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Join us tomorrow night when @kirtidakale is our guest moderator for #formativechat at 730pm EST invite some friends…
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@Matt_Raz Well Mr. Snow Fort, how’s it coming along?!? I expect nothing short of this! @mpilakow Kids today can’t appreciate that level of dedication to gaming! That’s real effort there 💪😆 #games4ed @mpilakow So fun. So fun.A1 Mafia! Having to agree on who to vote out is one of the most intense collaborations/deliberations in any game.… @mpilakow Nice! #games4ed from Omaha checking in for #games4ed. As a nerdy XC kid, we used to make up our own running games, and those…
@MissField5 @BBEschools That’s it! Grateful too for an amazing day of learning at #CMLP2020. That’s for the invite… @teacherwhohikes Thanks for joining us for #CMLP2020! It was great to connect w everyone, and I look forward to hea… @LindsayVernier @AkersonCassie @Supt_Adams Thx for the kind words Lindsay and best wishes for the upcoming school y… is the day! SHIFT HAPPENS 2020!! Kick off 8am CST with @EastonA1!
Retweeted by Andrew EastonA1 Scaling up blended learning practices to the point where learner-centered #personalizedlearning actually occurs… @scotttraub Thx Scott, excited to learn #LeaderedchatAndrew from Omaha checking in for #leaderedchat
You’ve been quoted in my #CultureEd collection "Mentoring in a Virtual World". Check it out:…
Retweeted by Andrew EastonA2 There are a million instructional/professional benefits, but what mentors provide in terms of emotional support… @Tara_Desiderio Thx Tara! #CultureEdA1 As always, it’s a matter of investing time. Whether it’s Zoom chats or sitting 6ft apart outside the school to c… @teachingradeone Hi Sydney! Thanks for the welcome. #CultureEdAndrew from Omaha joining in for #CultureEd @dylankendall12 Thx. Happy to share our simple goal setting/accountability form if you’re interested. @teachearthspace Thx friend. It was definitely worth the five minutes a day it took, and I really believe that it’s…
@MagicPantsJones Haha, sometimes I can be lol. Thanks for leading with meaningful questions! #2PencilChat @MagicPantsJones Relationships with ALL learners can be fostered when they set THEIR OWN goals and then they see ho… last school year, I had each student set a daily goal that they were to do each day for 5 days straight. It didn… Somewhere in between. There are certain things that can be created now that will make any learning scenario easi… @jskretta @ESUCC The resources here were created by a great number of Nebraska educators from across the state. Spe… Learning Support for Teachers: solid tools for teachers from basic to high-flyer, see…
Retweeted by Andrew Easton @teachermterry Where my kiddos attend will be hybrid. Students will report every-other day and do remote learning on the off days. @teachermterry I grew up in a town of 3000, so I also have a special place in my heart for small schools as well ha… @DHarrisEdS Thx Dawn! A lot of people worked really hard on developing these resources, all in the spirit of wantin… This is where feedback in the #remotelearning setting is so important. I’m not sure that we can predict the nuan… @SteinbrinkLaura Wwhhhaaatttt?!? That’s amazing! Wow. #tlapEnjoy the viral show, Floor is LAVA???? Well, now Class is LAVA is here! Special back-to-school lesson activities f…
Retweeted by Andrew Easton @trishgoosen Disney inspired wedding, huh? Curious (and creative) minds want to know, what exactly did that entail...? 🤔 #tlap @TaraMartinEDU @DrJoeClark Haha, you know me!#ICametoGetDown #tlap Good to hear from you friend. Hope all is well… @DrJoeClark Andrew from Omaha, excited for tonight’s #tlap chat! #dancing @LiviaChanL Count me in 😁👍 #tlap @mrnesi @TechedUpTeacher Cool. Will do. Thank you! #edtechchat @mwmedvinsky @nathan_stevens Your cover photo quote is amazing! Well said! @nathan_stevens A3 #Gamification, in even its simplest forms, will pay some serious dividends in the… @the_gifted_guy Exactly. Well said! #learnlapA3 I think generally this is a matter of patience. Can we be patient enough to design challenging coursework, can w… @KatieJMcNamara Exactly Katie! 👍 learnlap @Jim_dEntremont Preassessments will be key during the return to learning! They always are for that matter. Then the… Simple Answer: I would ask the student that very question #LearnLAP What do you think gifted services should look like in a virtual setting? #LearnLAP
Retweeted by Andrew EastonA1 At the teacher level there were some amazing passion projects. And choice was also built in. I think it was toug… @CheyKopes Enjoy it while you can! Our summer here is growing short. #LearnLAP @CheyKopes Congrats! #learnlapAndrew from Omaha, joining in for the #LearnLAP chat! Happy Monday everyone.
