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Social media remains the strongest sunblock ever invented.
93% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. 52% Approval Rating overall! Not bad considering I get the most unfair…
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National emergencies declared under Obama: To aid Somalia To aid Libya To aid Yemen To aid Ukraine To Aid Vene…
Retweeted by Eastwood @marklutchman The Catholic Church is completely invested in chain migration.Anyone else find it weird that the Pope objects to Trump’s wall but not Governor Cuomo’s new abortion law he signed? 🤔
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CURRENTLY ACTIVE NATIONAL EMERGENCIES (BY DECLARING POTUS) Carter Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton…
Retweeted by EastwoodI don’t feel an ounce of empathy for all of the imbeciles who bought into the Russian collusion hoax now that it’s…
Retweeted by EastwoodIn the same city as Jussie's "attack," a mentally disabled teen was kidnapped, tied up for 5 hours, and scalped/bea…
Retweeted by EastwoodIf I ever run for President, my only campaign promise will be to ensure Americans could carry over extra sleep from… Pelosi has deleted her tweet which called Jussie Smollett a victim of a ‘racist, homophobic attack.’ Sorry…
Retweeted by EastwoodWho was the worst? #PresidentsDay2019
Retweeted by EastwoodI was just walking home from Wendys when two liberal men in fedoras attacked me, shouting “This is liberal land” an…
Retweeted by EastwoodI'm sorry to ruin your childhood, but Jussie Smollett was also an actor in the Mighty Ducks
Retweeted by EastwoodTrump Derangement Syndrome is real. A Vans store employee at Oak Park Mall, Kansas told a 14-year-old "f*ck you" fo…
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Beautiful evening in El Paso, Texas last night. God Bless the USA!
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Watch this plain little caterpillar transform ✨
Retweeted by Eastwood @ReElectNydia @AOC I’m sorry if I bruised your ego but genuinely, I really don’t know you are. Do less tweeting and…
Retweeted by Eastwood @JaymalGreen Just apologize for your ignorant tweet and move on. Then you can go back to being irrelevant.Being in great health to own the libs. These clowns can’t even handle that their president is a lot healthier tha…
Retweeted by EastwoodThe joke is on us. @IlhanMN is functioning as a goofy, over-the-top stalking horse that delineates how far the New…
Retweeted by EastwoodNothing but generic platitudes in Klobuchar's announcement speech. Some candidates are running because they have a…
Retweeted by EastwoodSerious question: Does Ruth Bader Ginsburg use videoconferencing when she is "working from home" or does the Court…
Retweeted by EastwoodI’m celebrating my twenty-fifth consecutive year of not watching the Grammies.I was the only one who would bake with my grandmother. When she died she left her best recipe to everyone except sh…
Retweeted by EastwoodRussian-Bulgarian collusion’s face facts. The only real the TSA even exists is because of Muslim terrorism. Let’s not talk around this anym…
Retweeted by EastwoodIt is -20 again here today and thanks to the Trudeau carbon tax my gas furnace has effectively become an ATM for Govt. carbon tax revenue.
Retweeted by EastwoodLooking at old pictures of Frank Robinson on Getty, I came across this one. Guy in the blue polo looks familiar.
Retweeted by EastwoodThe only thing the Green New Deal did was solidify that “climate change” is just their cover-up word for systematic…
Retweeted by EastwoodYou know - he’s not wrong
Retweeted by EastwoodI can’t take a politician seriously who has been in Congress since the 1980’s who then blames a new President for America’s problems
Retweeted by EastwoodYou should have to pass a drug test to receive a welfare check... because I had to pass one to earn it for you.
Retweeted by EastwoodMaturity is just doing things right the first time because you’re too tired to do them twice.
Retweeted by EastwoodIt’s a sad day for the House of Representatives as we mourn the death of Walter Jones. He was a champion for our na…
Retweeted by EastwoodI guess walls do, in fact, work!
Retweeted by EastwoodDemocrat run NY state will spend $176 billion, this year and Gov. Cuomo admits we have a fiscal crisis and are in t…
Retweeted by Eastwood“In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however the t…
Retweeted by EastwoodMao Zedong killed more people than Hitler or Stalin, but do you notice how Mao's name comes up less frequently than…
Retweeted by EastwoodWill this finally be the year Lord Stanley returns to Canada?The media was able to get my work schedule, something very easy to do, but it should have been reported as a positi…
Retweeted by EastwoodWell, it happened again. Amy Klobuchar announced that she is running for President, talking proudly of fighting glo…
Retweeted by EastwoodThe U.S. will soon control 100% of ISIS territory in Syria. @CNN (do you believe this?).
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Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as o…
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@monica_watson14 @EAKoyle @DrDenaGrayson @MichaelAvenatti More like Mob Boss/Baseball Bat 2020
@TechieLiao Nah. Snowflake.
