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Mapping Specialist and Marketing Professional on Long Island, NY. Enjoys Natural History, Geology, Cooking, Video Games, Comics and things.

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@Meghan_IGN Subbed! @TimGettys Big same. @Meghan_IGN You have a YouTube channel? @majornelson RE2 Remake was my favorite (Because its the only one ive played). first time you encounter Mr. X i fli… @Luceobrien stress and likely a lack of fresh produce will do that. @RobZacny infrastructure is actually the best way to create jobs. its literally how we got out of the depression. @Futterish i don't know if this is an Animal Crossing or real life tweet @DMC_Ryan @XboxP3 yall are crushing @rphallisey845 @sirgallee @NYGovCuomo dO yOuR ResEaRCh @rphallisey845 @6bottoms @NYGovCuomo buddy you asked for a budget update, i provided it and now you want me to tell… @rphallisey845 @NYGovCuomo @NYGovCuomo thanks Dad @ImageForm @DomsPlaying Told you
@pettycommajared @GameOverGreggy Amen @TimGettys Bro are the side intakes completely blocked? @Stealth40k Man I wish Chronicles X would get some love from Big N in a year or two. @DanStapleton Dan @BenjiSales At this point, if you are Sony, i wonder if you hold TLOU2 for PS5 launch. @BenjiSales Does Ghost of Tsushima get a kick too? @MatPiscatella wonder if Ghost of T gets the kick too @mmahardy FF7 is that for me, and its even having its own issues. gotta assume Ghost of Tsushima gets a kick too right? @johntdrake Yea...its strange not to be super excited for the sequel to an all time great. @Futterish i don't hate this. Would be wild to see TLOU go head to head with Halo infinite @Futterish i imagine what they have seen with Square and FF7 has given them pause @Neil_Druckmann Safety of your team above all else. Get some rest my dude. @Futterish yea id like to know if its coming late so i can make different plans. my order just acknowledges its been received.
@garywhitta Anxiety helps! @mmahardy you hate to see it... @BossFightBooks @pettycommajared for Sid Meier's Pirates! @DMC_Ryan i can't wait for this. no one in the industry as genuine as @XboxP3 @Andrew_Reiner i think the roll out will be slow. A stadium that's every other seat, every other row for awhile. @dog_rates some are sweet girls @MaxScoville @tamoorh TamHammer @nyjets @nickmangold 🤣 @Futterish why not just release it digitally everywhere... @GIBiz Pikmin 3 will be the last one... @Futterish If you haven't played it, seems like a great opportunity. Game is oddly prophetic. @crecenteb LOL i prefer it in real life. game never actually appealed to me @DCDeacon good luck to all the Bethesda teams. @crecenteb @Jorraptor there is such a slim chance the achievement list actually exists yet for the game if its due 5 months from now. @Futterish @Terri_Schwartz Chronicles of Narnia?
@ASTROGaming Get in it @SteelSeries @MSNBC @MaddowBlog was probably the golf trips. @AlphaNerdGK @AgentTinsley Human's would immediately be Apex predators 300 Million years ago. the most dangerous an… @AgentTinsley just curious, why 300 million years ago? @IvePetThatDog @dog_rates that's high praise from the expert on petting dogs.George Bush still a bitch, we aint forget just cus the spray tan Satan is president now. A whole ass bitch, i swear to gawd. Lol
Retweeted by Evan P @DMC_Ryan but why not Galaxy 2........ @DMC_Ryan i can hear this image @MaximumCortezIf you can't make jokes during the apocalypse, well, I guess you better just sit there seething with blind rage and…
Retweeted by Evan P @shinobi602 honestly its the soda that would be the most difficult @NoContextTrek this shot was disturbing as hell @garywhitta I actually quite enjoy mine. to each their own. @JeffGrubb its not privileged to look forward to something that's goal is to provide joy. I've never been to E3, bu… @MatPiscatella Yikes that's dark. @lindsaycrouse Mid-Hudson Valley. @gibsonfilms Nah dude solid beard. @DestinLegarie Depends. I'd love to see it from IGN since that content is inherently escapist, but like fuck Google doing it. @steimer @BlondeNerd @WhatsGood_Games That's what she said @shinobi602 Galaxy 1 and 2 are all time greats.
@DomsPlaying @DomsPlaying You get to the underwater sections yet? @Marina_Sirtis I've been watching TNG for the past 2 weeks. You have all been an incredible comfort. Thank you for… @Kahjahkins Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Hobby Lobby @Andrew_Reiner Yea I think I'm close to doing a full buzz @Luceobrien @dolladollapills @Commie_In_EMS @socialistdogmom lol 'conservatives' elected a fake billionaire reality star @Nibellion wow all over the place @mmahardy oh yea Mike talk dirty to me @jasonschreier @ArloStuff if there is any series that deserves it... @Nibellion oh yea Nibel talk dirty to me @Wario64 cc @TimGettys @Stealth40k oh yea Stealth talk dirty to me @MausPzkpfw @BlindArchangel @foxygames_uk you don't need to do that. its well documented that street markets in Chi…
@ZachariusD @2plus2isjoe Damn dude 👌 @Luceobrien Is animal crossing just Dad Jokes? My 70 year old paleontology professor would have enjoyed that. @gtconway3d @garywhitta @QasimRashid @corybarlog @realDonaldTrump @GameOverGreggy I really appreciate what the tongue sticking out matches too. @Kahjahkins I'm glad to have him here in NY. His anecdote about Sunday dinner hit real close.Holding a briefing with updates on #Coronavirus. WATCH LIVE:
Retweeted by Evan P @CrabPermit @BenjiSales Thanks! The Marauder just feels unbalanced and cheap. Haven't had a problem with anything else at all. @GregRicey Cut hair, long beard. @GoNintendoTweet All is as the Force wills it. @shinobi602 Holy shit.
@pettycommajared Incredible how good it still is.Hope you and Angie are well @pettycommajared was thinking about your candor and how Mario got you through the tough… @vajra21 @NYGovCuomo Appreciate the response and perspective. Would never want anyone to get sick if they do not… @NYGovCuomo Thank you <3. We can't become heartless in these times. @AStraww @stevenspohn @videogamedeals @Kahjahkins
@SusanArendt Yea I could hang with that stimulus. @majornelson Mekko the dolphin! #FreeCodeFridayContest