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This is what distance learning should look like in the fall via @CNN quick and easy tools to boost your EdTech confidence via @tes #edtech #digilead
Keeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning #edchat #remotelearning #edutwitter #remoteteaching @lifeandlifeonly @Nikki_Tammaru @ScottGrens Thanks Dave!
Retweeted by Eric SheningerSecondary educators having the conversation: "What is relevant to today's students?" at this afternoon's profession…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerGreat opening story from Ranjit Sindhu as @ASCDconf opened Back to School VC. Looking forward to watching so many g…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerSuch a great morning with @JuabSD elementary teachers and admin. Can’t wait to work with the secondary group this a… @johnccarver @E_Sheninger We’re excited to have you!
Retweeted by Eric SheningerElementary teachers met in the Innovation Center this morning to learn with @E_Sheninger, author of Learning Transf…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerGreat to be back on the road and working with @JuabSD educators o personalized learning #digilead #uted #utedchat (… silver linings of online school #digilead gadgets to help make distance learning easier for students and teachers
Scaffolding Questions to Develop Deeper Understanding #edchat #cpchat #suptchat #edutwitter"Engagement Strategies for Teaching and Learning in a Remote World," it was a great seminar with a lot of amazing i…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerThanks Monica! #leadered #digilead @lionettimtv Thanks! Since you registered the recording/slides will be sent to you in a day or so.Glad you enjoyed it! #ASCDvirtual #leadered #digilead's not too late to register for @e_sheninger's #FutureReady webinar, "Engagement Strategies for Teaching and Lear…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerHope you can join me at 5 EST today as I am really excited about what I have planned #edchat #suptchat #edutwitter @GoogleForEdu @readhulan Than you!!!!A Principal's Reflections: Keeping Kids Engaged in #RemoteLearning - focus on sound instructional design and consid…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @readhulan That is a good question. What say you @GoogleForEdu?IT'S HERE! Congratulations @EmilyAPaschall on the release of your book Eyes on Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @ButteInduction Thanks! @LezlieDM @oblackb Glad you found it useful!How Schools Can Redeploy Teachers in Creative Ways During COVID-19 announces a ton of new tools and features to ease online education for everyone
Join me tomorrow at 5 PM EDT for “Engagement Strategies for Teaching and Learning in a Remote World” 🗓️Register for… Bryan! I had a blast working virtually with your staff these past 2 days on pedagogically sound remote lear… to do #RemoteLearning or #BlendedLearning the right way this year? Read this from @E_Sheninger
Retweeted by Eric SheningerDuring the past 2 days facilitating virtual workshops with @ShalerArea educators I have learned so much about effec…'s not about how many tools you use. It's about how students learn using those tools. Great first day of inserv…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @4GBrotto Thanks for sharing Giancarlo! @E_Sheninger Hi! I’m a K-6 Music teacher in FL at a brand new school. Hoping I can get some of the storage material…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerKeeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning #aussieED #ukedchat #edchateu #intled #globaled Schools and Teachers Can Get Better at Cultural Competence
Ownership Through Inquiry #edchat #edutwitter @SAESTitans @oblackb @ShalerArea 🙂🙂🙂Looking forward to facilitating this webinar on Thurs at 5 PM EST #edchat #cpchat #suptchat #edutwitter @oblackb @ShalerArea Thanks for the feedback Bryan! I was so impressed with your teachers today and their willingn… @ShalerArea had a great day learning with @E_Sheninger as we continue to work on #BackToSchool2020! We are so prou…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerHaving a blast working with @ShalerArea teachers today on remote learning as part of a 3 day virtual workshop. I am… @F45Danielle You can if all parents have signed waivers.What To Do If You Feel Stuck While Everyone Else Is Moving Ahead. Do This Signs Your Fear of Failure Is Holding You Back (Without You Even Knowing It) yesterday: Keeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning #edchat #FutureReady #education
