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Nominate the most talented up-and-comers in the food world to be members of the inaugural Eater New Guard class. T…
No major fast-food CEO or PAC has donated directly to either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in 2020… week on "Eater's Digest," hear discussions about what health experts think of alternative ways to celebrate Ha… of the ten biggest fast food companies sponsor PACs and — big surprise — they all funnel much more money to th…
Retweeted by EaterRestaurant and bar owners in Chicago's ‘Boystown’ neighborhood react to dropping the area's name… will now cost a quarter, and for some people, this is a betrayal of the highest order Bibi’s Kitchen by Hawa Hassan with Julia @turshen “Recipes are almost always the main attraction in a cookbook.…’re looking for the most inspiring hospitality professionals, activists, and more to be members of the inaugural… on the 10 major fast-food companies in the US, @Vince_Dixon_ dug into campaign donation data to see how mu… politicians are America’s largest fast-food chains donating to?“I think Japantown is no more” — Lena Turner, owner of San Francisco's Japantown's oldest restaurant, Sapporo-ya Ra… rising COVID-19 numbers outside of Chicago, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has announced the state will once ag… cast iron pans are made by hand at Borough Furnace another 2020 blow, Chipotle is now charging for the tortilla on the side January 17 at 3 p.m. EST, use this nomination form to tell us who will be leading that charge:… chefs, bakers, and other hospitality professionals who excel at what they do are still welcome, but so are… are the requirements to be a member of the inaugural Eater New Guard class? of age or vocation, the New Guard will be composed of the undersung builders, doers, and activists who w… New Guard will encompass not only the most talented restaurant professionals, but also those using food to chal… the past 10 months, countless people — inside and outside of the restaurant industry — have taken up the vital… 2012, Eater Young Guns has singled out the rising stars of the culinary industry. In 2021, the criteria will…
Some restaurants are touting their HVAC systems as safety measures. Do they work?“Nothing makes me happier than things made to resemble a cup of bubble tea.” — James Park, Eater social media manag…📖 Xi’an Famous Foods by Jason Wang with Jessica K. Chou “Whether it’s Wang’s personal connection to a dish or its…"In the absence of much joy these days, it’s a relief to have something to think about other than poll numbers or i…“I think Japantown is no more”: Japan Center restaurants grapple with an uncertain future
Retweeted by EaterIt seems like as good an idea as any for how to serve dinner safely, assuming a restaurant has a Ferris wheel at it… Francisco bars without food will open for outdoor drinking next month for the first time since March…"Great British Bake Off" doesn’t feel the same anymore you need to know about NYC’s new COVID-19-related restaurant surcharge
Retweeted by EaterShow love to your friends and family with these 14 boba-themed gifts for the bubble tea obsessive SF bakery 20th Century Cafe's first cookbook is an exercise in “high stakes” baking for cake-making diehard… temperatures creep lower in parts of the country, and restrictions are loosened in others, dining rooms are reop…‘Eater’s Guide to the World’ is dropping on @Hulu on 11/11! Join @MayaRudolph on a food journey across the globe i… is the only decor theme I need📖 This Will Make It Taste Good by Vivian Howard (@chefandthef) “Reading through Vivian Howard’s This Will Make It…'s rare to find a @lecreuset Dutch oven — known to be the gold standard of Dutch ovens — for under $200 but we ju…
Retweeted by EaterBudapest restaurant solves social distancing dilemma by serving dinner on a ferris wheel bubble gum is my favorite stress relief tactic
After a 57-year run, it’s the end of the line for Tab, Coca-Cola’s first diet soda. indoor restaurant dining comes increase risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, and as your risk increases, s… Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Don’t scapegoat Chicago restaurants for COVID-19 second wave are at least five great pie-related books coming out this fall and i spoke to the authors of four of them!