@abaconmoore That’s smart. The last thing we can afford to do is get rundown. Gotta help yourself first before you… @sgteach_sari @goformative @Rdene915 A3 Trying to be intentional about sleep, exercise, and getting outdoors on a r… @MatthewXJoseph Love this idea. Saw it on here earlier today. If you’re in need of someone to pitch in or to share,… @SteinbrinkLaura Welcome Laura! #formativechatA number of educators from our ESUs statewide have collaborated on developing this teacher toolkit for… @DrMBEdmunds I think that’s wise. It tailors the experience to the learner’s preference and schedule. Totally agree #formativechat. @Rdene915 @sgteach_sari @goformative No joke Rachelle. Seriously. #formativechat @JillDuBois22 @MsDeFriese @quizizz That sounds fun! I think that’s a terrific goal for this year! #formativechatA1 Listening to learner feedback and staying active within the Twitterverse and my #PLN. I’ve found those avenues t… @ArielAdrian That’s beautiful. Awesome pic! @Rdene915 Thanks Rachelle! Excited for tonight’s questions #formativechatAndrew from Omaha, looking forward to tonight’s #formativechat @teachermterry Yes. Needless to say, it’s been a busy summer! Here’s a resource with some of our teacher supports f… @teachermterry Andrew from Omaha. I’m a DL coordinator. Visited Utah this summer and hit up several national parks… NDE has over 17 hours of FREE professional learning recorded & ready to watch on #launchnebraska! While you're…
Retweeted by Andrew EastonTransparency of privacy practices & ensuring data security is more important than ever as we move into fall virtual…
Retweeted by Andrew Easton10 Strategies Designed to Engage Elementary Students Online #AfricaED #AussieED #EdchatEU
Retweeted by Andrew Easton @MsHaughs @ScottDenman8 Congratulations! 🍾
Join us for #formativechat on Monday night with guest moderator @sgteach_sari #rethink_learning #tlap #leadlap
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@MrsCoover @neblended Thx for sharing Peg! It was because of your efforts and leadership that this opportunity to l… us for #formativechat on Monday night with guest moderator @sgteach_sari #rethink_learning #tlap #leadlap
Retweeted by Andrew Easton @MrsCoover @ESUCC @neblended Thx @MrsCoover! Know too that this is a work in progress. If we’ve overlooked somethin… @DHarrisEdS Thx! Good morning Dawn! #leadlap @burgess_shelley @DHarrisEdS Thx. Good morning Shelley! #leadlap @DHarrisEdS Andrew from Omaha checking in. Excited to learn from everyone #leadlap @usd271sgs That’s exciting to hear! Love your quote that your culture was not bound by the building. Shows the resi… Collaboration is at an all-time high at this moment, and resources and tools are abundant. My hope is that this… Well, a number of amazing educators at the @ESUCC have been developing a collection of #remotelearning
@hermannteaches2 @kstef2010 Thanks for sharing Lisa! I think this resource can be a tremendous help to teachers, &… number of terrific #ESUCC educators from across Nebraska have contributed to the development of these collective… @JillDuBois22 Exactly Jill. My hope is that our edu-leaders spend time during the days before school starts groundi… @DHarrisEdS Thanks for the dialogue. I appreciate conversations within chats!
@DHarrisEdS Exactly. We are all going to be stressed and want to be efficient, and quality feedback can move studen… @DHarrisEdS Thx Dawn. I feel that feedback will also clearly communicate our commitment to their learning and goals… @TigerMolly11 @JillDuBois22 That’s all any of us can ever do, consistently be at our best for kids 👍 #EdAdventuresA2 A deliberate increase in the amount of feedback students receive (written, audio, & video comments) and also the… @ChristineBemis2 @JillDuBois22 Love that quote!!! Thx for sharing. #EdAdventures @mpilakow Hey friend! Looking forward to editing our podcast tomorrow to share it Monday! it was a super fun chat!!… Stay true to your WHY and be authentic in-person and/or remotely. Do that and design learning experiences over p… from Omaha checking in for #EdAdventures @jmattmiller Not weird at all. That’s what happens when a person is living out their purpose. Thanks for being a ch… was a terrific conversation around #remotlearning that I'm happy to share & highly recommend. @Catlin_Tucker p… a big THANK YOU to all educators, especially those in leadership roles, who have been working tirelessly th… Digital Age Pedagogy website has over 450 remote learning lesson plans for Nebraska educators! Check it out:…
Retweeted by Andrew Easton @JillDuBois22 @EduNeverDies Fun idea Jill #EducationNeverDies @crowder_frankie RCJH Frankie!!!Andrew from Omaha checking in for #EducationNeverDies @mradamwelcome Thank you for hosting! #KidsDeserveIt