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Futurist surviving through the Second Gilded Age #EndCitizensUnited | #TaxTheChurch | #GND | #M4A History, Sports, @ExpanseOnPrime stan

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@AntifaRaveDJ that's fucking rude!!!!!!!! but true 😏 @ehjolly lol Emily Harrison, I don't believe you 😜 @EclecticRadical @VictoriaLBruce love ya both ❤🤓 @VictoriaLBruce Victoria Bruce!!!!!!!! A person with two first names. hmmmm 😏 @morticia_harker I love it! @GeneSleaze GINI! PLZ, WATCHCapitalism is undemocratic. A minority (owners, execs) decides what, how, where firm will produce, how it uses pro…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐In 1930s crash, US gov’t spent big for Social Security, jobless insurance, federal hires. US inequality fell. In…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐Disney is laying off 32,000 workers after: *Issuing $1.5B dividend *CEO temporarily cut compensation 5% & makes 1,2…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @DFSRants I agree, and I find something new each time. @masada2118 her character was pretty freaking annoying lol. But, she plays her role well @Gay_Socialist_ well there's that ha ✊🏽❤ @peplinskioregon lol what don't you get? allow me to help you @plumesofhappy wait when did that come out?I'm watching The Godfather for the hundredth time, why's this movie so fucking GOD-TIER??? It just hits different.… @amber4humanity haha we need you @IkhuenborSunday lol my plan worked @BanishedBernie you have a very eclectic taste. Solid list. The first Matrix was fucking fire 🔥🔥🔥 2 and 3 🤮 you ex… @rockmanX103 ROCK MAN @JENFL23 My phone can't handle this much FACTS. @PhoenixComrade @_Agorija_ I like that, I was wondering @GayCatDad1 lol thats fairWhat's your Twitter handle mean? @___WeTheNorth one of my topics! ✊🏾 wish we had it around the world @BanishedBernie lol whats your favorite films of all time? (non porn) @wilson6923 whos your top 3 favorite comic heroes? @norcalbooknerd wealth tax? @david8to @Comrade_Waluigi I lived in the UK last year! Loved it. @david8to @Comrade_Waluigi its CHEWSDAY!!! I love my Brits!!!! @david8to @Comrade_Waluigi where do you live? @DabIoDicasso lol 🐍 @BanishedBernie porn? @RockyH66 this was well said, I completely agree. AOC should hire you for her team of getting GND @RockyH66 but but but but Trump told me it would cost 75767475748474746363525352536252524 trillion dollars @sharonoflondon lol ✊🏾❤ @truitt_layman give me 5 reasons why we need the GND, pretend I'm a conservative and knew nothing about it lol @RockyH66 Okay give me 5 reasons why we need the GND, pretend I'm a conservative with no knowledge of it. lol. @SophiaSoliloquy lol @JamesMa96163439 ✊🏾 @SymbioticWrld money period? or money out of Politics? @comradespice we need it more on Twitter definitely lol @avendryl ❤ any foods you miss? @djhutch74 @peplinskioregon whats your best solutions to that? @EechieOchie SCOTLAND!!!!!!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I lived in Glasgow and Edinburgh last year 😍 @Squishsquashfan lol whats the Marianne Williamson one about? @Squishsquashfan this was actually really fucking helpful, thank you lolPolitical twitter emojis, a thread. 🏴, Ⓐ =anarchist 🚩=socialist or communist 🏴🚩=anarchocommunist or libe…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐If you could speak passionately about a topic for 20 minutes without preparing what would it be? #UniversalCollege for me.santa is a communist but y'all ain't ready for that conversation
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @IkhuenborSunday @realCEOofANTIFA lolAnyway, I wish her great ssssuccessss @PrometheusUB_I @davidjohnsonpdx @Fcorpcapture facts @david8to @Comrade_Waluigi but if its a living wage it's tied in with inflation, they adjust it to make it "livable" not minimum wage @WolfgangWalt @ModusFuzzySmock @lilinyx @Maya4Bernie lmao bruh edgelords are out in full force @AAzenith @Maya4Bernie Bernie got bodied by elites as a so called "Soc Dem" if he ran as a full on communist, he wo… @ModusFuzzySmock @lilinyx @Maya4Bernie yeah bro he should take up guns and start a revolution and he should also we… @AAzenith @Maya4Bernie If I was a full syndo communist space ranger anarchist, I would play the political game and… @lilinyx @Maya4Bernie No, I'm saying I truly believe Bernie is an actual Socialist and he might be even more than t… @NurseDiDi1 @Fcorpcapture I wouldn't, but it would be an ego boost lol @davidjohnsonpdx @Fcorpcapture yeah because I made this about sex and not a fake grifter politician. good try @Maya4Bernie I disagree. To even get close to winning a major election in this country, you can't come off as anyth… @Comrade_Waluigi I think we should aim for Living Wage first, this country gave us a ghetto 1200 check to last an e… @Newsweek Trump is too busy pardoning all of his corrupt croneys. It ain't happening. @leftyloser I think you're a handsome son of a ... @realCEOofANTIFA lol id rather starve than eat it @SpoopBee lolAww yes Joey, there's a secret plot to replace all Churches with Strip Clubs in America. Stay off QAnon websites my… @EclecticRadical @VictoriaLBruce ❤😅✊🏾#BREAKING Elizabeth Warren to become the first Secretary of Snake. Biden felt Warren was the most qualified Civil Serpent.
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @Socialistlife 😅 @Elliottelliot11 @char__latte I made a different one lol @Fcorpcapture haha i won't forgive her until she apologizes to progressives and Bernie @realCEOofANTIFA @char__latte haha it was similar but different @char__latte lol I made a different one @Socialistlife read it again#BREAKING Elizabeth Warren to become the first Secretary of Snake. Biden felt Warren was the most qualified Civil Serpent.Religious institutions should now pay taxes since separation of church & state no longer exists. #SCOTUS #AmyCovidBarrett
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐jordan peterson stans vs elon musk stans in a fight to the death who wins ?
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @ComradeDiogenes big medical drama fan? @AaronGoyang @xxDIRTYHIPPIExx @PaulDeCristofo4 Thank you!!! @LanettaGirl @nytimes If you knew how stupid and ignorant this comment was, you wouldn't have made it. @omarcusrj @nytimes ? @John42891550 are you for living wage?🚨🚨🚨STOP SCROLLING 🚨🚨🚨 Want to stop Trump 2.0 in 2024 and finally end the rightwards drift that has plagued our cou…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐Breaking News: The Supreme Court blocked New York’s virus-imposed limits on religious services. Justice Amy Coney B…
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @nytimes Is it so fucking hard to pray at home to sky daddy? @nytimes Keep the fetuses alive but let the worshippers die
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐This is so weird.
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @DabIoDicasso Your kid is going places!!! Happy bday week! Congrats man. ❤After Trump is incarcerated they need to put him on a chain gang that rakes the forests.
Retweeted by Dystopian Rob 🧐 @DFSRants @BanishedBernie 🤣 @CynthiaRao4 I tried schitts creek, the humor wasn't for me tbh. I need to try Star Trek Discovery. I recently fin… @dee7839493622 @Kirlea75 @nevervotedtory1 @RedJohnBounds @nicola27094276 @DLuxSilverBeard @MarkTBBFleming @GabriGabriChan lol adorable @_____deb____ lol adorable @feelingsavoider @PaulDeCristofo4 MAGA @squaneenge @PaulDeCristofo4 be careful, you might hurt yourself with all that edge. @ssotwelltx lol after I'm done with my current show @tamburlaine01 I tried schitts creek, gave up after 3 episodes.