Retweeted by EaterEating indoors is risky for diners. It’s even riskier for chefs and servers. Medean twist, Coca-Cola kills off Tab, its first diet soda chef Jacob Harth harvests and cooks wild seaweed milk, eggs, butter, and anything else on your next trip with this road-tested electric cooler…
We should all eat more clubs whenever we can check in to hotels again Japanese kayaributa will keep your patio mosquito free — so you can maximize what’s left of patio season… simple pleasures of a Taiwanese winter melon drink, a British elderflower soda, or a Japanese hojicha milk tea to one health expert, dispensing candy from a distance, whether by throwing it at trick-or-treaters from… five best ways to brew coffee just like your favorite cafe makes it
"Many people view masks as a political argument over individual rights. We view them as a personal responsibility t… is offering employees $75 Lyft credits for rides to and from polling stations, while D.C.-based chain &pi… beginner's guide to boba Japanese ceramic pig that lets me have a patio cocktail in peace live the room service club sandwich experts weigh in on the COVID-19 risk levels of alternative trick-or-treating ideas—from slingshotting candy… anything you want on your next road trip with this electric cooler Oishii Berry brought Japan’s most expensive strawberries to America best specialty sodas and drinks at international supermarkets to brew truly great coffee at home of posting a QR code for Venmo or PayPal in front of the house so trick-or-treaters can request $1 instead…
Going against the grain may cost business, but it might also save lives delivery workers in San Francisco are being forced to promote a ballot measure that decides their fate… Coffee workers in Chicago and Wisconsin are unionizing, calling for stricter COVID-19 safety protocols (V…‘Real Housewives’ star Porsha Williams’s ex will open a CBD restaurant in Dallas
Retweeted by EaterThe restaurant industry employs 11 million workers, making it the second-largest employer behind the federal govern… to go for standout pizza around town
Retweeted by Eater"Any business that gets through the winter and survives until May has a path forward." The hard part, as…
Retweeted by EaterScattering candy around the yard for trick-or-treaters to pick up, set up like gravestones in a cemetery is: 🪦 Crea…"As COVID cases and death rates continue to rise in South Dakota and our community, people may decide we’re not so… are finally starting to give employees time off to vote Mexico City chef Enrique Olvera’s highly anticipated modern Mexican restaurant Damian opens in LA on October… French restaurants at Paris Las Vegas permanently lay off 149 staff, plus more layoffs at the Tropicana, Encore…
Retweeted by EaterEnrique Olvera’s highly anticipated modern Mexican restaurant Damian opens October 21
Retweeted by EaterThe J Balvin x McDonald’s merch line is actually delightful?! own a coffee shop in small-town South Dakota. We’re the only ones in town that require masks… yourself a going-out blanket for outdoor dining this winter idea in the age of COVID: kids stand in their yards while adults drive past and toss candy from t… restaurants for winter outdoor dining is one challenge, convincing diners to come is another…
Famed New York bartender Ivy Mix shares four beloved mezcals plus one bacanora that are worth sipping… of posting a QR code for Venmo or PayPal in front of the house so trick-or-treaters can request $1 instead… agave-distilled spirits for your bar cart, recommended by an NYC bartender Houston chef Chris Shepherd contracts COVID-19
Retweeted by EaterAs restaurants prepare for winter outdoor dining, convincing customers remains a challenge restaurants were gaining momentum in New York City long before the pandemic. Now they’ve taken on a new urgen…
Retweeted by EaterTrick-or-treating is considered a high-risk activity in Austin
Retweeted by EaterWhat London’s tier 2 coronavirus restrictions mean for diners (via @eaterlondon) looming menace for restaurants: Winter is coming to one health expert, dispensing candy from a distance, whether by throwing it at trick-or-treaters from… Meat Hook butchers embark on a beer can duck experiment Fauci Pouchy is essentially an adult Capri Sun with Dr. Fauci's face on the label. It's very popular (via…"Bars like the Cork and the Living Room are often described as dive bars, but they’re also places where people who…’ partners with "Hot Ones" on a spicy ghost pepper donut for Halloween you can and can’t do in a restaurant under England’s coronavirus tier 2 restrictions, which come into force in…
Retweeted by EaterNew York-based Australian cafe Two Hands is now open in Austin
Retweeted by EaterWe asked health experts about the safest methods for trick-or-treating in 2020“When my wife and I had COVID-19, we lost our sense of smell and taste for a bit. It was, as my wife put it, “a joy… tests of the Thermomix, the Instant Pot Vortex, and more cooking tools with serious cult followings on ‘Kitch…