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@343ganga @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz 😊👏🏻The Week That Was: For the busy folks who missed out. The week in business in India as per The Paper. ⁦@karthiks⁩, so, I got #Covid19 in March. I’ve been sick for over 3 months w/ severe respiratory, cardiovascular & neurolog…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaThe FEYNMAN technique of learning: STEP 1 - Pick and study a topic STEP 2 - Explain the topic to someone, like a…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaNot check-mate, not even check. This is an early pawn exchange.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaGame on! @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz well read, pal. @eastbengal @karthiks Yes we are. I personally have read two of the articles @karthiks tweeted out (yesterday I thi…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaPeople are actually reading The paper @karthiks :) @DuttaAnirudha @karthiks What are friends for? ;) @eastbengal @Unilever @AnantRangaswami @karthiks @GowthamanR @mohitoz
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta#glowandhandsome is announced. Interesting that there is no ⁦@Unilever⁩ or ⁦HUL branding. Hmm. Has that always be…
@aamadmo @karthiks Agree on the Cr/mill thing. We will do INR (USD) going forward. Thanks for the feedback. @karthiks @eastbengal I like the 3 mini stories model. 3 mini stories and 1 data story will also be ok. :-)
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaToday @eastbengal and I did The Paper a bit differently. Rather than going very deep in one topic, we dug into thre…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @arunava @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @mohitoz @paritoshZero Yeah? 😳State of news in India: sobering read. Lay-offs and cutbacks in Indian newsrooms 2020 ⁦@karthiks⁩ ⁦… @nithin_lakshman @Prashanth_Krish @karthiks @Finception__ Sub Stack is a newsletter platform but also gives one a w… upon a time, I used to subscribe to blogs. These days, I am doing similarly with Substack. A new addition -…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaAfter reading it for a few days, I really like The Paper that @karthiks & @eastbengal have put together. Explains o…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaI massively indulged myself for the latest edition of The Paper. For this one, @eastbengal and I nominally wrote ab…
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@bargava Agree. Behaviour = Motivation X Ability X Prompt. Ability is all about UI. Motivation is damn hard to infl… am surprised at the surprise about #GlowandLovely from ⁦@Unilever⁩. We wrote about it last week. “In its place,… Paper ( by @karthiks and @eastbengal is a darn fine newsletter. A la-Matt Levine-sque…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta#ChineseAppBlocked. The Chinese are not happy. Neither are some Indians. ⁦@karthiks⁩ and I investigate. ⁦… Besieged by people asking our team how exactly can apps threaten #privacy. Here is an Infograp…
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@AnantRangaswami @derekobrienmp @beastoftraal 8 mill active advertisers! @derekobrienmp @AnantRangaswami @beastoftraal Read this. Skip the Apple bit, if you are in a hurry. @derekobrienmp @beastoftraal Very very long tail, Derek. Small businesses, lot of them running on Shopify. The whol… @beastoftraal Half billion is not going to make much of a difference. The long tail of FB advertising keeps it immune. @beastoftraal It would be good if someone could tot up the total spends on FB for these brands. My guess: not gonna… most positive news I have heard in 2020.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @eastbengal @joybhattacharj @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @jobsworth @Oinx_roy @anaggh @mohitoz @derekobrienmp
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Visual proof for the doubters :) @Alfred_Prufrock @joybhattacharj @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @jobsworth @Oinx_roy @anaggh @mohitoz @derekobrienmp world’s longest bus route in 1972? Any guesses? ⁦@joybhattacharj⁩ ⁦@karthiks⁩ ⁦@AnantRangaswami⁩ ⁦@jobsworth⁩…
@miten @sajithpai intersting reading.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaIn today’s edition of The Paper, ⁦@karthiks⁩ and I explore the cloud kitchen market in India. boys be like 'I know a spot' and take you to Gokul.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaThe man makes a great point. Catch-22 then, @GowthamanR?
And the hits just keep on coming. Starbucks latest company to pause ads across social media platforms ⁦… @AnantRangaswami @parthodasgupta @parthasinha @jobsworth @ishita_I_am Oh no. Now, the whole world will know. Damn.
URGENT: Family Member requires Blood Plasma Donor: # recovered from COVID more than two weeks ago # blood type B…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaFacebook boycott grows—which companies are stopping advertising, and why⁦A swell? ⁦@CocaCola⁩ pauses advertising on all social media globally for 30 days. Patagonia, Verizon, Unilever a…
@karthiks @DuttaAnirudha @Unilever @mohitoz Correct. @karthiks @DuttaAnirudha @Unilever @mohitoz Yes, and did they make the point? That’s what @DuttaAnirudha means.Super piece with some surprising nugget, which make some folks glow(er).
