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Ben Juwono @e1n Burbank, CA

Supervising Director @ Disney TVA on Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. Perpetually tired. 10,529 days to retirement. Opinions expressed don't reflect my employer.

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why are captains like this
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @shinypinkbottle @bauerpower i traded my passport for an additional usbportPresident-elect Biden has nominated Dr. Levine to serve as Assistant HHS Secretary. A deeply experienced public ser…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoWe're week 3 into One Piece World Top 100 and things are finally starting to get interesting worldwide.
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @nayhomes Pokemon already did this with Corviknight“QRT with photos others have taken of you that really captures your vibe” @Twotafkap is how @jessiejuwono won my heart increases engagement because it then forces you to spend hours on a scavenger hunt for said tweet Hung vs Donnie Yen in Wilson Yip's "Ip Man 2(2010)" Amazing fight that gives it that old school feel and look…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono(Pt3) end.
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Retweeted by Ben Juwono(Pt1) Debated posting this on social media as it feels like I'm announcing to the world that I'm a weirdo, but the…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoWATCH: Joe Biden spends #MLKDay volunteering at a food bank in Philadelphia
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoThis Just In Exec jobs rock if you know what they really are, hard echo a lot of this thread. Wish more schools taught…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @ElsaSketch i question why you have this
Retweeted by Ben Juwonothis is most sports anime
I wish George Floyd was asked nicely. I wish Breonna Taylor was asked nicely. I wish Trayvon Martin was asked nicel…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono例えば腕を上げた時のジャケットのシワはこんな感じに寄るのでそこに関するところを描いて他のシワは簡略化するとスッキリ描ける。スーツ模写とかトレスの時に全部正確にシワを描くとしわくちゃに見えてしまう。 と思う。
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoYou see the soldiers in this picture? They are National Guardsmen from Puerto Rico, citizens, coming to Washington,…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoDon’t trust people who tell you that “camera angles don’t make a difference, you’re either photogenic or you’re not” @SheepDoodles Yep, it’s just a burger patty with no salt hahaIssa Rae isn’t feeling some of these creative drawings 🤣🤣🤣 bruh
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoLike who even came up with this design and thought “oh yeah it’s absolutely a dog” got her a puppy patty from In-n-Out to celebrate #gotchaday to this weirdly designed, alpaca-infused dog. We adopted her 5 years ago when found her being fost… @daveau82 Appropriately named.....All 5yo wanted to do was watch this on repeat and sing along.
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoThe 20-foot-tall diaper-clad Donald Trump baby blimp has been “consigned to history” at The Museum of London
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @DeepBlueInk2D @BakersCousins @jessiejuwono I uh, just kinda made faces and tried to figure it out as I go....Is this why there’s been an unusual smell in the air would you say Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas broke up when you could just say BenAna Split
Retweeted by Ben Juwonowhen SEAsians migrate to the USA we're "stealing jobs/welfare" and "taking advantage of the USA's wealth" but when…
Retweeted by Ben Juwonohow it feels every time i see an american/european starts their “why you should move to southeast asia” twitter thr…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @ukukah If you want people to read your stuff, then make stories they wanna read 🙄 if you make stories only you wan… Launches DIY Non-Inflatable Soccer Ball for Kids in Impoverished Areas
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @ukukah Honestly don’t see why any of these is a the vaccine rollout in the United States is currently going
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoRobbie Kaplan is a real life superhero.
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoMy career you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @jessiejuwono @amymebberson @SCJacka She’s gonna come out of this with a lot of chips on her shoulderOh boy the bali discourse is heartbreaking. Overstaying in a developing country for roughly a year?? Moving there…
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @x_Wolfsteak_x my productivity would double if i don't have to sleepThe exciting thing is that Disney does matching gift for employees who donate to non-profit orgs on their list and… Glendale and Burbank folx, please pay attention to this!
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoI get nervous about these things, but would anyone be interested if I do a fundraising Twitch stream where I would… are open
Retweeted by Ben Juwonono one watched scott pilgrim for scott
Retweeted by Ben Juwonothe No Frills discourse
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoOh're making latke cake next weekend @jessiejuwono @artsylauraa i only have the LA site since they make their tracking data public @sixiaotang i just ordered the creme fraiche and the smoked salmon. it would be a good opportunity to use the potat… I'll try this next weekend @madisonbateman @jessiejuwono @astonishing_joI've been thinking about this all night and like what if we mod it: - make several 5" wide latkes - stack em with a…, but make it 𝒾𝓉𝒶𝓁𝒾𝒸
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoLooks like the Whole Foods in Burbank reported 10+ cases today. Be careful folks. just died. @violainebriat is brilliant The thief
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Retweeted by Ben Juwono21. 📸 Simon Roy
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoLoool entire thread is fuckin amazing
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoAnimals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @niceytime DM me invite link!A very personal thread about this story and why I increasingly believe addressing the rot caused by QAnon will be o…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoJessie: I bought a cardigan from Audrey K that’s got daisies on it Me: the flower or the duck?# @niceytime When we’re back at the office we should start a food/potluck club @sixiaotang This looks like a GBBO winner @x_Wolfsteak_x @sixiaotang I’m so proud of all you chaos gods @jslipchi I can leave it out on the porch for you when you pick up 👌Samwise would be most proud
@LadieFantastic I think getting it to a prime number is a lot more exciting is @MochiJuwono’s gotcha day! She’ll be 8 years old. We adopted her five years ago #puppiversary #gotchaday is my new favorite thing.
Retweeted by Ben Juwono @DaniCommissions It’s the Kermit version of Seashantytok @CloverToon @BakersCousins @jessiejuwono Lol thank you, that is the part that I spent the most time on hahaMisinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump.
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoWhat the fuck is this ad for a goddamn grocery store
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoOmg @MMazzano honor of the #Indoguration today for Major Biden, here’s my pup on the campaign! ⁦@JoeBiden⁩
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoReady for #Indoguration
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoDid you google me @jessiejuwono or did you just blindly slide into my DM @jslipchi Come by anytime! I have a few pothos ready for giveaway. I can also show you how to propagate them! @Saturn_Cafe I keep them on my window sill but as far as I know they’re quite hardy that they’ll do just fine in lo… they’ve successfully grown to bigger plants I’ll be happy to give away some to mutual who want peperomia in their plant collection ☺️🌱🪴Let's discuss the environmental cost of bitcoin. Because despite all the push for sustainable and green investment…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoClimate scientists have estimated that #Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2°C. And this is ju…
Retweeted by Ben JuwonoGrow, my little peperomia army! one more thing: gotta check the inside and take a bite to enjoy it while it’s still fresh a cute @jessiejuwono to end this thread that’s kinda it! We’re done! Thanks for joining me on this silly bread journey. you can see the nonstick spray really helps with the browning. The second loaf is more golden in color despite t… on for crunch ASMR