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Eric Clark @ea_clark Spring City, PA

High School #Math/#STEM Teacher at @DVFSchool | #Adjunct at @QuincyCollege | Associate Faculty at @PostUniversity | “hirsute mathematician" - my boss | he/him

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@mkobach The walls in my living room are pretty big.
@AndrewStrohm @ChroniclesNate You beat me to it. @ChroniclesNate It’s too small. 🙃 @ECrumrine A green screen. @Daniellestein1 🤔 🧐 🤨 @zfwright Just start writing. See what comes out. 😀Question: When teaching game design, do you have students complete a graphic organizer to "plan their game"? I want…
Retweeted by Eric Clark @JuiceboxCA It’s @PadmateAudio for me, but I get it 😂. @AnnieTangent I don’t mind at all. Video on =\= engaged. @remikalir @hypothes_is @dwhly Following. @pernilleripp The lack of engagement is tough, i totally get that.I put my @xppenusa to work for the first time today and it was 🔥. Such a great tool for working out math problems o… the camera off doesn’t bother me. My students leverage the #zoom chat feature and are super engaged in the c… @MarisaPorges @JennyMcCarthy @TheJennyMShow That’s awesome! @EduScholar007 @QuincyCollege You’re too kind! How are you doing these days @EduScholar007? @The_ChrisBryant @QuincyCollege’m reusing some of the video content that I created this summer for my online stats class at @QuincyCollege. Do…
@GaryRGrayJr What age/subject? My HS Math Ss have very little engagement when asked to speak but nearly all studen… @AdamSinger Don’t do it. @GaryRGrayJr Lol, thought about it.
Shoutout to my team at @PostUniversity for helping me do by best work by equipping me with the tools needed for… @demianross @SocialVideoLive @vincenzolandino @Schmittastic I gotchu, bud. @SR_Toliver Everything 🤷 @R44D You also have to paste. @DrJohnNagl Wishing you a great year @DrJohnNagl.Hey @SocialVideoLive I just got your email about a call for speakers. Hit up @demianross, @vincenzolandino and @Schmittastic.
@TeachMrOGrady @Maire_from_NJ @MrTomRad Rofl, i see what you’re saying with the shaved head part. @kindofsquishy That’s my #adhd brain at its best.#mood #onlineclasses #onlinelearning #zoomclass do you call it when you know exactly whose kids are dying from a pandemic and yet continue to lie about whethe…
Retweeted by Eric Clark @Maire_from_NJ @MrTomRad I’ve contemplated it myself 🤣. @Maire_from_NJ @MrTomRad That, and grow out the beard.Why You Need Audio Descriptions to Make Online Course Videos Accessible via the @TechSmith Blog
Retweeted by Eric Clark @PostUniversity I’m not kidding. After teaching all day, my PU evening students give me so much renewed energy. They’re 💯.POC Journalism excellence is demonstrated daily by @futuromedia staff led by @Maria_Hinojosa and @dildaydoc. So gre…
Retweeted by Eric Clark @TeachMrOGrady Love this one. I’ve also had awesome interactions via the private messenger. Put prompts on the “boa… @Maire_from_NJ RidiculousMaslow > Bloom @CanvasLMS gurus out here know how to import a rubric created in a spreadsheet and easily make it a rubric in C…
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My @PostUniversity students are some of the best. That is all, that is the tweet.This! @thePhDandMe @jturner6348 @MrsTillmanPYA @gimuz31 Same. I love that feature. @gimuz31 @jturner6348 @MrsTillmanPYA Absolutely, I’m with you.
@jturner6348 @MrsTillmanPYA @gimuz31 The chat function is 🔥. I’m getting a ton of engagement from Ss and it’s on th… @The_ChrisBryant Noice. PA is where it’s at. We just moved there. @ECrumrine Guess I’m old as dirt. story.... Last night when I was teaching one of my online college classes, a student accidentally used the 😘… @educated_educ8r read something that said all of us are first-year teachers this year 😂😂😂. No lies detected!
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@blackgrlcrowned @JosieGL Absolutely. You got this! @tlcooper22 Well, two computers and a borrowed @Wacom tablet. @tlcooper22 Two computers. @vincenzolandino @vincenzolandino @AdamSinger This one isn’t very good. @blackgrlcrowned @JosieGL Our PD helped me realized some suppressed trauma I need to manage. It’s hard work. Sendin…
@jake_hansen_ @youknowmeaschad But did he ever really go away 🤣 @AdamSinger @AthleticBrewing I’ve heard really good things.This, all of this. @youknowmeaschad Ive got NO defense on my fantasy squad. I ain’t mad about it. @DennisDill I’m sorry @DennisDill, this is not an easy time for you. Be as honest as your comfortable with. You’ll…
3rd times a charm. I won the third game of bingo at the 2nd annual @DVFSchool Welcome Back Bingo. @mattdpearce My #beard.
@vincenzolandino Yeah, just stuff all those mental health issues deep down and pretend that they don’t exist. 🤦‍♂️… the good Dr. said!!! looks like fun. to join Lucy, live at 9am today, to talk about gender, leadership, raising audacious girls, and parenting du…
Retweeted by Eric Clark @cc_chapman My man, let’s goooooooo.
I guarantee you'll hear the phrase "Rock That!" at least once as @ShawnLeeStudios discusses his career path as a Bl…
Retweeted by Eric Clark @DrJohnNagl That’s a solid setup you’ve got there! Great job. @TaylorLorenz I’m with it. @nathanallebach Sad me.Yesterday I decided to have a little fun so I made this video documenting some of the work I do at @QuincyCollege.… @MrPStrunk Couldn’t do it.First day at @DVFSchool in the books. Overall, it was a pretty great day. Students were engaged and @Zoom_us didn’t…
@HKhodai I support this dinner option.Mrs. Trimble distributes at-home Environmental Science supply kits to EA families. ⁦@LeslieTrimble1⁩
Retweeted by Eric ClarkFirst day of teaching at @DVFSchool, let’s gooooo! those of you who are saying because Labor Day has come and gone, and summer is over, please stop. We have a few…
Retweeted by Eric ClarkIs the polling feature not available in the basic @zoom_us package? @Andrea_Trudeau @JosieGL I can’t 🤦‍♂️ @howie_hua Adjunct contacts have been coming out a little slower lately. Maybe a week or two after the start of the…
@RealGlenMacnow 7I’m attempting to overcome the biggest case of imposter syndrome right now. I guess that happens at the start of ev… @wokeSTEMteacher How they gonna know? We doing a foot check before the start of class? How about we get them to sh… @Adam_Karpiak With pancakes?You’re better than me! I need to put in work.
@jenalyson @JohnDeere They had a few other oldies but i didn’t snap any more photos. I was mesmerized by the Holste… @jenalyson I was out exploring with my family yesterday and i came across these beauties. Nothing runs like a…’s the tweet! @eolsencreative They still in the plastic?Some of these things should be adopted/adapted to fit in the face to face learning context. Some teachers already d… have a go to Ted Talk that addresses Values and Identity? Searching is not coming up with anything and looki…
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@Adam_Karpiak How’re the pancakes treating you? @Adam_Karpiak I’m here for it. All of it! @Adam_Karpiak Now I’m hungry. Dang it. @mrmikeMTL Twitter @Adam_Karpiak I’ll bring the maple syrup.