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Justin Warner @EatFellowHumans in a van down by the river

I make interesting food for interested people. Chef of Heroes/Hero of Chefs for @marvel. One time I won Food Network Star season 8.

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@kayjean21 Not necessarily. Nuggs can be made of any kind of chicken meat/filler.
Been saying this for years from the cushions I upholstered in my fully armed and highly operational kitchen. @PSVGKevin @TheNintenDame @ThatChaufie @delvin_cox @DevATyus @JoshBones @kal0 @heavymetal_riff @jwlacy @fluxtaposed @dhmeyer Minding the Gap, the Enlightening Power of Hospitality in Public Transportation @lizz09red I try to know phrases in as many as possible but I'm fluent in Spanish. @lizz09red Me too it's okTHEY SAID DREAMS WERE POSSIBLE SO I BECAME @GuyFieri ⭐ #GroceryGames
Retweeted by Justin WarnerMarie Kondo: “What’s this?” Me: “Someone’s diary I stole from an inn in Markarth while looking for evidence to dis…
Retweeted by Justin Warner @paulaforbes @raphael_brion Oh my @raphael_brion Shiiiiiit I'm there @raphael_brion Sick @raphael_brion Sweet! @raphael_brion Great! @raphael_brion Veracruz was great this morning. Thank you!
@raphael_brion Way South. But travel doesn't scare me. @raphael_brion in Austin for a sec. Can you give me three time-tested joints to hit? Preferably casual. I'm not in… @KatlinMarie7 Nah @MikeDrucker Wasn't Wimpy obsessed with hamberders? @PSVGKevin Only 80 years, man NBD.Gang, I have the coolest job. Check out not just the edible origin story of a hero, but of a ton of heroes to come.…
Retweeted by Justin Warner @Kar_A_Sol Kinda in to the manicureI’d like to say I’m sorry @EatFellowHumans, but I’m not.
Retweeted by Justin Warner @Kar_A_Sol Don't be @EatFellowHumans @HawkFan2016 Are you crying in this?
Retweeted by Justin Warner @SimonMajumdar @carlruiz This had SHOW written all over it. @TheKalenAllen Ever @theprintedword @HawkFan2016 Oh man it's my best work @theprintedword With @HawkFan2016 ??! @theprintedword Oh damn let's getttit
Same. Monday, my episode with Justin Warner @EatFellowHumans releases. We talk Marvel, video games like Overwatch, S…
Retweeted by Justin WarnerGang, I have the coolest job. Check out not just the edible origin story of a hero, but of a ton of heroes to come.… #Marvel80 with #MarvelUnlimited! We’re kicking off our monthly 80th Anniversary spotlights with this list…
Retweeted by Justin WarnerBadlands National Park is a famous road trip destination, but many visitors view it as a quick stop and a photo op.…
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@Sameermon Haha vgl, I love it. I still use "2 cheese blend" when referring to certain uh.. things @rivxrdxle__ You bet"Are you going to step up or not?" Watch the #SpiderManFarFromHome teaser trailer now! 7.5.19 🕷️
Retweeted by Justin Warner @ggDoA Self destructive. Always my go-to. @Sandy_1963 Why?
@ron_the_cook How do you feel about Korean barbecue? @kenjilopezalt I'm sure I know your opinion but would love to hear it. @kobunheat OohCOOKS, CHEFS, and FOOD ENTHUSIASTS! Does quadrillage matter? You know the perfect # marks on something grilled?… @Chef_Lu_Bu In your cover letter, make sure the first part contains "Do you wish you could clone yourself? I could…
@babsntaz It's in my book! Try googling mango ceviche taquitos plus me plus laws of cooking... Maybe in Google books?vaped ziti
Had the absolute pleasure of recording an episode with Justin Warner @EatFellowHumans talking about video games, Ma…
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@kurosixx You should be @kurosixx Yeah just doing work @kurosixx Wild. I'm in needham now. @kurosixx Where is this? @kurosixx Pro takoyaki move tho
Stay tuned. me a grilled cheese and a new episode of #EatTheUniverse with @EatFellowHumans 😍
Retweeted by Justin Warner#EatTheUniverse returns for a new season and more Marvel-themed recipes! @MrDanielBreaker from @HamiltonMusical joi…
Retweeted by Justin WarnerLET'S GOOOO!! @TheDeleroth Total fake. @KoziBear Can't believe millennials are just *watching* this3 "backdrop of oval office" @LukePlunkett You are so lucky to not be in USAChuck and Nancy. Like Sid and Nancy.The outside/inside thing is literally a meme. @BenMakesTV Bro we did betterIdk how you just fake being in the Oval Office and are cool with that.He's greenscreenSo tough. I think you go to Bojangles for the LTR and Popeyes for the NSA.
@Lerg I refuse to progress @Lerg Hahaha same @Lerg PumpedThe wait is finally over. #Deadwood fans will finally get the ending we've all been waiting for... for over a decad…
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Meow Wolf believes that anyone who works should rightly get paid. We offer free Meow Wolf Santa Fe admission for an…
Retweeted by Justin Warner @Sanchyy147 @carlruiz Ok hbdYessss congrats #SpiderVerse!!!
@tonysavelli8 OkWhat do you call these toys? Fake gnus.
Retweeted by Justin Warner @SamMaggs @BlairBroon A ryokan in Nagano. See snow monkeys. @FredAvenues What did I do now
@homaira76 I may take you up on that! @JakeWilliamsDC @loroaustin He's with us, chilling and being loved. But I can't shake the idea some kid is missing his bffI found this in a store in Plano TX and I can't go back there for a while so where can I find more. It's the most d… u know this pupper? @ROBERTLeeESPN I'm the geek/nerd/freak/lil brother. I have it coming.
@OZChris774 You may have struck first, but I will strike back weekly. @EatFellowHumans JUSTIN!!! Look what I finally got!! It’s about time, right? 🤣
Retweeted by Justin Warner @mariemullins28 Nailed it. Hope you enjoy! @Sanjolisa I did @darth @dog_rates @austintexasgovAUSTIN TX: we found this little guy shivering in the rain yesterday and would love to get him back to his family. P… think I found @EatFellowHumans in my @LEGO_Group Ghostbusters firehouse.
Retweeted by Justin Warner @Scrites93 @LEGO_Group Haha I use that hair for me a the time!
@ericrbv @JeffPassan Handsome @ZSAustin Yesss
In 2018 I did what I do every year. Thanks to and for everyone who helped. @kleethepimp @RyanSeacrest @EdGreerDestroys Nailed it @bradvenable @FoodNetwork people! My gal wants a Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster Surf guitar. Help me out? @xoxogossipgita I got Frasier, it was great.
@TheBreeNichols Ha no clue