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Great to continue coaching in 2020 in @CorinthSchools. Going to be a great rest of the week #digilead #msedchat (@… @cschillig @ByrnesGidget Agree with both of you. @BrilesCarolyn I sure am trying. This point is made crystal clear to the districts and schools that I work with lon… Punctuality Is the Best Single Indicator Of Potential Success are the most in-demand job skills in 2020, according to LinkedIn #LT8Key #digilead"I have accepted fear as a part of life - specifically the fear of change... I have gone ahead despite the pounding…
Personalized learning is not about putting all kids in front of a device at the same time on an adaptive learning t… of these 7 Formative #Assessment Moves do you want to try in your classroom? #MotivationMonday
Retweeted by Eric SheningerDon't miss highly engaging & relevant professional learning, powerful keynote presentations, & over 100 sessions to…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerAnother great day working with @DonovanGriffins staff #digilead #njed Fear of Change #leadership #innovation #education forward to continuing the work on digital pedagogy with @DonovanGriffins #digilead #njed (@ Monsignor Donov… Slow to Become Better by @gcouros Without Arrogance: Why You Should Stop Trying To Be The Smartest Person In The Room—6 Tips To Avoid The… Learning Experiences #LT8KeysOvercoming Fear of Change #edchat #education can't teach our students the same way we were taught in school. For instance, today's digital learners prefer l…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerAre you transforming learning spaces without transforming pedagogy? Take a listen. This is helpful. Transforming E…
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25 Top Benefits of Gratitude You Need to Know @MissSCWhite That is awesome to hear! #digileadNew post: Overcoming Fear of Change #edchat #cpchat #suptchat #leadered min reflection from my run... I think Personalized Learning is about relationships, assessment & learner self-awa…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerLearning space redesign is not about having a Pinterest-worthy space. It’s understanding how design impacts the bra…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger6 Things That Will Hold You Back From Becoming a Good Leader #digilead phrases to help rephrame a negative mindset Augmented Reality in the classroom helps make learning more active, effective, meaningful and relevant for st…
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Removing the Stigma of Observations"You want to know how to future proof education? We get our kids to think" Eric Sheninger, 2019.
Retweeted by Eric SheningerRe-visiting this gem of a book by the inspiring @LFlemingEDU. @CorwinPress #makingGREATmakerspaces
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @HES_Principal @HopewellES That is really awesome!5 Factors Shaping the Future of Work in 2020 and Beyond #LT8Keys #digileadStop the Homework Insanity and Let Kids Be Kids
Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t #digilead is leadership. However, the digital age provides all of us regardless of position, title, or power to le… @Gregbagby @Rdene915 @juliedavisEDU @thomascmurray @nikkicrussell17 @MaryAvans1 @cybraryman1 @mrzphd @MrShel_EdTech Well that flies in the face of making it a collaborative process. Teachers should have been part of… @jonathanblow @gcouros @ClassTechTips @tdstech @thomascmurray @DoctorDRoberts @Ryan_Imbriale @KristieLBurk to overcome your brain’s fixation on bad things on Learning, Not Just the Project by @katiemartinedu thoughts on homework #edchat #suptchat #education #edutwitter @rlmsrq @MLECJaguars Great to meet you Becky! #FETC @TroyOlin @fetc @MikeMunski 2021 goals 😂
Appreciate the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on blended learning and #diiglead at #FETC #bookrecommendation : BrandED by @e_sheninger & @ Triahrubin “Educators are not selling a product or service…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerPutting students on technology by itself is not blended learning. Instead, integrate tech so students have agency i…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @PineGroveAP You are much too kind! #FETC @E_Sheninger is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to implementing blended learning. Can’t get enough of this!…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @TroyOlin @fetc Thanks for coming by Troy #FETC @PearceDana Hope you have some takeaways! #FETC @MrPerkinBRHS Hope you enjoyed it! #FETC @MindShareLearn Great to connect as always Robert #FETCTell your story. How to brand your school’s message with @E_Sheninger #FETC2020
