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From funds raised during Spirit Week, @bhmslancers @bhschools @bhmsmetowe made an $800 donation to help kids fighti…
Retweeted by East Hills @MrsVeillette @BHMSLancers @bhschools @BHMSMeToWe This is amazing - so thankful for @BHMSLancers
Congratulations to our 2019 eighth-grade graduates at East Hills. Long may you run!
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How do you say goodbye to a boss who has meant so much? You smile, thank him for everything, and then boohoo like a…
Retweeted by East HillsCongrats to my @EastHills4_8 8th grade students on their last day of school and for completing 917 books this schoo…
Retweeted by East HillsGood times at the 8th Grade Party @bhschools - Thank you @EasthillsPTO - we have best kids and families! times during our afternoon dismissal @EastHills4_8 @bhschools
Retweeted by East HillsWhat a great 8th Grade group ⁦@bhschools⁩ - thank you ⁦@EasthillsPTO⁩
Just a few of our many new titles that will support Social Emotional Learning next year! Thanks to our social worke…
Retweeted by East HillsI taught BW photography at @EastHills4_8 and use to hand roll their film! @GuyStrong
Retweeted by East HillsLast assignment of the 2018-2019 school year complete for my @EastHills4_8 8th grade students.. “Letters to Self” t…
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Perfect night to showcase 5th grade instrumental learning! Great work East Hills Band & Strings!
Yesterday we had Field Day at East Hills. The station I worked required each team of students to build the tallest…
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We had a blast as a 4th-8th Grade Community enjoying music together as we wrapped up another amazing Field Day… another epic Field Day! Got ‘em!! @EastHills4_8 #FieldDay2019
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Our ⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ Staff is the best - thank you for supporting our students and families ⁦@bhschools⁩
Retweeted by East HillsMore 8th Grade Breakfast Picture - a great way to start the day! @bhschools our ⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ 8th graders ⁦@bhschools⁩ - beautiful morning!
Retweeted by East HillsOur 8th Graders know how to work hard and play hard - Congrats! @bhschools Grad Breakfast - we couldn’t do it without our @EasthillsPTO volunteers- let’s party! @bhschools, East Hills CyberPatriots! - First in State of Michigan! @bhschools
Proud of our @bhschools Student-Staff Recognition Award Winners!
Thank you to the @BHBlackHawks drama students for helping to put on our 8th Grade Musical - Shrek! @bhschools 8th Grade Musical - Shrek @bhschools Grade Musical - Shrek - Great Choreography! @bhschools @EasthillsPTO Schu showing us how to do it Toe-tapping - 8th Grade Musical @bhschools @PaulPkolin @tjbidlack 8th Grade Musical - Shrek could not be prouder of our 8th Graders @bhschools @EasthillsPTO @EastHills4_8
Retweeted by East HillsIron Chef 2019! 8th graders present their innovative spinach recipes to our panel of food critics! #designcycle
Retweeted by East HillsEight-grade musical at East Hills! Shrek!!
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Bloomfield Township Library came to speak to our students about some great books and their awesome summer reading p…
Retweeted by East Hills8th Grade Musical - Shrek! Community Performance - Wed., June 5 at 7:00 PM - Great Show @bhschools food web! Rock Star edition. Fastest and most complete. Discussion showed best understanding too!…
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5th graders knocked it out of the park at their vocal music concert @EastHills4_8 Thanks to Mr. Schu for all of his…
Retweeted by East HillsFantastic 4th/5th General Music Concert...great job!
Oakland County Middle School Track Meet - so fun! @bhschools“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” - Martin Luther King, Jr. Our st… and 8th Grade Orchestra - beautiful music @bhschools and 8th Grade Band - sounding amazing
Jazz Band - sounding amazing - wow @bhschools Grade Orchestra - Ninja @bhschools Club and 6th Grade Band @bhschools
What a fantastic morning with my @EastHills4_8 5th hour Ss visiting @EastoverEagles and Mrs. Colby’s class. The 8th…
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Great day for a book to read @bhschools time to connect and to think about how to support our students - amazing @EastHills4_8 staff - @bhschools with our future 4th Graders @EastoverEagles @bhschools @konzena introducing current 7th graders (future 8th gra… next year’s 4th Graders to our Move Up Day - can’t wait for next year! @EastoverEagles @bhschools
Galileo Leadership Consortium! "Be the change you wish to see in the world."-Gandhi feeling grateful @EastHills4_8 @bhschools
Retweeted by East HillsEast Hills Newspaper club celebrates a great year with our first annual "Newsie" awards. 😊 @EastHills4_8
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Nice Work - 6th/7th/8th Grade Choir - Beautiful Spring Concert! @bhschools proud of our @EastHills4_8 students! @bhschools
Retweeted by East Hills6th/7th/8th Grade Choir Concert - Strong Sound - Very Proud @bhschools
Thank you Mrs. Johnson, our resident scientist for coming in and helping 5th graders with their Biomimicry designs.…
Retweeted by East HillsStudent led positivity project @EastHills4_8 Inspired by their eagerness to make a difference and expand their infl…
Retweeted by East Hills7th grade students create characters that represent different ancient empires for their World Cultures class.…
Retweeted by East HillsProud of our Media and Me Essay contest winners! Great job - Anna, Eesha, Lucy, & Molly! @bhschools @EasthillsPTO art work by our @EastHills4_8 students! ❤️ this! @JasonRubel
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Awesome @BHBlackHawks High School Panel @EastHills4_8 Winners’ Circle - Great Sharing and Wisdom @bhschools
Retweeted by East HillsEast Hills Winners’ Circle - May Tradition - @BHBlackHawks High School Panel - so thankful for our @bhschools stude…
The Bloomfield Hills DHH Program hosted a wonderful family night for the community. Thank you to staff and families…
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So proud of our ⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ 5th graders for such a great performance of Sleeping Beauty. Excited to see it agai…
Retweeted by East HillsMore 5th Grade Musical pics - so proud of 5th graders! Enjoyed hosting our @EastoverEagles incoming (future) 4th g… Grade Musical - What a show! Come out tonight (May 9) to our community performance at 7:00 PM! @bhschools
More mold terrariums @EastHills4_8 @Kieselpeeps @MysterySci sunlight outside. Total darkness the closet.
