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Austin Dzik @Dzikhead Chicago, IL

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@espo25 I don't disagreeLol bars in will county blacking out the windows so they look closed
@barstoolcarl Nice callusHighest attended mlb game of all time teams win great teams.... pushCollege football is dumbBREECE MOTHA FUCKIN HALLI quitTurns on the game.... immediately turns it offNO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN @usblues23 Correct @drunkchisoxfan I heart steve-oI'm on to 2021 alreadyWho wants to go to riot fest if it happens this year?!? @tcareuhborni Pretty10pm in Chicago @CheerTheAnthem @soxmachine_josh Evergreen Park will produce a better pro cop candidate without the name daily... w… restaurant and bar in Chicago closing at 10 pm the world series to corporate farms
The pandemic has been going on so long I put on a jacket I hadn't worn since April and found a plastic bag with clorox wipes in the pocket @dpoz00 @fromthe108 @sam_mendelson @cwsdjt @barstoolWSD Actual video camera or a Motorola razor camera?Spent 20 minutes looking for the Northwestern game tomorrow on my sportsbook app.... totally forgot you can't bet o… chills Sox next head coach is in the middle @joedzik that would be insane... they actually let you make that bet?Contact tracers say only 6% of all new covid cases are linked to bars and restaurants..... this is not going to end well for anyoneShutting down all indoor dining in DuPage county will back fire big time... good luck and health to all involved @joedzik But I actually want to win it haha I could bet Nebraska and the Jets ML for +10000 probablyYoan's legs still hut @raisedontherice @Robertwaldeck could also be a good bet2020 Election in a nut shell... I wanted the gay car @Robertwaldeck @raisedontherice I'd throw $10 on that to win $1000 @raisedontherice I've been looking at that too!!! @Stavster91 well there's so many options for a tie @Stavster91 interesting.... I'd say he has a better chance to win Wisconsin compared to PA but that site says the oppositeAnyone seen political betting odds for a tie in the electoral college??? Because I'd sprinkle the moneyline on that… @ZHawk2k15 I like the way you think @adors_6 Bears unders are easy money good callHad a free $20 bet.... someone convince me to not put it on a parley of Bears ML and Iowa St. ML +600Someone had to do it @fromthe108 Yes @TruuuuuIsMyQB Oh I agree there's billions to made on green energy but trump keeps giving subsidies to oil companie… @TruuuuuIsMyQB He tweeted that windmills may or may not cause cancer?!?!? Like the fuck you talking aboutThis shit makes me pull my hair out. He knows nothing about science and just talks out of his ass. Trump couldn't p…"Point to one racist thing trump has said" @AdamKC1980 True they may announce a victory but he'll contest it @ChiSoxFanJimmy @semiwittybrad Yes but trump continued it what's your point. Obama and trump are exactly the same @AdamKC1980 I hope so I'm just imagining lawsuits that last a month or two over fake voter fraud claims @Win0rDieTrying5 Exactly what I was trying to get across to him.Just so we're all clear we most likely will not know who is going to be president until December or January plus th… @TruuuuuIsMyQB Correct. Definitely opened his eyes though because even undocumented immigrants do in many cases @OPJRC That's what I was getting at! But that argument is so common @Robertwaldeck Correct @SonnySoxFan Yeah so many still think they don't. That's what I taught him @AdamKC1980 Right! I think I opened my dad's eyes because if we were 150 years removed the people already here woul… @TruuuuuIsMyQB I'm taking about immigrants who get paid under the table. I worked in a restaurant in high school an… brag business deals under the table.. why should someone struggling way more than you pay taxes when you yourse… a serious conversation about immigration a few months back... yes bourbon was involved. My dad like many others… @chorizy @MrDelicious13 Are you talking about Giuliani? Or the original move haha @flemdawg97 Is that a cat in the hat? @BenChiTownKid98 Great point @MrDelicious13 It seemed like half the jokes could never fly in 2020. I really wanna see how far they take itI rewatched the first Borat and gasped at some of the jokes made in 2006. No chance they could pull off the same ty… is not real life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @TLaVoie14 Haha give me a break. I was running most of the summer. Easing my way back into heavy lifting. I see you…
@MrDelicious13 NSFWCardio who??? Officially in bulking szn which means I'm going to eat whatever I want ME?!?!? @SoxMike242 @SNChalmers1876 No restaurant would survive winter except national chains.... you can open 90% of busin… @Brourada29 @SumerOfGeorge Already a handful of place permanently closed... RIP Southport lanes @SumerOfGeorge It's wild. I was in Logan Square last weekend and 75% of the bars were already "temporarily closed"… @ChampionDrinker yes yes classic..... huge supporter of ANTFIA and destruction of capitalist pigs property. Also lo… @ChampionDrinker since you "backtheblue" and seem like a great guy I thought I'd tag you on this one too @ChampionDrinker @DirkDig21786284 @GregHinz @GovPritzker LOLOL you're acting like the police are on their way right now GTFO @ChampionDrinker @GregHinz @GovPritzker why are they allowed to be packed to the gills while a bar down the road follows the rules @GregHinz @GovPritzker Start at Pelican Harry's in Homer Glen... @rodon_s sorry if I sound like I'm shouting... I got worked up lolfor context the profession of police office has the highest domestic abuse rate in the country.... higher than even the NFL @RamonSports TRUMP WORD FOR WORD "THE NEW DEMOCRATIC HOAX"..... people will defend that loser until their blue in t… @rodon_s man trust me I know. I'm not a democrat myself. Never voted for a republican of democratic presidential ca… this outside of a Chicago police station... wonder if it's meant as a reminder for those who work inside @rodon_s Lol the president acted like a child the entire time and refuses to take responsibility... I'm talking dem… @RamonSports Biden would have looked at the pandemic response playbook, he wouldn't have called it a hoax, he would… @chicagosmayor should close the lake front while she's at it... that really workedLike I said LOSER out here saving face when we all know this restrictions won't do shit go home you're drunk 🤣Double Sox!!!!! Abreu?!??!?!?!?!?!?@?@??!?@?@?@?#?;'hxnxhdnKmxn what the???? Mazara?!?!? will be a starter somewhere soon @AdamKC1980 @Billywires Correct take away @sean_janko @cyclonefanatic @WideRtNattyLt @IowaSox @iowas7footer Back when the big 12 had 12 teamsThis guy is such a loser.... @ChicagoFails It's like they used portrait mode @NWI_Steve Ahhh yes learned that in philosophy 101