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Ed Carpenter Racing @ECRIndy Indianapolis, IN

Competing exclusively in the NTT @IndyCar Series • 2️⃣0️⃣ - @EdCarpenter20 (ovals) & @ConorDaly22 (road/street) • 2️⃣1️⃣ - @RinusVeeKay

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Join @EdCarpenter20 tomorrow morning at 7:25 a.m. ET on @FoxandFriends as his 2020 #Indy500 car is unveiled! rookie’s excitement level of getting to drive an @indycar on the @IMS oval for the first time next week 📈 #Indy500
To all the fans who looked forward to being there, I can only promise we’ll give everyone at home a race to remember.
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingWhen hearing about it, a lot of Dutch fans immediately said they’d support me at Indianapolis and even booked their…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingWhen I finally got to tell people I signed my contract as an IndyCar driver with @ECRindy, I felt joy every time I…
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.. to lead us through. I know as drivers we’ll still be as thirsty as ever for that milk come the end of 500 miles…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingI cant come up with a tweet that wont make certain people mad but here it goes, from a kid who grew up in Indiana n…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingVery tough news to digest today, we will miss our fans greatly. @ECRIndy will do it’s best to keep you informed ea…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingNews from #IMS: It is with great regret that we announce the Indianapolis 500 will take place on August 23 without…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing2020 Yard of Bricks Crossing Schedule: ⬅️ July ⬅️ ➡️ August ➡️ ⬅️ October ⬅️ @USAFRecruiting / #AimHigh
2️⃣0️⃣ days to go. #Indy500
Days until the #Indy500 - 2️⃣1️⃣
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingQ: #IsItAugustYet? A: Yes. Yes, it is. @USAFRecruiting // #AimHigh
What makes an #INDYCAR Rookie special? Passing in unexpected places, like this. Watch @rinusveekay make a pass on d…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingJust two more Fridays until the fastest of all Fridays. #Indy500 #IsItAugustYet?
Can’t come up with a caption for this one that’s not corny. 🌽
@IndyCaronNBC @colepearn @ConorDaly22 @ECRIndy Some more background on this ... a story last year about @prcraik, t…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingFormer #nascar championship crew chief @ColePearn will be the lead engineer for @ConorDaly22's Indy 500 entry with…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing[NEWS] ECR Adds @ColePearn to #Indy500 Engineering Staff; Championship-Winning Crew Chief Will Be Lead Engineer on… chat with @IndyCar⭐️@ConorDaly22 about his life, 2020 at @CarlinRacing & @ECRIndy his raw & honest views on…
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Can’t *mask* our excitement for the amount of #IndyCar we will have in August! 😷😁
🚨 New 2020 @IndyCar Schedule Updates 🚨 • @Mid_Ohio is now a doubleheader! • And a doubleheader at @WWTRaceway too!…
@IWMag @USAFRecruiting @ConorDaly22 @IMS @IndyCar @AJFoytRacing This is the No. 47!Insider @By_NathanBrown and #IndyCar driver @ConorDaly22 discuss all the action from back-to-back doubleheaders and…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing1️⃣ month until 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ miles. #Indy500 / @USAFRecruiting / #AimHigh
Tonight on @SIRIUSXM’s Brick-By-Brick - @ConorDaly22! Catch his interview with @JackOnSports & @AJDinger at 6p ET… little trees in a National Park of Speed. 🌳
#Indy500 news from #IMS: Updated attendance estimate and key health measures in place. Full details:…
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Well that was a quite a three weeks, wasn’t it? 🤩
Tough luck this weekend at Iowa! Thankful I could walk away from the crash in Race 1, but luck wasn’t on my side in…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing[Race 2 Results] @edcarpenter20 - 23rd EC easily raced into the Top 10 with a much better No. 20 car than last nig…[Race 2 Result] @rinusveekay - 17th On RVK’s second stop, the car stalled after an issue with a wheel. By the time…[Race 2 Notes] Frustrating Night for ECR at @IowaSpeedway; Race 2 of the #Indy250s Ends in Disappointment for… night for both of these guys. 250/250 - Checkered flag on Race 2 17th - @rinusveekay 23rd - @edcarpenter20 #Iowa250sLap 225/250 - RVK continues to run 17th. On track, he’s between positions 6 and 7 and is running the same lap times. #Iowa250sLap 208/250 - RVK picks up another position as a car gets a drive-through penalty. He’s now 17th. #Iowa250sLap 192/250 - RVK restarts from the 19th position. #Iowa250sLap 179/250 - RVK pits. EC still out here watching his rookie driver. #Iowa250s Lap 113, RVK attempted to leave before the outside rear was on. The car fell without the tire and had to be jack… had hoped to repair the No. 20, but after assessing the damage back in the garage, it is done for the night. Lap 114 Ed Carpenter makes contact with the outside wall.
