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artist ✚ illustrator ✚ horror fiend. DMs for art commissions only🩸𓃠 #HorrorFam

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@Acidic_Blonde bill murray @Jedshepherd @TyrsApprentice i wish @Jedshepherd 😹such a snob @Jedshepherd woah bold call jed. i’m def gonna download it and watch tomorrow @GhantousRyan eh i’ll just have to download it like a pirate and watch it tomorrow @mussbok this is the most pretentious thing i’ve maybe ever read and it makes me think i’ll love it 😹well i was gonna watch it and livetweet my reaction but it looks like it’s not streaming on any of my services ☹️ @MrBlindPenguin part 1 by a LOT, but i loved part 2 also. seeing de niro play a young brando was cool and i loved the fredo character @MrBlindPenguin i just watched godfather 1 last night and 2 today. i love michael so much @roguesquadkat amazing @BrownRapFan except apple music is better in every single way imaginable @JillKrajewski hilarious @Mitchy314 it looks so fun to me. but it also looks like i gotta eat a ton of candy and be super hyper to handle it @puntmedaddy 1 unfortunately @AnthonyBaamonde i wish i was like godzilla @XRPig it really is. i somehow forgot it even existed until the guy who played the villain just died @NathanielPNW hey that’s not a bad idea i actually might @TyrsApprentice they released it in black and white? @pierogiwitch women? @hunkybloodydory oh didn’t know that @hunkybloodydory seeing the guy who played the villain died, i was like wow i forgot that movie existedi just realized i haven’t seen seen mad max: fury road. is this a must-see immediately kind of movie?
@cermitthecrog @georgsoup apple music is superior in every single way @sofxpi1 megadeth by far @cordisbored whatever that is sounds awful @Synnamintwist orange cats are the best @HighPriestOil hackers (95) @monstermailman best jersey in any sport imo @neff_goldblum omg the birdcage is incredible @TheCinemaTicket misery no question @Beezy_Bman nightcrawler is amazing @monstermailman right?? @cordisbored @neff_goldblum aw donnie @neff_goldblum @PorcelainJordan 😹 @Battan9000 @Nacindia_family jesus lmao @CassThomps13 gary oldman’s by a lot @MattEcho13 “the powerglove. it’s so bad.” @emmajb84 brilliant @Jaymz_price9 😹 @OddNMacabre me @heyitsrobbie i recommend better off dead with john cusack. sounds like bad advice but i find it helpsHow accurately can you describe your personality using only TWO movie characters?
@psychedeliarock aw. my very favorite zeppelin song @cordisbored yikes that’s scary. hopefully it’s just a mild case if those exist @cordisbored oh no. is there any like warning symptoms you noticed? @coon_doggie likewise doggie @ezylvr 😛 @neff_goldblum @TommyDoyle47 frite nite!i wish vincent price was my dad. or at the very least my uncle. oh, and that he was alive. not a zombie uncle. @pierogiwitch really?? that’s almost impressively stupid @pierogiwitch i dont even get what that meansThinking about when Vincent Price took his daughter, Victoria, Christmas tree shopping and she chose a baby Charlie… @Que_Sais_Je_99 @iomanfredy @jospehpulitzer @Variety mind your own fucking business alexander @Nacindia_family new nightmare @MrBlindPenguin @RealMMyers78 @RealMMyers78 jason voorhees @dankourny @ThatKevinSmith @TheElliotPage found the idiot @dieboogeyman @TommyDoyle47 i dont love it either. chevy chase isn’t funny @TommyDoyle47 HOME ALONE by 700million miles. @Que_Sais_Je_99 @iomanfredy @jospehpulitzer @Variety then mind your own fucking business alexander @MichaelJPartyka @TheElliotPage hey mike, go fuck yourself @RevEricAtcheson @TheElliotPage this is amazing. kudos eric @neff_goldblum @SneKhumaloSA lol thatd be so satisfying @neff_goldblum @SneKhumaloSA i love imagining that every single thing i do on here is exactly what someone finds th… @zsemotive @TommyDoyle47 @heyitsrobbie i love pokémon @SneKhumaloSA i absolutely am @RealKevinConroy batman’s got pipes @dukefan1909 wow she looks like a hyena @Sheena_655321 godzilla for life @MorticiaWhite nah i just meant the song. because it’s literally their day of birth @TaraWilcoxon i still haven’t seen this @Mae_Macabre shame and fear of judgement. it’s completely ridiculous no matter how you look at it @JelinaQuezada i am NOT drinking any fucken MERLOT 😹i love seeing people embracing what they love no matter how shitty it is to anyone else. whoever came up with the t… @AngryP0t80 @WadeWilsonWorld YES. he’s so cute in it @CousinBarnabas ye that movie rules idc what anyone says @AngryP0t80 @WadeWilsonWorld what’s the guys name in it again? i love him @ashleybee89 @essextwo i had no idea either. neat @NudesFoods 🤤
@Torren784 so good @EmmaLou93x the realm of death.
Retweeted by ecto🦠spasm @TommyDoyle47 not the shawshank redemption, that’s for god damn sure @irishlad444 yes. @1001plusblog i’m ALL about shitty movies @antdpitt i looooove devil wears prada @PussyGrenade hell yes @evil_toast916 no guilt! i just like when ppl own what they love no matter what anyone thinks about it @slothrop420 lol no! obscure ones are so obvious. legally blonde would be surprising @evil_toast916 thx @Rob1987Big yes! @BaeBaeRose86 it really is! love story and all @ashleybee89 i didn’t know tom hardy played heathcliff! @Rob1987Big aw is that the one where a little baby penguin misses his mom?i have to add Titanic (‘97). i absolutely love it and i think ppl are surprised when anyone loves it