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I maintain a very consistent panda bear shape.

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You mean there's a better way? just climbed over my tv and jumped off @botticelli_bod YesWow this blew up! Check on this great young actor. have to go back 7th floor crew was the greatest thing to happen to our cultureRIP Sean Taylor the godThrowing on The U Part 2. Remember it being not as good as the first one, but the 2000s Canes were such a big deal to me. @sleepguava We stanonce again
Retweeted by john wall stanIt’s easy to blame the severity of the pandemic in the US on frat parties and family get-togethers but what’s reall…
Retweeted by john wall stanThinking about when Dennis Rodman made my favorite instagram post ever @HawleyMO @nypost relax man. chiefs are going to the super bowl. @justbrizigs it's a bangerOne of the best arguments for a “defund the police”/“abolish ICE” framework is that they are lawless institutions t…
Retweeted by john wall stanSuper Bowl LV
Retweeted by john wall stan @jimmy_dore Jimmy Dorkwould like to congratulate the real reason the chiefs are going back to the super bowl: my motherLast year Josh Allen would have missed Okafor's helmet
Retweeted by john wall stanlmao Josh Allen is a lil bitchdiggs is goodban the chop
Retweeted by john wall stan @BarstoolBigCat dipshitThe NFL every time there is a commercial break
Retweeted by john wall stanever since my mom found out Justin from American Idol is on these Dr. pepper ads, she makes sure she tells me every time.Vincent Gallo will now wish cancer on Patrick MahomesI love talking heads
Retweeted by john wall stan @ayybupp 🙏sucks that the most purely entertaining receiver in the league is a bad person!lotta cowards here tonightMcDermott you fucking loser did you not just watch the last game
Retweeted by john wall stanpersonally wouldn't settle for 4th and goal field goals against the most dynamic offense to ever exist, but that's… @rubeseatsinfo ❤️❤️❤️need someone to preserve romo saying "sticky, sticky, sticky"I don’t mind that people hate Draymond for sports reasons, but it feels weird to say his trash talking is worse tha…
Retweeted by john wall stan[to the tune of “Walkin’ In Memphis”] THEN I’M HONKIN’ ON BOBO,
Retweeted by john wall stanlmao how the fuck do you stop these guys @Karatloz Lie about watching something innocuous like Soul @Karatloz That was the gist of every convo we had about itgodzilla vs kong just makes me think about how I lied to classmates about seeing freddy vs jason since it felt like… looks fine imo @thomasdkeiser to this day the only super bowl ad I actually rememberTax fraud
Retweeted by john wall stanwhy are there a billion streaming services called media conglomerate+
@paciorettys Barry Bonds?Just weeks after occupying the Capitol Tom Brady seems poised to punch a ticket to the White House by winning Super Bowl 55
Retweeted by john wall stanchiefs should consider winning, since my mom would like that @AimIessFriend truly football's original sin @Greeklissa will beat up desantis @AimIessFriend this guy has been to about half of the super bowls played since I started paying attention to Footballwe have to stop tampa before it's too late @Balefuego Lmao @jake_isgar who among us wouldn't kiss ryan o'neal's teethit is very funny that brady clearly likes arians more than he ever liked belichick @AdmiralChristy biden era already paying dividendsI need this poster @charles_kinbote favorite movieObviously bummed that he made one again, but people forget that Brady *losing* a Super Bowl is one of the best fan experiences in the world
Retweeted by john wall stantom brady you are the pimp of the weeklmao fox 7 is doing a report about the possibility of volcanos here because of a episode of the 911 spinoffSorry, it's just funny when Tom Brady wins. It's one of those perfect 'nobody learns a lesson' type endings. No one…
Retweeted by john wall stangonna spend the next two weeks well actuallying everyone about how the Rams played a Super Bowl at the Rose Bowl an…'s PI but it also wasn't PI for three quarters 🥶
Retweeted by john wall stango bills or chiefscongrats to brady on being bailed out by a stud defensive performance and a convincing enough flop on a flag!putting on cubs in 5both coaches trying their best to hand the game to the other team lmao
Retweeted by john wall stanAs soon as the god opens his mouth it should be a wrap...pause
Retweeted by john wall stanI am so mad at themcowards.routinely forget gronk is thereworst case scenario is both teams struggle for the remainder of the game and the bucs barely escape. @greeneggs187 It's infuriating!Sissy Tom Brady, owner of failing health care brands, has a problem: his throwing motion is no longer “hot.”
Retweeted by john wall stanIf I were the Packers, I would simply capitalize on Brady interceptions @vodkalemonades I have some bad news for youreal shitass pass there!!!there was a week where it was really fun and then it quickly became the worst internet community I was in
Retweeted by john wall stanjoe buck really tried to say that was "off evans' hands" like he didn't have to go-go gadget arms to even make a play on it.
Retweeted by john wall stan @paciorettys scarborough fair @DefectorMedia please give us a live brady crudmeterahahahahahahaI can’t take it / my stomach is rumbling / Lorraine get me that Pepto Baby.
Retweeted by john wall stan brady will be crud once morewhen you and your buddy finally steal a victory in Wisconsin
Retweeted by john wall stan @Greeklissa the world is carnagegod when the bucs win it all, him and desantis are gonna have a superspreader parade when they win it allNew Florida resident Donald Trump is surely enjoying how his favorite player is doingthe packers must suffer for thisTom Brady is 1 half away from taking a close step to escaping the shadow of Brad Johnsonwhat a game for Kevin King
Retweeted by john wall stanBrady really is the GOAT, and it haunts me.I've had enough of Tampa as a cityMore like Aaron FraudgersCan Aaron Rodgers get that elusive second ring and finally put some daylight between himself and other quarterbacks…
Retweeted by john wall stan1/11/17
Retweeted by john wall stan[you walk in on me practicing the opening riff from guns n roses sweet child O mine and it just sounds like fucking shit] hey man
Retweeted by john wall stanyou're laughing? godzilla is fighting king kong and you're laughing?
Retweeted by john wall stan