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ecto🦠defecto @ecto_fun Ontario, Canada

lazy artist, cat expert, nothing tra la la!🧃also me: @songsofhorror

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@slothrop420 @MrBlindPenguin yep when i hear the word contrarian sloth is the first thing i think of 😹 @Jessie_theAlien fievel goes west! @GarrisonJared LOVED it. like a lot @mercurialmissm 🙌 @MrBlindPenguin i completely get that. there’s something about it i couldn’t put my finger on that i love like a LO… @Jooliasez i can’t believe it isn’t talked about anywhere near as much as halloween. like i absolutely adored it @SketchbyAlbert1 yea that’s actually a good point lol @LehkonenN1Fan exactly same. i was expecting blah and adored it @stupidcreepsuit this sounds amazing tbh @GarrisonJared i have now which is what matters @Ghouls_n_Ghosts thx! adding these @BrianDarthScott that’s my fav thing i’ve learned in a while lol @BrianDarthScott thx for this list! @_stringer_seven @BrianDarthScott @HBarletto im defintely gonna watch 😹 @SketchbyAlbert1 my fav fact of the day @MrBlindPenguin im surprised ppl would call it overrated, it’s barely ever talked about from what i’ve seen!this is still my favorite video and i’ll never stop watching it
@Gavin_L_Ross added! @briianabink @hitRECordJoe omg. that’s all i need to know 😻 @DevilBoy_93 nope but it’s at the top of the list @Ghouls_n_Ghosts what’s the top 10 i need to watch them @chelsiewrath i saw GINGER SNAPS in 2017 and i was obsessed with it. the love grew from there @briianabink joseph is in it?????? @Alextrz83 nope but added to my list now @Ghouls_n_Ghosts these are all xmas?? @Hanaka4000 added to my list thx! @kingofcities thx! added @jessieidabelle it’s perfect. idk how i didn’t realize it @HBarletto the first thing i thought when it was over was i wanna see all the remakes! even the bad one lol @disorderlyswine lmao this should surprise me more @WalkinDude78 i haven’t. added thx @briianabink i honestly love haters cuz they make me way more excited to see the movie cuz it’s almost always fun😹i was honestly getting bored with the entire world so it’s nice to feel interested in somethingthis just gave me a new fav subgenre to discover. if you know me i’m a MASSIVE fan of xmas. the lights, scents, sou… @dodo @netflix i like saying kinkajou. kinkajou @Tellem_McClusky @briianabink usually when ppl say that i end up loving it so lol @briianabink wtf how have i not seen thisGodzilla Vs. Biollante is one of the most conceptually rich Heisei films. The central idea is wonderfully gothic: h…
Retweeted by ecto🦠defecto @ReturnofR i’m a creepy level of obsessed with jim @TheCinemaTicket titanic idgaF @gorycoryhorror the nerve to think he’s better looking than tom tho @fs0ciety01 o it says right there. im dumb @fs0ciety01 where’s dis @HBarletto thx!
Retweeted by ecto🦠defecto @MonsterIslandB mean @suspiria_ i loved it more than i thought i would 👌 @HBarletto im rlly want to see this one where did you watch? @ashleybee89 i actually loved it wasn’t expecting to @MidniteWolfman she threatened to fix him 😫 @Murder_Fancier you and everyone in this thread is an idiot @briianabink yep this movies amazing idc what other ppl say @6illuminaughty9 !! @jvstlikeheaven_ you werent kidding 😅 @TaraWilcoxon yep @jsfinalgirl loved it!CAT. i forgot to post him from earlier. i’m gonna start pointing out cats if i see them in movies from now on
@AbbeyDoesntKnow thx! @NathanielPNW perfect emoji usage 10/10this title card was so metal btw @ctototoo lol i posted it without even thinking. i prob should’ve put the year @ctototoo nope that’s one i’m watching i haven’t seen the remakes either tho @briianabink thx! @briianabink @_stringer_seven he’s the cutest mouse i ever seen 😭i wished he stayed him in the movie @briianabink @_stringer_seven lmao i wish that’s the lil mouse kid in witches. i just drew marks on him just cuz @StephanieHorror tyty @hope7310 thx! @briianabink i. l o v e xmas idk how i haven’t seen it yet @sailor__ari thx! @mercurialmissm yep. there’s like 3 remakes right? @_stringer_seven yepyep(1974) saw it all over the tl so what the hell why not @_stringer_seven it’s ok i love mary @briianabink @_stringer_seven of all times! this first time🩸 @_stringer_seven i thought you meant mew the pokémon @jmr___18 jealousi do make the rules @disorderlyswine @ctototoo always always @sht33v at least one of our mutuals has to be a murderer. no questionthere’s nothing more romantic than planning hypothetical murders together @FilmUpdates id rather watch one scorsese movie on repeat for the rest of my life than watch any marvel movie more than once
i’m losing interest in everything @Replicantnoir thxx @SupGirl 😔
Retweeted by ecto🦠defecto @dastardlyboi hope u keep posting these 😹 @DiscussingFilm he deserves this @_stringer_seven best one i’ve seen of these. beautiful @songsofhorror just noticed some of my clips are off center in the last ones. o well @disorderlyswine that’s actually on my watclist i forgot about it @justplainjenn i thought that to. kinda like an aquarium 😊 @ashleybee89 tysm @briianabink thx😸 @writingiswar i’ve always loved it so much. i even love the coldThe Damned - Eloise (Vampire’s Kiss)
Retweeted by ecto🦠defecto @StephanieHorror thx😌found a picture i took on xmas eve last year. thought it was pretty @writingiswar @wickedalice thx😸