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@ShephaliBhatt A good reason for a Toto’s visit!Neither did I! Btw, those eggs look extremely well maintained 🤔#dinosaurs #Gujarat @mohitoz @anaggh @mohitoz @TikTok_IN @AnantRangaswami @sourabhmishra I don’t suffer from that. I am bored most of the time. That’s when I think.
The Simpsons’ aspect ratio is messed up on Disney+ This is sure sloppy. Really, from ⁦@Disney⁩ ⁦@disneyplus⁩? ⁦… SoftBank Effect: How $100 Billion Left Workers in a Hole via @NYTimes
An intelligent, well-designed communication to convert free trials to subscribers. Good job, ⁦@the_hindu⁩ (And it…
An @AnantRangaswami special! @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @anaggh @DuttaAnirudha @AnantRangaswami @agrawalsanjeev $13 billion, you mean
$9 billion in 20 minutes. India’s 2019 e-comm sales projected to be $40 billion. Okay. @mohitoz @parthodasgupta Battle: A poll in the US shows 47% are likely to subscribe to Disney+, while 30% of Netflix subs are lik…
@artofgig Drat. Now you tell me.Congratulations @MitrajitB! All the best. that have apologised to China recently: Dior NBA Swarovski Valentino Calvin Klein Coach Basics Givenchy Ve… @RohanRangaswami @jobsworth @eastbengal @parthasinha @paritoshZero
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @AnantRangaswami @RohanRangaswami @jobsworth @parthasinha @paritoshZero Brilliant
'Ice eggs' cover Finland beach in rare weather event!’s a big one! ⁦@parthodasgupta⁩ ⁦@AnantRangaswami⁩ ⁦@vanitakohlik⁩ ⁦@paritoshZero⁩ ⁦@rajcheerfull⁩ to separate the consumer insights biz from its TV and digital measurement biz. ⁦@parthodasgupta⁩ ⁦…
@anaggh To add, she was making 35k. This company wants to shave of 5k of that. Save 60K a year. I would run from a… @anaggh Given her age and her interest area, I would urge her to refuse. Strongly. @anaggh And to Steve Smith, apparently.
@karthiks @TheAthletic That’s an interesting buy 🤔April 11th, 1953. There will be no escape in future from telephones.
@TheCorrectGirl @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero
@mohitoz @AshokaUniv @JindalGlobalUNI Lucky you. My nephew is stuck there. @sruthijith @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @mohitoz @ashishkashyap @AshokaUniv I was asking my nephew (at Ashoka) if they have been given gas masks. He is fro… @Choyons @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @parthodasgupta @EconomicTimes @ShephaliBhatt @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @paritoshZero @beastoftraal That’s… ET Sunday mag always has 2-3 quality long reads. A paid subscription product is worth a punt in my opinion. Esp… @Vaishnavioffl What’s even more interesting on this thread is how a lot of the brands being mentioned are mechanica…’s under the OTT hood. ⁦@ShephaliBhatt⁩ lays it bare in this well researched piece. ⁦@anaggh⁩ ⁦@mohitoz⁩ ⁦…
@devangshu @ndcnn @anaggh @agrawalsanjeev @jessie_paul Nice one. @DuttaAnirudha pointed out that perhaps Vimal should have featured.Retail Wasn’t Born Yesterday via @devangshu @agrawalsanjeev @ndcnn @eastbengal @jessie_paul
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta
@SwiggyCares @karthiks While I sympathise with weather and road conditions, poorly constructed sentences are inexcu… is lost for journalism in India. Or perhaps this is the greatest parody ever written. You decide. Thanks to ⁦… Rain. #mumbai #ClimateChange @Oinx_roy Your gang is not on twitter;)
@beastoftraal We ate ‘A Minute by Tuk Tuk’. What a beautiful restaurant @thesatbir @carlsberg @beastoftraal @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz @anaggh @agrawalsanjeev It was all over. This one was…’t know rugby was so big in #SriLanka. And absolutely wonderful branding without the brand by ⁦⁦@carlsberg⁩ ⁦… is how your phone could be compromised and your whatsapp won't be private anymore - Beware 🛑
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaEngineers have discovered a way to recharge electric cars in just 10 minutes. Will this revolutionise EVs? ⁦…
@beastoftraal I can add some value :) Just finishing a week..300 planes order by ⁦@IndiGo6E⁩! I thought they were in a spot of bother. No? @rajcheerfull Congratulations and wishing a happy life to the lovely couple!
2019 acquires Unmetric! ⁦@LuxNarayan⁩ congrats! ⁦@AnantRangaswami⁩
I give up. I can't top this from @matt_levine
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaThe ⁦@livemint⁩ takes two data points three years apart to make its case. It would have been honest to put the enti… played, @parthodasgupta. Look forward to your next.
