules