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Christian. Mother. Avid partisan of humankind. Usually joking. Opinion writer at @nytimes. News tips etc:

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@PDayton25 my man @Ayyyyten agree @theholyf00l 100% endorse @Julia91652043 @thyri @honeycwunch @dogmeatsfood this app, man @thyri @dogmeatsfood those are freeze dried strawberries, you just pour them out of a bag. i did cut some grapes wi… who're like "lol blair witch isn't scary" are 𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓇𝓈definitely always been a big horror fan, though i like all kinds of dark cinema, whether portraits of troubled peop… dream: being old as hell and emailing a link to your adult son from your ipad with "Very interesting. Tks Dad"
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenig @TangibleAgain you can't say 'neither would i' when you just posted ita.) that's instagram not twitter b.) she's expressing that it's hard for her, which you're free to interpret in the… @TangibleAgain man i wouldn't post that @BradburySlocum no way i have em on while im working mainly @thyri @dogmeatsfood its from costco homie @dogmeatsfood it's literally a bunch of shit from costco taken out of the fridge and put on a plateshe's been pretty open about being an ex-bulimic, something to consider before dunking movie reviews
@bellisaurius just a bunch of stuff from costco lol @TangibleAgain dude it's fruit on a round plate100% honesty: i fantasize about setting something up with the neighborhood where i feed all the neighborhood childr… @SecretSquirl111 you need better gut bacteria brobaffled to report that at least one guy is pissed off about this. never failsraspberries, blueberries, toast points with honey drizzle, cucumber slices with salt, freeze dried strawberries, go… effort low quality children’s dinner for when stuff comes up and I’m too busy to feed them real food
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenighigh church east coast Anglican’s really fucking awesome to be swarmed by B*rney fans after I pointed out that I still love his music but he sti…
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenig @thatbilloakley ITS HANCH SUMMERIn case you missed today's LIVE TASTING EVENT of these unusual new sauces from Heinz (available only in Canada), he…
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenigThere were times during my daughter's illness I had thoughts of suicide, I wrote a little bit about that here and w…
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenigupdate: u brackets were deemed unnecessary. now we goin 2 the cost company @verma_30 Lolnow we consider different hand saw options that married life, hangin out at the homed depót, suggesting in vain that we simply ask someone where the u-b…’s really cool that Google will make it nearly impossible to find an Alex Jones rant about hybrid pig chimeras or…
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenig @codesgood @AChillGhost I, um, won’t @AChillGhost I won’t let my girls get into my little pony bc it’s basically a subgenre of porn now @CaitlinPacific my princesses💕🤔 @MikeHibu this is how academic debate works @MattBruenig we had 12 hungover 19 year olds discuss a 250 page book only one of them even sort of read. you’ll nev… wrong you can win entire debate tournaments this way and only this way @rudeloux Twitter.txtthey are pooling their resources...I must monitor these transactions carefully...what are they planning @carcassofalion the fall of man is just a powerful example of commitment to the bit @sluttypaulrudd at my school there were always fake nails and hair on the ground afterwardpublic school is cool. you learn stuff about the world. for instance, girls fight spontaneously, but boys make appo… @gWinbags endorseemailing the brearly dad to let him know there are actually schools that teach your kids to read and do math or wha… the rod, spare the child. There is no benefit to spanking.
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenig @WB_Baskerville why does the larger bruenig not simply eat the three smaller bruenigs @CArimathea no he has feelings he just believes them to be the end result of neurological processes @fantasysalary he dont believe itone time i asked matt if he believed it's theoretically possible to count up all the molecules of love he feels for… @mikroberts rektmf can do math anyway so yeah, once the fruit was declared off limits that pretty much guaranteed we were gonna eat it alien… @PrebenReal presumably they'd have no way of knowing about our particular history of fucking up @SoulCrash_ i adore itwell traditional Christian doctrine just gives an account of the effort of God to reconcile humankind to Himself, s… @MaxKennerly yeah one of my good friends from the post rec'd it!wow pardon that's acksually the shrike palace and they only believe themselves to be impaled uponst the tree of pain, i am married to someone smarter than me who has no belief in a higher power and that hasn't made a lick of diff… don't know, but i hope so. that would slap. i've never met an alien movie i didn't like and i'm a big fan of cath… @GenePark actual footage of me covering a hostage situation
buddy, they don't even let me figure out how to get me a comics gig sit in here all day dreaming up climactic batman battles, classic covert daredevil chase sequences, low-stake… a guy at the diner eat a breakfast quesadilla, talk at a really moderate, polite volume on his Bluetooth device…
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenigDo we really still need to wear masks outside?
Retweeted by elizabeth bruenig connect with local mom’s health goth aesthetic