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Comic book writer/drawer for @OniPress, @PaperCutzGN, @Webtoon, @comiXology & Lethal Lit pod for @iheartMedia. Lipsticked muppet. Founder of @BmoreIntoComics.

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@shutupdougan I still haven’t seen that yet! 😑 @HMilneJ Close secondIs there anyone with more liquidy, soulful eyes than Olivia Colman? @shellyshenoy 😍😍🔥Color study with the new Double-Oh! #notimetodie
I spend so much energy every day suppressing my inherent Mean Girl tendencies... or as I like to call it, the “Call of the Asshole”Messing around with inky brushes 😍 through originals in my storage unit and came upon this lil gem from Boo! It’s Sex! I miss those gals…
@HMilneJ SHIT I THOUGHT PEOPLE WERE KIDDING ABOUT AMY SEDARIS 😍😍😍 @SageCoffey @euniceyoonikim Um ... LOVE @lianakangas I love the theme SO MUCHLove when I’m brave enough to sit at a bar by myself and immediately get asked why I’m at a bar by myself
@cosmiccomix @kata_kane LOL yer looking for some merchy merch on sale, WELL - 35% off ALL THE THINGS STARTING NOWWW's so beautiful it's hard to look at! Demi Moore sketch
@alex_segura NEXT UP: tin can phones! @rsolervo @alex_segura Sooo much! @dummygladhands Organization pooooorn! (and I’m here for it!) @HMilneJ It’s foreign to a lot of people that we’re still at war 🤦🏻‍♀️Learning a lot about how many people are confused to hear “deployed” rather than “broken up” as the reason you have…
@mingdoyle @greglockard @olliemasters @whoajordie @beckycloonan I want to live in your inks! ☺️ @greglockard @mingdoyle @olliemasters @whoajordie @beckycloonan started reading The Kitchen comic series and decided to give the gals the 9 to 5 treatment 💅 @dcorsetto Was 100% inspired by all y'all creators doing amazing digi-thangs! @dummygladhands Awww thanks! I'm HAVING SO MUCH FUN (and totally want to ask you questions about Procreate now TOO…
Had to give this gal a digital whirl! #bonniencollide’s HERE for it this week on the latest chapter of ASSASSIN ROOMMATE! Who’s surprised by his decision making sk… time using procreate successfully, so here’s Maggie Smith in a suit :) @mrmarkmillar My fiancée is a reputable source and he says: “Just draw the suit tight - it’s just jumpsuit material… @dcorsetto He’s an honorary GallaGher, to be sure!THIS GUY RIGHT HERE is one of my oldest/longest known friends in comics and I hate that as a country we have to do this… @mistahphil
Child: Comic Strip Cartoonist Preteen: Actress/Model/Archaeologist/Bartender Teen: Animator Now: Comic Book Artist @dummygladhands Bluuhh is right! :/There's a woman here laughing EXACTLY like the bathtub lady in The Shining and I just can't TIIIIIME - get in yer jammies and start clicking like mad because it’s an online store party up in here! 15% o… @TheJenya
First gouache attempt! I think gouache and I are gonna be good friends 👭 #AudreyHepburn #gouache
@choochoobear AWWW YOUMy hairdresser tried to take a nice picture of her sweet handiwork but then she unleashed the muppet @TiniHoward I INHALED that one lol!!Tried my hand at these ladies! 🎶🎤🥁
WOOP WOOP SOUND THE YAY ALARMS, thanks to @HMilneJ I've just reached 100 patrons!!If you're interested, I post little autobio comics on my Patreon every week! // Ireland Diary Comics… @katiecandraw I hate the judder SO MUCH
@lianakangas @thetzechun AhhhCouldn’t be helped. #thatfrowntho has been a Thanksgiving tradition for me since high school, and despite @netflix being a butt, they will forever be @thetzechun @lianakangas WHAT DID I MISS
And sometimes you just decide to draw a frame from The Grand Budapest Hotel entirely in colored pencil*DEAD*'s new issue of Black Ghost is all like 2 back-to-back dentist appointments this week, you bet your ass I’m taking myself out to see Knives Out!
Deep chats while following some assassins through a dark forest... and OTHER fun things on today’s new chapter of A… @ESProductions55 Awww YAYYYY thank you! I never know how many peeps are Fast Pass-ers! So glad you liked it!! @jemaleddin It was really good!!Finally watching The Kitchen!'s got 2 thumbs and just turned in the last pages of Season 4 of ASSASSIN ROOMMATE??
So do people become dental hygienists when they’re just super into one-sided conversations @cadenbodaden Yeah it’s not for everyone! You know how I feel about my assassins ;)“Mash potatoes not your bumper” “No one likes a fowl driver” Texas road signs continue to crush it🤓🤓🤓
(kind of) patiently waiting for dinner time remember once I put Boobage online, finding out how many times it was pirated for free - that shit kept me from q…
Maybe it’s the animator in me, but I love breaking up reaction shots into multiple panels @dummygladhands We’ll need to compare notes!I’m a child of the 80’s so ... do we care when Stormtroopers get killed? @alis_samp Different Seasons - 4 amazing short stories!I don’t think I can handle the Mandalorian - an adorable muppet in a floating teacup commenting on every situation… was all “who needs Disney+? Not me!” (... cut to me watching ep. 1 of The Mandalorian and texting my bro nerdy St… @HelperRaven Tbh I’m pretty excited about selecting titles to send to them! 🤓 @RobertTheAddled Oooh!
Sent my first care package to a military base today! Postal worker: "And the contents of the box are?" Me: "Uh ...… friends that glare together ... #assassinroommate @HMilneJ LOL @HMilneJ Oh nothing remotely sexy ... just two coats in a row! TWO EXPENSIVE COATS I HATEI feel like there should be a term for the act of buying something kinda pricey and then trying to justify it/love… @cadenbodaden Barry! 2 Dope Queens!Turning point! is a website I've visited for over a decade and having our graphic novel reviewed there is a thrill. Tha…
Retweeted by Monica 💋 is Taking Commissions!Was rewarded for putting up with downtown Austin traffic with driving through some FOLIIIIAAAAAGE
Starting a Schitt’s Creek appreciation page in my sketchbook ... this show always kills me #schittscreek @GeorgeKambadais + @elliewrightart + @TaylorEspo #BlackGhost appreciation tweet. :)
Retweeted by Monica 💋 is Taking Commissions! @HMilneJ Oh no I hope I didn’t ruin it!! @ryanwriter CLONESOmg the coming out episode on Schitt’s Creek 🖤🖤🖤😭
@LinternaVerde80 Awesome!! I spent wayyyy too long on this, but I just HAD to - Happy 100 chapters, Assassin Roommate! forgot to mention that yesterday my 100th chapter of Assassin Roommate went up! Which isn't the same as having 10… @marinaomi @jolenesiana MARI!!! 😍 @HMilneJ In my mind, anywhere you pop into in NZ will immediately hand you a glass of amazing Sauv Blanc @lallymclally WELL PLAYED
One of my FAVORITES of all time, the perfect combo of loving + vicious + sarcastic — Happy bday, Katchoo! have an appt with a new accountant who’s already called me twice and acts like my grandma, so this is gonna work outA dapper werewolf here to say #ThankYouPatrons! Y’all enable me to draw ALL the sexy beasts I want and I appreciate…