@RedSparrowMovie I don't intend to see any movie with an actress who thinks her narrow skill set makes her a political policy expert.
Retweeted by Eastwood @SkwirlyQ @BrettArends The only thing liberals are really good at is getting opposing views shut down on Twitter. @chrisvanderveen You really should get out of your media-centric bubble. You played the fool today, defending CNN.…
The election of Donald Trump didn't create the Left's hate, it revealed it!
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If you're in Houston area, need rescue from high water, but can't get through to 911, call Coast Guard Command Center @ 281-464-4851 #Harvey
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I am humbled and incredibly grateful to President Trump. I look fwd to putting this chapter behind me and helping to #MAGA
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This just in. Gorsuch is still on the Supreme Court, and Hillary still isn't president. Advantage: America
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BPD brought out their secret weapon to deal w/protesters. A water cannon that shoots job applications. You should see these people scatter!
Retweeted by EastwoodSteve served @POTUS Trump with distinction. I value his friendship and contributions. Thank you, Steve!
Retweeted by EastwoodI want to thank Steve Bannon for his service. He came to the campaign during my run against Crooked Hillary Clinton - it was great! Thanks S
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Mitt Romney is officially attacking Trump as a racist. Yes, the man who received a lower percentage of the black & Hispanic vote than Trump.
Retweeted by EastwoodMitt Romney showing the world once again how he lost one of the most winnable elections in modern history
Retweeted by EastwoodBannon is out. He laid the ground work. 4D chess move by him to kill any nazi narrative. Trump Train is running full speed ahead to MAGA!
Retweeted by EastwoodHey @CNN, you built this stifle hate group NBC by accessing my television remote was good enough for Slick Willy. Twice. called. Your shift starts at 8 can't wait for NFL football players to tell me how racist I am while trying to sell me their jersey
Retweeted by EastwoodRussians: just doing the job ordinary Democrat candidates didn't want to do.
Hey look, yet another grandstanding Democrat politician The Leftist cabal is working on her book deal. Keith Oberman is ghost-writing it. worked out today. I worked out a way to avoid exercise.Primary this loser by Trump/Pence sticker deleted this tweet out of embarrassment... here's a screenshot. They won't be too happy if you send it viral.
Retweeted by EastwoodDallas: not all BLM Alexandria-not all liberals Orlando/Pulse: not all Muslims Charlottesville: ALL CONSERVATIVES ARE RACIST MURDEROUS NAZIS
Retweeted by EastwoodMore wishful tweets from the deranged alt-Left more years of Trump sounds like the antidote for morons like you. crass tycoon from Queens fights harder for us red-staters than ANY of the Republicans who spent the last two years calling him a fraud.
Retweeted by Eastwood @ShellyRaePgh @exjon Come back when you can expound more on your threats @ShellyRaePgh @exjon Why don't you spell it out for us, CupcakeIf your ethnicity is the only part of your life you can be proud of, you are a pathetic failure. #Charlottesville
Retweeted by EastwoodI appreciate that @POTUS tells us the TRUTH, even when it's UGLY. The meltdown of PC Libs over "both sides" proves…
Retweeted by Eastwood @America4Israel @GrrrGraphics @CNN Probably depends on whether money is still flowing to JacksonYou won't see this on @CNN Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community
Retweeted by EastwoodPresident Trump, there is a rapidly growing ground swell of Patriots rallying to your support! Your courage as our…
Retweeted by EastwoodThis whole narrative will flip in a week. Trust me. Trump will come out on top again.
Retweeted by EastwoodYou will never be able to satisfy the fake news media! 62+ million supporters are with you and agree that you said…
Retweeted by Eastwood#DoSomethingGOP Stop being a bunch of spineless tools for the left & stand united with President Trump. What's the…
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This is Sara, she was killed by Muslim terrorists because politicians care more about diversity & immigration than…
Retweeted by EastwoodThe true divide in America is between taxpayers and those who "game" the system. All this crap now is a smokescreen to obscure that reality.
Retweeted by EastwoodTrump got your Goat, huh
From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad.
Retweeted by EastwoodHere's a statue of Margaret Sanger at the Smithsonian. She founded Planned Parenthood and was a known racist who on…
Retweeted by EastwoodGreat press conference by Trump, looks like he learned that cucking gets you nothing. They will never be satisfied.
Retweeted by EastwoodNearly the entire quisling "conservative" media immediately caved to the B.S. left-wing media narrative on Charlottesville. NOT TRUMP!
Retweeted by EastwoodDon't forget Stone Mountain news day? Taqiyah Thompson, who put rope around statue, was just arrested after a pressed at NCCU
Retweeted by Eastwood @micah_morrison Maybe, it's down 60% for the year. Kids still prefer Nike.