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@RolandWNoBrakes That's what I'm on now, too, but I haven't been smart enough to turn it off for deliveries.
@PJayHall2 @glprater @RepDougCollins But also defend them, I'd hope @StarmanRock @glprater @RepDougCollins So you're saying that when one party largely opposes an impeachment, it may still be justified? @glprater @RepDougCollins Do you condemn the Clinton impeachment?
Wait... Marianne Williamson is still running and Kamala isn't?🤔 @YulinKuang This is easily my favorite show this winter
@matthew_daniels Sequel request. Are there teams or coaches who overcontribute to superstars underperforming on VORP?
@jamesavery7890 @YouTube @shockallocca Thank you for this feedback! It was really thoughtful, and we appreciate it.… @jamesavery7890 I'm curious what you felt was missing and whether there was any aspect that you enjoyed
Here are the things you can see on our #YoutubeRewind site: ☑️Interesting stories of creators and trends from arou… to share this with everyone! 2018 we made something you didn't like... so in 2019... #YouTubeRewind
Retweeted by Earnest PettieThirty minutes to go!It's really crazy to think how different this list is from our original lists. It shows how much Youtube has evolve… wrote a bookmarklet that redirects you to the original tweet of the video that someone else used in their tweet…
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @JayLaw_YT Nice work!
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie
@dynamofire I think the solution is to allow notifications for all texts, but otherwise, it's amazing how quickly I… @dynamofire Day 2, I now just flop my phone down on my desk or sofa and kind of forget about it until I actually ne…
@nickbixby @KermitHigby @youngamericano @Wonderbitch82 @Generalyeo Yes, someone else also pointed this out. Thank you to both of you.Day 1 of turning off all notifications except for calls and texts from select contacts. I already feel like I need to look at my phone less.
@dblsuited @KermitHigby @youngamericano @Wonderbitch82 @Generalyeo If it doesn't mean anything, then why not just take it on? @KermitHigby @youngamericano @Wonderbitch82 @Generalyeo Maybe he should just... join the party?
How am I just learning that @WWEAsuka has a YouTube channel that is mostly food? tried watching The Irishman. I really did. I just got 10 hours in and saw there were 22 more hours to go, so I bailed. @emachtus 👀! What?!It was four, as in, who is this for?I feel like if I go on YouTube Music and search, I'm going to be surprised to see that Kid Rock has released like e…
There is no greater moment than when you search for a product and all the targeted ads flip to that product from th… @BatesLine Is it the idea that a President is spending money on a video tribute to himself that is the nauseating part?Ice is the statesman we need @TheReal_JDough @ECW4OU @JoniManivong @TheCarlosSegura @davidfholt Thank you! @TheReal_JDough @ECW4OU @JoniManivong @TheCarlosSegura @davidfholt Take the easy joke or the high road. I'll go with the high road. @songadaymann Also, is there a platform you haven't gone viral on? Seems like you've had something become popular o… @songadaymann It's something we've seen happen a lot this year. Old Town Road may be one of the biggest examples of…'ve spent too much time this morning wondering if you can bite into this owl like an apple @ECW4OU @JoniManivong @TheCarlosSegura @davidfholt And this is exactly why we're happy to go to California! @ImPaulGale OK. I'll be honest. I haven't even started it yet but am already feeling sleepy. @ImPaulGale How very dare you, sir.
Quickly checked to see if @earnest might become available. CURSE YOU, OTHER EARNEST!'m not going to say how many library cards I have on Libby.
Donate to #4H and have your gift DOUBLED by #4HGrown alum @boztank up to $1M! Help 4-H inspire tomorrow's leaders t… makes me happier than people spreading the word on 4-H. I created my first website as 4-H project in 1996.🚨Job Alert!🚨 Looking for a YouTube-savvy creative storyteller/ journalist who can help with strategy and production…
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @realamymholmes @TQ_Hill My fault! I think we're in agreement overall then. It was unclear to me why majority publi… @TQ_Hill @realamymholmes I don't disagree with any of this. If anything this contradicts Amy, who is suggesting tha… @realamymholmes I agree with all of that. The only thing I don't see is where that requires an overwhelming majorit… Vs Ferrari Vs Alien Vs Predator Vs Man Vs Food Vs Eks Vs Sever
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @realamymholmes Can you expand on the idea that this is only supposed to happen when a majority of the public agree…
Oh, you mean the common sense healthcare policy that we could've already had if people (including conservative Demo… button to activate mouth WiFi
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @loudmouthjulia Does it include pregnant MIA bopping around the stage to Swagga Like Us?
