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miss you all 15 of lockdown
@sycophantic_x hit ollycassidy1 up on insta @sycophantic_x yo yeah ill link you it fo real @stefaniamclelln whats boring about that , appreciate xokok, i got really excited then, but promise something is coming very soon. its got to go through the conveyer belt… would i do we wanted to make people happy, what would we doif im bad what would i domaybe its like ...maybe its sooni was just listening to some DEMOS and they sound good enough to release, i think the time may have come
@Martini__Police onit xxxstay the fuck at homeMy bro @ollycassidy1 shot at 247studios_lc pre lockdown on #ilfordhp5 #120mm #mediumformat @ Leicester, United King…
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sleepy boy 2 throwing me back to mika, hahahahaha yesim tryna be like grace kelleh
tom nook, just give me your secrets, I’m ready @_oph4 ❤️new thundercat 🥵😈
sold, ima get it tomorrowwhat a madness, i put on a clean tracksuit today, new animal crossing, what’s the verdict?see you in september japan. @summer_sonic
@benboxall22 half chicken extra hot, the sides vary every time @TotallyBakedMUA sadness of not sleeping snd having just a bit of a weird time in general @hanconstablex which one of us is tweeting.... @stellapalkeki for sure, you gotta graft @WalfordPete cupboard , my reason behind this, you ever tasted cold ketchup at maccies... nope @domifike thats absolutely fine @gbron_ who lives on drury lane @weareappalling maroon 5I JUST REALISED IT IS NOW 4/20 FOR A WHOLE FUKIN MONTH YO @jademlmoseley i dont have the exact date for this , but hopefully not long, we gotta have another band meeting on zoom @hernameisesphir what is my favourite food @megancIare yeah!!! i went on a 6km run, so would be bad news if i didnt @Seroko111 we are supposed to be coming in the summer :( @ViktoriaHaywar1 ooooohhhh, sativa , enhances the brain @fIickrstyIes hahahahaha what ???????? @Jen_xvii depends with what, both 10/10 with whatever your gonna have it with @Cilhaul the more the better. my dads 50 and he’s a straight up legend @EamonnCassidy47 @JonathonBrett1 maybe a demo @GarlicYeeter hi @SadRap67 every way @HarleyMcvan going to america and thinking how tf did it come to this @lcfc_lew LION KING FO REAL @AIexMKD ah man, erm, varies every day, but today ive been blasting kenny beats @aequorias good question, its nearly over, so ive made it this far so i guess its been okay @KangKrool dash of milk, done x @scottnichol89 not at all bro xxx @joshu_bandito favourite vegetable , well one ofcan you ask me a questionme again
@KristijonasJ yeahwhats happening want to release music and i want to release it now , but first what do we even release , a demo ? @Ryanwilliams150 oi , is this liverpool , fucking love itremember when this happened spent an hour watching our own tour diaries on youtube so things are getting desperate nowi miss tour 40 winks would be just priceless @JuniorBAllStar @domifike ffs flapped it
lew is bare weird @finlehhhh @local_history_x sory m9the thing you have to know about sam , he’s not gonna loose against you on this , wise words from cass x sake , i wanna be stuck on a bus with my best friends touring @CuzimyelIow same oneanyone going to take a break from animal crossing and play me at Mario in 10 mins?happy ? a band meeting about leaking a new song
you house party people need to allow me to lock a room so i can have a quiet game of heads up pls xxxxthis just happened KARAOKE #2 7pm GMT Sunday 29th March
Retweeted by easy life @ElzP2003 nope, switch @ElzP2003 SW-6357-7879-7572anyone up for Mario kart in 15 mins?Omg just spent a whole 5 min talking the cass and he shown us new music !!!! @easylife
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oh and we're working on a few other things for you all as well so sit tighthey everyone, it’s been so great chatting to you all on insta live at 4:20 for the last few weeks but from now on i…
@lewyberry @easylife this might cheer you up through isolation basically i’m 17 but i’ve listened to your music…
Retweeted by easy life @jsuschrst2005 Of courseMario Kart? 15 mins?in case you’ve been wondering what i’ve been doing with my time i’ve been sticking over 1,000 bottle tops onto a pi… it's murray i've been a bit under the weather this week but i'll be on instagram live at 4:20 for a little chat…
SW-6357-7879-7572right, the afters at Sam’s involve cheeseboards and Mario kart, I’ll be starting a race at 23:00 👀 be there or be square @domifike @eilishilomilo hey we’re here sorry we were waiting for cass to do his hair thanks so much for coming we love you xxxxAny chance of just skipping to July for more of this pls @easylife
Retweeted by easy life @owen__clinton lol @domifike 🤧 @sycophantic_x thank YOUthanks for being here, see you all very soon for our real live shows and longer sets, glad you have all enjoyed, lo… YOU COMING FOR AFTERSfucking hell that was mad, we’ve just had a houseparty band meeting and we’re doing an encore so press play on afte… is crowdsurfing againWHO GIVES A FUCK has actually felt a bit like a gig and i’ve loved it so much and this is your last change to just get up and dance and let go 😭😭😭😭😭