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @JayRGardner Great to reconnect! #FETCPrepare students for anything! @E_Sheninger #FETC #FETC2020
Retweeted by Eric SheningerIt all comes down to relationships! @E_Sheninger #FETC #FETC2020
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @ITFSammons Thanks for attending! #FETC @mrspelko When it comes to homework and grading in K-12 there is a lot of room for improvement. @mjakubows Glad you enjoyed it. It’s time to get homework right or eliminate the practice. @BradRobinson_MI the secondary level it can be useful if it doesn’t suck the life out of kids, be used a…’s why being likable may make you a less effective leader #digilead11 Mental Tricks to Stop Overthinking Everything
The Homework Conundrum #edchat #cpchat #suptchat #edutwitter @JillBromen @Tera_Gall @Gameboydrew @Wes_Kieschnick @happyinmysoul @MsClaraGalan @support_a_teach It sure has since… learning must be relevant, engaging, ongoing, personal. Here’s a few ways to extend our learning #FETC
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger must have been a @DoaneUniversity #EdL student! #leadershipisservice #dispositionoverposition #FETC2020
Retweeted by Eric SheningerTruth. to become someone influential #diglead #brandEDU the Stigma of Observations #ukedchat #aussieEd #intled #globaled #globaledchat The Best Leaders Laugh In The Face Of Failure You Want to Be a Great Leader in 2020, You Must First Become This Person #digilead do YOU want out of your professional learning? Read: by @E_sheninger, @katiemartinedu
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Looking forward to my next 2 days at @FETC in Miami Beach! @PhEtzlinger Glad it helped!Observations can work in education if: 1. Admin implement them effectively. 2. Teachers are open to fee… soft skills every leader needs to be successful #digileadA 3-Step Method For Achieving Any Goal
The goal of any observation of a teacher or administrator is feedback for growth. Instead of outright discounting o… @StaffPodcast @SylviaEllison @mssackstein @pammoran @SusZanti5 @KRScienceLady @AllysonApsey @Stella_Pollard Ways To Not Let Others Dim Your Light (#Podcast) by @gcouros you @ElmhurstD205 for a great day! You pushed me outside of my comfort zone for these workshops and I loved it! #digilead #iledchat @E_Sheninger kicking off our day of learning in the co-teaching strand for Institute Day! @themrsreeder
Retweeted by Eric SheningerGr8 to be back in @ElmhurstD205 and working w/ special ed teachers on using #edtech aligned to 6 co-teaching models…’ll need to learn these harsh lessons multiple times before you experience a breakthrough Increases Creativity But Only If You Drink It This Way
Removing the Stigma of Observations #edchat #edutwitter #leadered #edleaders @oden_lillian I do not....sorry.Looking forward to my day with @ElmhurstD205 tomorrow working with special ed teachers then off to @FETC for a packed 2 days #fetc #digilead @WhitSivils @caitteach IDEA 1: A must have resource for #makerspace is @LFlemingEDU book The Kickstart Guide to Ma…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerUsing choice boards to implement blended learning is a great idea! These look great! Book time for @E_Sheninger to…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @CivicsEngaged Thanks Nick! @lifeandlifeonly @ElmhurstD205 See you tomorrow! Might need a ride to the airport afterwards ;)New post: Removing the Stigma of Observations #edchat #cpchat #suptchat sure is! meditation into the classroom benefits not only students, but also teachers too. Here’s how to do it.
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @Tpedersen25 That is great to hear Theresa! Best of luck this year.Innovative food allergy treatment, known as Oral Immunization Therapy (OIT), has been life changing for my little g…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerLEADERS!!! If you’re always trying to be right...there’s no way you can be real. The impact you have on the voice o…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerThe Future Of Work Is Now: Embrace The Uncertainty #digilead #LT8KeyaMobile phones in classrooms can be a force for good and HELP learning,
Persuasion: How To Convince People To Act On Your Great Ideas