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Singer-songwriter w/@hellyeahbabies. Freelance writer. Bylines at @FanbyteMedia, @looper, & @StarTrek. Easily amused, hard to impress. he/him

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I'm Mari, a 13-year old from Flint, Michigan where we are 7 years without clean water. I decided to tackle the wa…
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenIn Young Rock, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson visits us from the near future of 2032 to see how we feel about the idea o…
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@ArinaFootball @JennaKassArt WIFE WIFE WIFE
You can evolve Friend into Wife using the Wife Stone at level 25 or higher
@Korlis @FanbyteMedia Thanks so much! @good_rib @FanbyteMedia Not at all! The pressure to watch everything Marvel puts out is overall a bad thing, you ar… and the Winter Soldier is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl) (review by @DylanRoth):…
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenI’m pleased to report, for the very first time (and it could only happen once more): The Falcon and the Winter Sold… aware there’s a mid-credits scene on TFatWS today
Congratulate me on my 69th published article as a freelance writer I always try to schedule my major emotional crises for when my therapist is on vacation. @anguirus42 @ByCharlotteFinn It’s like two good movies and three bad movies crammed into one movie
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @depechejoe Sorry for your loss buddyIt's the 24th Anniversary of "22 Short Films About Springfield" Here, never shown before in all its overly long, i…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @chanseywells If you can make it to the end of the day you’ll make it til releaseOur review of Voyagers (by @DylanRoth!) includes the subheading "Boys Go to Jupiter to Get More Stupider," in case…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen“There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration” — Biden, August 5, 2020…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen‘Warrior’ is getting a third season on HBO Max. Executive producer and Fast 9 director @justinlin talks to @moryan
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenEvery article about Warrior uses the same header image because how could you NOTWe are getting a third season of Warrior now, so if you aren’t already psyched read my @FanbyteMedia article on why…!!!! @DylanRoth
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @Yelix Getting ready for my longest “I hate you Tej!” everHeads up that the new F9 trailer shows chunks of like 6 different set pieces. If you like to go into a movie withou… @ronchronchronch ROMAN: Okay, so we're fighting dinosaurs now? Is that what we're doin?Jonathan Richman Homestar Runner same guyWHAT DA FUCK PAULIE?!
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenDisney+ miniseries about the decade R2-D2 spent in a haze of depression#OnThisDay #OTD #25YearsAgo April 14, 1996, Skinner purchased fast food to disguise as his own cooking at an unforg…
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenMy first date with #TimDrake 🥂 #wip #dccomics
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @NickMillerMusic @Yelix I think it’s good
Once again unmatched display name game from @AutoAmesWas genuinely surprised that the Army of the Dead trailer didn’t chop up “The Gambler” to the effect of Know when t… makes you reconnect your audio every time you join a meeting so that the people already present have time to s… @rhombuses I remember being Medium on it when I first watched it but I was a very different viewer at the time. I’v…, boy. How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm once they've seen Big Chungus? are designed to crush on impact in specific places to absorb shock and protect passengers from harm. These are… @rhombuses Han!!! weapon to surpass Big ChungusFun Fact: The first time "Big Chungus" was ever mentioned was in 1998's METAL GEAR SOLID, between Solid Snake and L…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @uzionmain Fuck @whitneyarner You’re so right about that @whitneyarner Thank you for saying soArclight Hollywood is where I first met Tommy Wiseau. I asked him for filmmaking advice and he said “Sure, come to…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @mja004 Nearly the entire soundtrack fuckin whipsSharing this because more people need to understand
Eyes are basically little mouths that eat light
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @Slammy_P @AutoAmes Don’t listen to him, Sam, it’s actually very goodjeans are basically the pants of the legs
Retweeted by Juice SpringsteenVoyagers discards in midstream most of what makes it unique and becomes a tired Lord of the Flies remake in space.…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @Slammy_P @gottahaveitguy Yeah please exchange this for the shirt they made of the new Captain America who commits murder @gottahaveitguy This is from Marvel dot conA new t-shirt for identifying the most boring nerd you know @FanbyteMedia, I reviewed the new Neil Burger space thriller "Voyagers," a movie that sets up an intriguing sci…’m gonna end up making the big “Jodorowsky’s Dune” style coffee table book about the Metal Gear Solid movie that’s never happeningDoes Vegas lay odds on whether or not particular movies ever get out of development hell? I’m wondering what they’r…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen’s me, your animé crush
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If I ever encountered Sam Neill in the wild I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just go like this at him and he’d know wha… Nic Cage ever get to do anything with dinosaurs? Has he yet fulfilled the dream of his life? If not, how can we… Nichelle Nichols defend herself from elder abuse. a reminder to my fellow trekkies that nichelle nichols has a gofundme after suffering from elder abuse and her…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @littlehag6 I'm reading this to mean that you hate parks @kendrawcandraw Good though, right?WIFE: When we have a kid, their entire cinematic education is going to have to come from you ME: On it. And you wil… @strongbadegirl It’s very goodME: You’ve never seen Jurassic Park? WIFE: No. ME: Do you want to watch it right now? WIFE: No thanks, it doesn’t… @prolezone I think it’s the best poly-cultural space future I’ve seen in a movie @prolezone I really enjoyed it. A very sweet and unpretentious space adventure. @prolezone Have you seen Space SweepersOceans Rise. Cities Fall. Homies Endureif you must trend can you do it elsewhere!
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@SpeelmanTom *as specifically as I should read my own tweets @SpeelmanTom Nothing says “Bond Movie” as specifically than a gunfight while downhill skiingThere should never be a sequel to Inception BUT I would watch a movie that follows Eaves (Tom Hardy) on another job.They have me slightly more surrounded like how there’s a debate. I gotta try this with my mortgage.
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @depechejoe Not chilling as hard as Rent Boy I’ll tell ye thatFirst train in Trainspotting is 32 minutes in @curtofranklin Pick me up a hollow lettuce please*”have you no decency, sir” voice* have you no chill, sir? @BrandonSaswag_ Sometimes a body simply needs to lie still and absorb movies like nutrientsI have scheduled this day for chilling and I am going to really put my all into meeting my goalHighlights The Falcon and the Winter Soldier include some well-staged fights and Sebastian Stan doing some Acting,… hingedOne of the most unhinged bits we’ve yet had on the show very first Baby Award for "Most Huggable Puppet" goes to Flip from Fluorescent Half Dome Join us LIVE for music…
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The countdown is on for #IWantMyHYB, going live within the next 15 minutes
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen“46% of Americans want Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as President”’s tonight! Music and videos’ “big night out,” the baby awards on! Benefitting…
Retweeted by Juice Springsteen @theoljackaroo @KateDressedUp If I said it I was only repeating @RiggedPig @rant_vague Shives is a generally good Trek YouTuber who wisely advocates that Trekkies throw off their preconcepti… @OilyWhisper68 @ingdamnit I don’t think I even want to!
@talestoenrage @leboism “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was also a last-minute dogpile and that’s a top five ep for many @dayclancy Terrio’s full name is “Christopher Stereo”
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