Retweeted by East HillsBring on the spores! @Kieselpeeps @EastHills4_8 @MysterySci
Retweeted by East HillsFungi we have known! @EastHills4_8 @Kieselpeeps @MysterySci
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So proud of our @bhschools Diversity Champions!! Bloomfield Schools are thankful for Melanie, Lydia, and Sandra!!…
Retweeted by East HillsCongratulations to the following East Hills students who earned a 2019 Scholastic Art Award! Alexa Balde - Gold K…
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Fun night at the Eastover-East Hills Parents’ Night Out Derby Party - thank you for supporting our schools!…
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#whateverittakes - thanks, @CoachMassucci #EHDC2019 @EastHills4_8
Retweeted by East Hills⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ Washington DC Trip 2019 Last day: White House and African American Museum. Great trip!!
Retweeted by East Hills @EastHills4_8 Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff! Great trip indeed. You make a difference in our ch…
Retweeted by East HillsGetting off I-75 at Square Lake - Great Trip 12:45 Arrival passing the stadiums in downtown Detroit -8th Grade DC Trip somewhere between 12:40-12:45 AM arrivalWe just entered Michigan - 8th Grade DC Trip - current estimated arrival is 12:45 AMChanging drivers in Ohio.. But we are so thankful for Adrian! Best Motorcoach Operator! #EHDC2019
Retweeted by East Hills⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: MLK Memorial
Retweeted by East Hills⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: WWII Memorial
Retweeted by East HillsJust left our last rest stop heading for East Hills - looking like 12:45-12:55 AM #EHDC2019 - will update when we c… Grade DC Trip - Trip home is going well - estimating our arrival between 12:30-1:00 AM - we will update as we get closer #EHDC2019
National Museum of African American History and Culture - Migration Stories @bhschools #EHDC2019 Museum of African American History and Culture @bhschools 8th Grade DC Trip #EHDC2019 Museum of African American History and Culture - Powerful, Meaningful, Inspiring @bhschools, Mr. Leitz! @bhschools @OaklandSchools Middle School Teacher of the Year - Nominee! Thank YOU for a… House - 8th Grade DC Trip! #EHDC2019 @bhschools city - DC - great night! #EHDC2019“CONGRATULATIONS DIVERSITY CHAMPIONS” as our own @BHHSCounseling1 Melanie Brooks and @EastHills4_8 PTO Lydia Farah…
Retweeted by East Hills⁦@EastHills4_8⁩. Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: Arlington
Retweeted by East Hills @EastHills4_8. Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: Capitol and meeting with Senator Peters
Retweeted by East Hills @EastHills4_8. Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: Vietnam Memorial
Retweeted by East Hills @EastHills4_8. Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: Lincoln Memorial
Retweeted by East Hills @EastHills4_8. Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 2: Korean War Memorial and Newseum
Retweeted by East Hills7th graders work on phase two of the Teach Peace Mural. Students shaping school culture within their Academic Exte…
Retweeted by East HillsGreat experience - humbled by our students @bhschools #EHDC2019
Jefferson Memorial - what a great night! #EHDC2019 time at a number of memorials - just had dinner - more to come! #EHDC2019 @bhschools afternoon at @Newseum! Thanks for having @EastHills4_8.. We loved the view!
Retweeted by East HillsTouring the Capital #EHDC2019 @bhschools you @SenGaryPeters for sharing your experiences with us - so special @bhschools #EHDC2019
Retweeted by East HillsArrived at @ArlingtonNatl - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier -Gratitude! @bhschools #EHDC2019 @EastHills4_8 Washington DC Trip 2019 Day 1: Gettysburg #WhateverItTakes
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