Stephen Tobolowski must play Ambassador Sondland in the movie
@mrmarkpotts @Eddie_Rado Relatable. I dug a thirty-year hole that I hope to escape when I'm 60. @ThisAngelena Premium is probably the only subscription service I'll never drop because I refuse to return to a wor… @ThisAngelena I switched all my playlists to YouTube Music years ago, but I held on because of Discover Weekly. YT… @josiebozie I had it for Star Trek Discovery! @NotZombies It would've been hbo if Silicon Valley hadn't just started. Tick tock, HBO! @mister_vincent I didn't because I know that's a tactic for locking people in! ... So I locked myself in with an annual cannot tell me this isn’t exactly how drake sounds
Retweeted by Earnest PettieCancelling other services ahead of signing up for Disney+. I wonder what the most cancelled services were this mont…
@RaspaPrincress @jamal_shipman You're so close
There should be a crop tool for spreadsheetsNow imagine 30 to 50 of these feral hogs, running into your yard where your children play and forcing your kids to… where I'm going on Thursday for @GizmodoUK! A cat café in Stratford Upon Avon where ALL THE CATS ARE NAMED A…
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @downinthewell do not release the bees
@IAmJericho a little bit of the doblé? @MuleSkinnerOkie Man, I got so excited, thinking I'd hit 2k! It was kind of you to round up :) @wonizzle How have I never heard this story?!I don't even know. John Starks? (He was on the best Knicks squad and is name-dropped in a Beastie Boys song) I need… @kevleeb Oh the TV Influencer Introducer! @kyliesparks @NBATV Awesome!
These photos by @RichWadePhoto are great. The photo of @TheFlipGordon could be a comic book cover.
Don’t worry. This argument will be a relic after humanity has destroyed all trees, Christmas, holiday or otherwise.
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @JoshPescatore I think it's a reflection of people thinking simple solutions can fix complex problems. A like is ju… great fake fight action tonight. I'm at #njshowdown. #AEWFullGear is happening, and there's #KSIvsLoganPaul2.
@loudmouthjulia Please make this
We checked in with top advertising execs to ask what advice they had for brands trying to reach Black audiences. Se…
Retweeted by Earnest Pettie @BatesLine @scottrlevine @AreoMagazine Doesn't there remain the issue that the organization or society whose ends i…
@scottrlevine @BatesLine @AreoMagazine Serious question, Michael. How can merit be a neutral criteria when it requi…
White House: You can't have quid pro quo without any pros, and we don't have *any* pros! is my career in a nutshell. "Oh, those things we did? Yeah... they.... I mean.... Have you tried Internet arch…"I said rap isn't music. Let me explain. You see, they don't sing." @sallylepage Black snot? @bendreyfuss @film_girl What an unfortunate take
@imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom It would have helped this conversation to have revealed that bias at the outset. Then… @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom Actually it was my follow up tweet that was the ad hominem. @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom There is a third option, which is that your argument is a disingenuous one based on e… @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom I can only assume you didn't read the doc closely or you simply don't understand the… @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom That's because it's not new legislation. I don't think you follow this issue very closely @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom I feel like you didn't read the doc. Among the things listed: Developed and implement… @RayC18236079 @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom Cool @imryanmccormick @GavinNewsom You could've just googled this:
@dickc @mikeindustries I would vote for him
@shawsam I will watch any episode of anything with @LByock's name on it (I still miss Manhattan!).
@Lulamaybelle @TheAmyNicholson What??
@NotZombies I just saw a promo for one called Pillow Talk that looks like 90 Day Fiancé meets Gogglebox. I am definitely watching thtHow many 90 Day Fiancee shows are there?!
Already at 20 million views #teamtrees Love to see it. @alexismadrigal Looking forward to this!