@hrnext What’s the context? Own team to corruption is a big leap. @AnantRangaswami @BaskinRobbins @Zomato Maybe they are handcrafting a 32nd flavour for you. 🤔Put this in your pipe and smoke it.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @nozzibusiso Neither, weird, foreign, leisure, seize, forfeit, height, protein, caffeine, forfeiture, codeine, neig… ⁦@VodafoneIN⁩, There is no word called ‘upto’. Pretty much like the imaginary upgraded 4G network. Your l…
@karthiks LKG, Seniors 🤔Funders need to invest in org building in NGOs. “It’s simple. If you were to say any organisation has to run witho…
No matter how badly we played, I don’t remember when I had to scroll down to find us ⁦@ManUtd⁩. good not to share. H/t@davetrott and @rosiebirdsmith
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta“But part of the answer, too, is that we live in an age that is losing the capacity to distinguish art from ideolog… @karthiks @bsindia @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @anaggh @sourabhmishra @DuttaAnirudha It’s not just tariffs. I am bett… @AnantRangaswami @beastoftraal I agree on Anant on this one, Kartik. I don’t check sources I have labelled reliable… 40% of Indian wireless subscribers have churned. India had 1.17 billion wireless subscribers in Aug. Cumul…
@ayanchako Life-work. Not the other way around :) @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami It’s called a realty check.In a happy accident, ⁦@adidas⁩ discovered they’d “over-invested in digital advertising” Do read and share ⁦…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @mohitoz @sourabhmishra @KingKhanna Yes. Temp staffing already exists in a big way.
@eastbengal @beastoftraal @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta @agrawalsanjeev @anaggh @Oinx_roy Hungry and irritable I think. Snap. No chat.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @parimaldutta @beastoftraal @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @agrawalsanjeev @anaggh @Oinx_roy 😂Karwa Chauth. Should marketers post on products related to women on this day? Are they hungry and irritable? Or,… @karthiks @DuttaAnirudha @parthodasgupta @AnantRangaswami Correct, if it’s not a box, needs a bit of personalisatio…
@ndasgupta @AnantRangaswami @rameshnarayan The former is a great boost :) @mohitoz @beastoftraal @namchu @FRIEDFOODBRAIN It’s like the IIT training schools. All@of them have the toppers as their students:) @OfficialTfGM @roopaksaluja @AnantRangaswami @joybhattacharj @karthiks @arunava @RohanRangaswami @jobsworth A Liver…’s wicked from @OfficialTfGM! #ManUtd #Liverpool #football #epl @AnantRangaswami @roopaksaluja stuff! @AnantRangaswami @beastoftraal @mohitoz @thesatbir @meajay @FRIEDFOODBRAIN @parthodasgupta
Delicious. #Amul #EstherDuflo #AbhijitBanerjee #EconomicsNobel @343ganga @the_hindu @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta Point. Though, it’s a day extra, not a month 😊 @ndasgupta @the_hindu @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta @ZircaDigital Then it should say so. No? 🤔 @pradeepgairola @MaliniP @AnantRangaswami @the_hindu @mohitoz @parthodasgupta You are involved in this? If so, what… @DuttaAnirudha @thesuniljain @TheEconomist Passed on. Let’s see. @agrawalsanjeev @the_hindu @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta Trust you to figure it out. The whole offering… @AnantRangaswami @the_hindu @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @MaliniP Are the savings on the Starter's Pack? Then say so, no? @AnantRangaswami @the_hindu @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @MaliniP And Rs 74X12 = Rs 888. And there is a save 58% on Val… @mohitoz @the_hindu @AnantRangaswami @PradeepDwivedi Have a question, see my tweet just now.Sub offer from @the_hindu: Reader’s Pack Rs 66/month, Rs 1599 for 2 yrs. But, Rs 66X24 = Rs 1584 Then, it says… @343ganga @joybhattacharj It's an adult thing. :) @Dumberdol @joybhattacharj 5 more.
#EstherDuflo has won the Nobel prize at 46. The youngest ever for economics, if I am not mistaken. Amazing.… Banerjee’s (with their 36 spelling variations in the telephone directory) will be asked the same question for y… time to win a Nobel just cut to 4 years. These damn bongs! #AbhijitBanerjee #Nobel #EstherDuflo marvellous news! Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee, along with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer win 2019 N…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaIn case you guys missed this @sourabhmishra & @mohitoz on to your beliefs about a category when Tiger and Softbank asks you to pivot takes some guts. That’s what…
@mohitoz @OberoiHotels @oberoisukhvilas True that’s an essential part. But this is more. Much more.I didn’t know you could buy tweet placement on twitter. 🤔 @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @hchawlah @theoberoinet @TheOberoiMumbai It was established by the founder Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi and nurtured to per…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaWill agencies take 15% commission on the payout? The lawyers are getting 30% anyway. What do you think Prof?… do you build this culture? @mohitoz @oberoisukhvilas Outstanding.