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Author of SCAVENGE THE STARS & the Timekeeper Trilogy. Rep'd by @LitAgentMarini. Biracial/desi. Grumpy. Queen of the Underworld. She/her

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Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Now that I have a little time to work on something that doesn't have a deadline, I'm just staring at the blank page… @sebastian_lk @KristaMarino @johnmcusick @DelacortePress @GetUnderlined Congrats, Laura! @justabookeater_ I felt this in my soulAttention, gentlepersons! Now introducing... Bette! 💅🏼 A bon vivant. Excellent taste in boys & clothes. A barbed wi…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆i'm delighted to announce the virtual launch of THE DECK OF OMENS on 4/22 at 7pm EST, hosted by the lovely folks at…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆SCAVENGE THE STARS by @EachStarAWorld Read by @MariaLiatis. "From beginning to end, Liatis keeps listeners glued to…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @rfarrowster OH BOY OH BOY @rfarrowster me whenever you tweet and I try to figure out what part you're at
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @runwithskizzers ohh I've seen this around tumblr. Where are you watching it?Thinking about the Timekeeper pre-release contest and *ahem* winning the annotated ARC (I treasure it!) made me tak…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆me coming into the chat at @skrutskie's virtual launch party✨NEWS✨ I'm incredibly excited to announce RECLAIM THE STARS a YA SFF anthology feat. @AcevedoWrites @definitelyvita
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@TheDestinySoria congrats, Destiny!! @KSekouM 🙃🙃🙃Spirited Away (2001)
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @AngrygirLcomics @JoametteGil @suzusaur @OniPress @lionforge YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSwas it supposed to look like a Stormtrooper, or...? I AM working on my YA horror fantasy why do you askdiaspora authors of color: [pour tons of time and effort into researching their own heritage to write a book] rea…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Them: Girl paired with monster boy! Them: Boy paired with monster girl! Me: what about...a monster girl....paired… designs. Which one do you like best? #FinalFantasyVIIRemake
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Being sentient is a pain in the ass
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆A new Danny and Colton one shot is up on my Patreon! @MikalebRoehrig Congrats, Caleb!
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @rfarrowster lord I had to close my computer and take a deep breath @sam_aye_ahm @soho_teen @NewLeafLiterary Happy book birthday, Samira!It’s not how I imagined this day to be but MAD BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW is in the world! I’m healthy, loved & celeb…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Happiest of book birthdays to GHOST SQUAD! So so proud of you, Claribel!! 👻*bangs fists on table* BOYS BOYS BOYS!!! @glitzandshadows @WednesdayBooks @thedaysbetween @ThaoLe8 Happy book birthday!!the untamed as buzzfeed unsolved quotes (—a thread)
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆When someone says the title of the book in the book
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Sweet dreams yesterday: I can't wait to see who comes to my campsite!!! Me today: N O B. McCoy, The Writer Librarian - April 2020 - Interviews with @EachStarAWorld
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I actually DO own a jacket that looks a lot like it but honestly who has the energy to pose rnBONDS OF BRASS by @skrutskie is coming tomorrow! RSVP now for the digital launch party tomorrow night at 6pm PST/9p…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Seeing all the beautiful book-inspired outfits and wondering if anyone will attempt Amaya's jacket think we can all agree that lee pace as thranduil
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Choosing your quarantine character 🍾👏😂
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Quarantine, day 14. Me and my boyfriend spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆this idea came to me in a dream so i painted it. my greatest creation and my worst nightmare
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆me waiting to learn how to upload pictures into ACNH so I can hang my book covers in my house watched my son cut brownies to avoid the edge pieces. Me: Some people love the edge pieces. They make special pa…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆thinking about how well this meme aged
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @sakuralovestea @what_eats_owls Looks like it!I have successfully gotten @KatyPool into the Untamed and I am v excited for the range of emotions she's about to g…
@justabookeater_ I don't know!!! Here's my code: SW-3262-6023-154625 words, the whole story. Perfection.
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @Nina_Writes I'm worried about this too. It made watching Coco devastating for meThe eBook for Timekeeper by @EachStarAWorld is £1.99 on most UK eBook retailers so be sure to check it out if you w…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆I FOUND MONEY ISLAND ritual begins @KSekouM Oh noWHY DOES ONE OF MY VILLAGERS HAVE FLEAS away from my island @alioop7 @BookBub 🥰🥰🥰I hate this fuckin event YES YES the love theme from the Untamed played back to me on a kazoo in Animal Crossing is absolutely sending me someone who gets horrible and sometimes debilitating cramps, I wanted a heroine who got them too's TIMEKEEPER eBook is only $1.99 on @BookBub! Grumpy boy meets sunshine spirit, time goes on the…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆Thank you @Claribel_Ortega for the latest addition in my goth manor 2 SUMMON @maliciousglee ...yes?Here's the story Of a group of writers Who were living in diff corners of the world All of them had books to write…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆#acnh #animalcrossing gijinka time babey
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@MikalebRoehrig I had to lie down after, it was too muchimportant message from me and @EachStarAWorld
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆"Timekeeper puts the dick in hickory dickory doc"'m finally able to commission bridges...which means all those log stakes I made were for NOTHING's look 🌹 Also I changed my town tune to Wangxian and Isobel sang it back to me 😭😭😭 @sarahhollowell I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS PASTEL SHIT JUST GIVE ME THE PICNIC RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!ALL I WANT ARE THE RECIPES FOR CHERRY BLOSSOMS. THAT'S ALL I WANT FROM THIS EVENT @what_eats_owls @lsauclair SAME @sarahhollowell also thanks to buzzfeed unsolved I figured out what your name/island name meansy'all joking about drinking and trying to cut your hair during this quarantine when a glass of wine and trimming my…, WE'RE DOING A THING! All of your web orders have been intensely appreciated, but they can only cover so muc…
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @sarahhollowell SARAHACNH: “That’s an egg, not a fish”. me: #AnimalCrossingNH #animalcrossing
Retweeted by Tara Sim ★・゚*。☆ @MariaMelee It is!I FINALLY CAUGHT MY FIRST RANCHO!!!!!!!Love to see bi rep in video games
@ek_johnston We have no toddlers, just chaosUpdate on the family group text: chaos uncle has now suggested using zoom for a "family meeting" and all us cousins… though will people want to read a book about a mysterious pandemic a year from now because 😬😬😬 @what_eats_owls FELIX ALSO MORE THAN ACCEPTABLE @what_eats_owls Or if you're feeling particularly loving, Cayo @what_eats_owls FERDINAND VON AEGIRMy mom and I realized that we had oxygen tanks left over from when my dad was sick, so we're donating them to our l… @ek_johnston I WISH I WAS DOING NOTHING @AdamSilvera I'm so sorry, Adam! My thoughts are with you and your family 💜 @adibkhorram Nooooooo can you not download it??*but also absolutely 100% worrying about her Other Book @adibkhorram if it helps, this'll only last a few days before my next deadline comes lolsob