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaBreaking! The ⁦@WSJ⁩ reports that ⁦@Unilever⁩ will stop all ads on twitter and FB for the remainder of the year due… might have dropped their skin colour filter, but what will it actually take for a dark skin…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaIt was a dark & lovely night and ⁦@karthiks⁩ and I set out to discover why ⁦@Unilever⁩ is changing the name of one…, in The Paper, @eastbengal and I write about fairness creams in India becoming unfair
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaA red letter day. @AnantRangaswami @arunava @RohanRangaswami @RahulWelde, @eastbengal, spent years looking after global strategy for The Economist & @karthiks is a quant whose work…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaJurgen Klopp - The one man I would jump off the cliff for. Would do that blindly. He has given us so much. What a…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaChampions.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaSuch awesome news to wake up to!! Still can't fully internalise it. #YNWA
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HUL to drop 'fair' from Fair & Lovely; new name after regulatory nod... I hope they don’t name it just ‘Lovely’ coz…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @mohitoz 😂😂😂Today, @eastbengal and I talk about India's measures to economically hurt China in the wake of the border clashes l…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaThe Paper went public on Monday. We have been writing before that. This gives you a sense of what you can expect.… @Pri_Bharadwaj @nikhiljoisr @ponnappa @sajithpai @nandiniv @udupendra @ButVai @karthiks @vijayanands @banglani
@swatinathani I used to be known for saying “Great Shit” when I was particularly happy with a creative the team cam… today's edition of The Paper, @eastbengal and I talk about the "green shoots" in the Indian economy post the cri…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaVod an Idea! Vodafone's travails in India. Designed for the global citizen, The Paper curates a daily dose of I… O'Brien: The 'Bengali' Anglo Indian whom Calcutta loved back lovely tribute to a man w…
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The pandemic has created some interesting categories. Virtual dating seems to be one with potential. If you are si… @Unguarded_07 @karthiks Thanks. @Unguarded_07 @karthiks We see a growing interest in India globally. The Paper is for them.The latest element in my portfolio is The Paper, a daily newsletter covering India business news (right now we're d…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaOur latest adventure. The Paper curates a daily dose of India business news, keeping you up to date on one of the…
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Our latest adventure. The Paper curates a daily dose of India business news, keeping you up to date on one of the… is an interesting way to keep abreast of startup news from India. And coming from @eastbengal even better 😀
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta“Strategic Options in a Recession” - new cartoon and post, inspired by the ever-insightful @markritson
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaAll fairness products are being recalled by Johnson and Johnson(@JNJNews)⁩ in India! ⁦@mohitoz⁩ ⁦@beastoftraal⁩ ⁦…
@agrawalsanjeev @revlon @karthiks @mohitoz @beastoftraal @anaggh @AnantRangaswami @Oinx_roy @parthodasgupta or perfect timing? ⁦@revlon⁩ distributorship opp. What do you think? ⁦@karthiks⁩ ⁦@mohitoz⁩ ⁦…
@parthodasgupta @bsindia @karthiks @AnantRangaswami @paritoshZero @mohitoz @anaggh Why do you say that? The left ch… @mihirm123 Source pleaseWow indeed! @sourabhmishra @Nishad @geekafterglow @Oinx_roy @anandraman @mohitoz One is curious to know what is the value of…’re in. We’re Out @Facebook #StopHateForProfit Learn more:
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaThis outward flexing finally break its own back. Hopefully. KAL’s cartoon from ⁦@TheEconomist⁩
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta“Oh, Jeeves,” I said; “about that check suit.” “Yes, sir?” “Is it really a frost?” “A trifle too bizarre, sir, in m…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaDear ⁦@bsindia⁩, Why would you in two charts next to each other, measuring the same thing (UVs), use different un…
@zomatocare And this?? No food. No refund either. What kind of service is this @ZomatoIN #EpicFail
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That’s clever though am almost certain they didn’t mean it 😊
@SohiniBee @eastbengal Though I am not a professional writer, but I had thought to call out these commercials thru…
Retweeted by Suprio Guha ThakurtaI got this from someone at the ad club of India. Press a link? And on WA this link was unpressable.… @SohiniBee Which ad?HSBC pivots to Asia (okay, China) Massive restructuring plan, to cut 35,000 jobs ⁦@karthiks⁩ ⁦@DuttaAnirudha⁩ ⁦… @karthiks This is print circulation one presumes, one should look at the cost and also categories. Comparing FT with general newspapers..
Spotted on Facebook.
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @parthodasgupta They have 42 billion to lose?🤔 @karthiks Oh God!
Did you know? @eastbengal, @neelkanthmishra, @ashishgupta2773 @AmitTandon_in
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@ramkid Guess something got his tongue.
100,000 crores! Amazing @reliancejio @BabaBakshish Wow.If @somakghoshal likes a book, just buy it please, right here
Retweeted by Suprio Guha Thakurta @BabaBakshish Tell us about the first.