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingLap 104/250 - EC makes his second stop from 7th. #Iowa250s 100/250 - EC is 8th, RVK is 11th. #Iowa250sLap 91/250 - EC passes RVK for the 12th position. #Iowa250sLap 75/250 - RVK is 11th, EC is 13th. They are on pit strategies that are 10 laps different - RVK was in first. #Iowa250sLap 58/250 - EC pits from 3rd. This was his first stop. #Iowa250s 55/250 - EC into the Top 5 as stops cycle through. He has not yet made his first stop. #Iowa250sLap 48/250 - RVK dives in for his first pit stop. #Iowa250s 43/250 - Make that P9 for EC. He’s now pulled away from that pack of cars. #Iowa250sLap 41/250 - EC into the Top 10 with a pass on Rosenqvist. #Iowa250sLap 30/250 - EC has settled into 11th, but has caught up to 10th place. RVK is 17th, running directly behind the tw… 5/250 - EC and RVK are in a four-wide battle at the start. EC comes out ahead and is up to 11th. RVK has slid back to 17th. #Iowa250sTonight’s race will also be 250 laps. EC is starting 14th and RVK is rolling off 15th. #Iowa250sHe only ran one set of tires in this afternoon’s practice, so @edcarpenter20 never set a lap on stickers like most… feel he has some unfinished business after last night - @rinusveekay is ready for his second #IndyCar race at… race in 24 hours, fourth race in eight days, fifth race in 15 days. Let’s see what happens! #Iowa250s[Broadcast Information] Time for another one! Race 2 of the #Iowa250s coming up next! 📺 @IndyCaronNBC 📻…
The teammates will start together in tonight’s race. The second lap of yesterday’s qualification run set the field… to work. #iowa250s minutes into the one-hour session, RVK has the 8th fastest lap and EC is 12th. Currently yellow for a track inspection. #Iowa250s.@rinusveekay was also checked and cleared after last night’s on-track incident. The #21 is back on track for pra…
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter RacingMeet the No. 21 @SONAX_USA backup car. #Iowa250s for Race 2 was completed yesterday, but we will have an hour of practice today. It runs from 2:30-3:30p… appreciation tweet.
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing[Race 1 Result] @rinusveekay - 20th RVK had driven up to 2nd on the same strategy as the race winner. On a waved-o…[Race 1 Result] @edcarpenter20 - 15th It was not an easy race for EC, who spent the majority of last night’s event…’ve won this race. Didn’t do anything wrong here at the restart, we’ll soon get the luck we deserve.
Retweeted by Ed Carpenter Racing[Race 1 Notes] @RinusVeeKay Drives to the Front of Race 1 of the #Iowa250s Before Being Hit Under Caution;… a.m. CT: the backup No. 21 is ready. #Iowa250s will be going to the backup No. 21 car for tomorrow’s Race 2 of the #Indy250s. 250/250 - Race 1 complete. 15th - @edcarpenter20 20th - @rinusveekay #Iowa250sLap 200/250 - EC is 15th, -2 laps to the leader. RVK is shown in 20th. The @SONAX_USA crew has already begun repairs for tomorrow. #Iowa250sThe most important thing - RVK is okay and has been released from the infield care center. #Iowa250s 153/250 - EC ducks in under this caution. Currently P17. #Iowa250s 147/250 - RVK pits from P2. #Iowa250s 143/250 - Yellow. RVK is P2 and has not yet stopped. EC is P17. #Iowa250sLap 130/250 - EC in for his second stop. #Iowa250s 125/250 - Halfway point. RVK is up to 7th, EC is 12th. Both have yet to make their second stops. #Iowa250sLap 116/250 - RVK up to 9th as he gets around Ferrucci. #Iowa250sLap 114/250 - RVK back into the Top 10 with a pass on Ericsson. #Iowa250sLap 100/250 - RVK charged through lapped traffic and is now back up to 11th. EC is 15th - reports he is good in cle… 76/250 - EC and RVK part of a three-wide battle down the front stretch. RVK gets the position, now P16. #Iowa250sLap 70/250 - RVK pits from 7th, his first stop. #Iowa250s 62/250 - EC makes his first stop from the 16th position. #Iowa250s 50/250 - RVK is up to 9th as cars begin to pit. EC is 19th. The leader caught up to him, but he was able to pul… 20/250 - RVK has raced his way into the Top 10. #Iowa250s 10/250 - RVK is up one spot to 12th. EC is struggling with the handling of his car and has slid back to 19th. #Iowa250sTonight’s race will be 250 laps. RVK is starting 13th, EC in 16th. #Iowa250s very first oval @rinusveekay ever raced at was @iowaspeedway, 2017 in USF2000. He’s back tonight in an #IndyCar! are on! 250 laps at @iowaspeedway coming up next! #Iowa250s @USAFRecruiting // #AimHigh[Broadcast Information] Race 1 of 2, here we go! Watch on @IndyCaronNBC, listen with @IndyCarRadio and follow along…
[Qualifying Results] @edcarpenter20 Race 1 - 16th Race 2 - 14th #Iowa250s[Qualifying Results] @rinusveekay Race 1 - 13th Race 2 - 15th #Iowa250s qualification order for oval events is set in reverse order of entrant points, which has EC 7th in the qualifyi… consists of two timed laps with the first lap after the green flag setting the field for tonight's first… Results: 8th - RVK 21st - EC #Indy250 advantage of the pit stop practice time. RVK is currently P8. #Iowa250s can use the last 15 minutes of this practice session for pit stops. #Iowa250s