Thank you @cnn and @LisaSelinDavis for sharing my thoughts: This is what distance learning should look like in the… @MGeoghegan22 Glad you enjoyed it! #remotelearningWhat Leaders Need To Do To Interrupt The Confirmation Bias #digilead matter the situation, the key to empowering learners in a remote envirionment is to create valuable and meaningf… @E_Sheninger I have been monitoring remote learning sessions for a month. The biggest challenge in remote learning…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerLooking forward to working with @HarcoboeWV school leaders on instructional leadership today virtually #wvedchat #leadered #digileadThe Most Important Thing Parents of Kids in Special Ed Need to Remember This School Year Sure Ways Leaders Can Unleash Their People's SuccessUnlocking potential is one of the most important roles a lead…
Keeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning #edchat #COVIDedu #COVID19edu #remotelearning Vulnerable Learners Need Our Best Supports @DrKornA That is awesome to hear Amy! #leadered @lifeandlifeonly Thanks Dave!10 Things To Do in the First Weeks of School to Connect with Learners in Distance Learning by @katiemartinedu @DocSteveLEUSD @LakeElsinoreUSD So true Steve, but the challenge for many has been implementing these strategies co… @jen_shiers @Twitter @PrincipalOC Ahhhh…..thanks Jen :)New post: Keeping Kids Engaged in Remote Learning #edchat #cpchat #suptchat #edutwitter @yeates_mark So happy to hear this Mark! #aussieED @dothinkeducate @innejf @ZeinaChalich @MRsalakas @robmctaggart @smgaillard Hopefully in 2021 as I am slated to be b… @dothinkeducate @ZeinaChalich It was all Zeina…LOL #aussieED @pluke17 Thanks Paul! #aussieED @ZeinaChalich I remember that day like it was yesterday :) #aussieEDThe MLB Couldn’t Keep COVID-19 At Bay, But We Still Think Schools Stand A Chance?'s Your Leadership Style? Task or People?More importantly, what should it be?
Distance Learning 2.0 by @nasonlollar #edchat #remotelearning #remoteteaching @nasonlollar Ha! Thanks for all the mentions.Back to school and COVID-19: Everything to know as students head back to class for Re-entering School This Fal via @DrBillZiegler’s podcast #edchat #suptchat #cpchat #edutwitter @oblackb I am creating a digital handout for you all that will include this resource as well as the one from… COVID Cases to Better Safeguard Students and Educators #edchat #suptchat #cpchat to Succeed in Hybrid High School Classes #hybridlearning10 Essential Google Classroom Tips #digilead #edtech
5 Keys for Successful Remote Learning #edchat #suptchat #cpchat #remotelearning #edutwitter This ! ! ! ! ! !
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger“If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” Powerful statement @JamieR42 and great reference to @E_Sheninger
Retweeted by Eric SheningerBook Review: BrandED by @E_Sheninger & @TrishRubin #UKEdChat
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger @alisonkis I loved your post and am going to DM you to see if I can get a high-resolution version of the image you created.Pedagogy matters more than ever. As districts and schools gear up for the new school year don’t forget about suppor… to launch a 12 video series with the team at @epforlearning coming your way every Monday, Wednesday and Fri…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerHybrid teaching: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Adaptive, Be Imaginative by @alisonkis #hybridlearning from fiction: Teaching students to recognize fake news
Leading in Uncertain Times #edchat #suptchat #cpchat #edutwitter #COVIDedu #covid19EDU Your Mindset Around Failure Can Make or Break Your SuccessThe words you use can plant the seeds of resilience… @MasonVenola Here are some of thoughts on personalized learning: Overiew PL in action… Out of Our Comfort Zone by @jiwase1 @MasonVenola @nyweathergirl @DonovanKyra @Wes_Kieschnick @AJCMindset @garthharries @JonesNautrie @HarshmanEd5 holistic learning has become more important than ever to build the leaders of tomorrow Social Media As A Disruptive Innovation For Virtual Learning #digilead
Leading in a Remote Learning World #edchat #suptchat #cpchat #edutwitter #covid19EDU, which is the only way to exit a comfort zone, is harder when you add an extra task to an already crowded ro…! On Ep 86 of #TeachingKeating, Molly & Weston talk The Dark Knight & internet trolls. Do some people just want…
Retweeted by Eric SheningerDesigning Learning to Prioritize Student Voices"Student agency is about empowering kids to own their learns through greater autonomy. It is driven by choice, voic…
Retweeted by Eric Sheninger5 Keys for Successful Remote Learning #aussieEd #ukedchat #808educate #edchatEU #intled