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@dayruins “no like literally” i use tjay way too much @tsunwya LMFAO ONG @bbynanies I’ll call your work place @bbynanies Give me credit or else @bbynanies My credit @bbynanies LMFAO @bbynanies STOLEN @bbynanies WTFLooks worse @xx_chiki Ur amazing as always @xx_chiki Needwip :o
Retweeted by emi ☃️ @fuckhead25 A @idrinkmiIk Ew @raegun010 Doing this @raegun010 Does it work @goqyv Wtf @errorpill Loves youHmuuuu 😂 @kenocide What? L what? @kenocide Get in * Typo sorry!!!! @kenocide Hahahha you cannot get it 🤓I’m honestly pretty gay @d9Iton On god @kaixan2k REAL SHIT @taihgah Yasssss🧸👍 ^-^ @dayruins 😂🤷‍♀️ @00shiyi IDEK I THOUHJT U WERE @dayruins No but i’d tweet stuff like i hope their s/o gets robbed or sum @venusiangirl Hi best friend @keruais No @ilysubsad Best friend shit @careful4k Yasss @fuckhead25 Oh ok (okay) @xx_chiki (.) @prodlexington 🔥🤘 @bskulldragon1 SUP!!!! @325amu Lovetwinsies: the final
Retweeted by emi ☃️ @dayruins Literal facts @s_ukiiii 💁‍♀️🔥❤️ @tsunwya 😂 @keruais I want you inside my inner circle (ykwim) @tsunwya Ya of course 😊 @tsunwya ErmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBest friends
@xx_chiki Hey @xadvoii So awesome
Retweeted by emi ☃️ @taihgah Ya and i can dance in the backgrounf @taihgah Vibe @taihgah No @taihgah Yes @think1ngg Okay big sis 🔥🤘 @sukaya810 ITS SK@FUNNT @careful4k Thank you my good ole friend bobe @fuckhead25 Smhhhh @fuckhead25 I decided on my own i’m not going to bed. @sukaya810 Lobe u baby @witchcreft Want to fall in love @fuckhead25 Wow that was good but no0001 @ComedicIronyy @mntlll ok @buffyyisdead Oh mmy god @keruais How else do you know what soemtning tastes like? Dumb. @mntlll @mntlll That gif is sooo bikini butt @mntlll Mental come back i’m sorry @mntlll Sorry @mntlll Sorry you just give kitten energy @mntlll @ComedicIronyy Hi @mntlll Hello kitten @mntlll @fuckhead25 Errrrrr Nani?!😂 @fuckhead25 See what i did there ic @fuckhead25 Ermmmmm huh? @d3adpann That’s so disgusting oh my gif i’m so sorry anhel @fuckhead25 Ummm what? @1hrsn I don’t knkwo what it is eigherSame energy
Retweeted by emi ☃️ @venusiangirl soo tired what about u hope ur day has been amazinf @everbIood Kiss him @venusiangirl Hia short story: @keruais Yasss @eden0100 He looks so litttle @tsunwya Awww @enbyballs reply with 😢Bumping thiswhen my friends draw me 4 no reason it makes me feel instantly better.
Retweeted by emi ☃️Battle Royal (2000) dir. by Kinji Fukasaku
Retweeted by emi ☃️I hate nicotineChillin on my phone tired afsitting in silence with someone and just enjoying their company> @prodlexington GO TO BED🐰🎀