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@AnnieGabstonH I saw one Trump supporter on here saying that the interviewer was "rude" and "disrespectful" to Trum… @carlinspace Trump's skin is *not* pink... @Nerikull Spock: Sock it to me? @Nerikull I clicked on your tweet and was told that I was "rate limited." So yes, I would say you're correct. @denise8cb He was in the DS9 episode "Little Green Men" also.
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @carlinspace They found a TARDIS! @RadioFreeTom @ProjectLincoln Merchandising!! Check out baby Phlox! #allstartrek @carlinspace DABO!!! @landofthe80s @Metallica Battery @MRD40251377 @mattharrisonnn @yesterdaysprint As immortalized in the classic Big Band song "Pennsylvania 6-5000" by Glenn Miller! @JKShort @mattharrisonnn @yesterdaysprint The 1960s Monkees tv show had an episode where they worked at an answerin… @JKShort @mattharrisonnn @yesterdaysprint Answering machines were a little earlier than that, I think. Early 80s, I… Babe we’ve been together for a while now and there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you Her: omg Me: Wha…
Retweeted by Eddie MartinNo comment..!🐤❤️🐤🕊️🎵
Retweeted by Eddie MartinFascinating thread: @80sThen80sNow @itstonybennett In 2008, I saw Billy Joel at Shea Stadium (the first of two "Last Play at Shea" conc… @Oliviaj_8 TBH the first 2 seasons of ENT are pretty meh. Improves a lot in 3 and 4 (but never reaches the heights of DS9).Truest meme I’ve seen today.
Retweeted by Eddie MartinMight as well get August started...
Retweeted by Eddie MartinI am blown away to learn that the same actress played all of these very different characters! Side note: Vasquez f… @scottEmovienerd Amazing! She deserves to be a much bigger star. @NewSpineNeeded @scottEmovienerd I can't believe all of those characters are played by the same person! Very impressive!Two happy little owls
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Retweeted by Eddie MartinWait, the ship they were on is called the Prometheus? But that is the name of the new ship with 4 nacelles (and an… @melteddali @Millerheighife Again with the "is it cake?" thing? I thought we were past that!Wait, he uses protomatter? I thought Saavik said that protomatter was considered dangerously unstable by every ethi… @TonyLea17 Yep. Appeared in one too (as basically an extra).i didn't find these photos, they found me
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @gdalbert @ahumorlessfem I'm glad someone else remembers this show! (Btw, I love your screenname)Since it’s august which basically means it’s fall which basically means it’s Halloween you should go listen to the…
Retweeted by Eddie MartinThe violence in Portland stopped the day federal officers left town. Stop saying the protestors are the violent ones.
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @Meowzentius Not at all! Most Klingons wear sashes. In fact, the sash that Worf wears in season 1 is the same as th… says you can't dance to Dixieland? #1001001 #allstartrek
@RichAdduce22 @TrekLad Be patient with it. Season 1 is shakey, but it gets better and better over time. @brindlebeth @ahumorlessfem I have vague memories of that show! Always forget the name. @phidarryl @ahumorlessfem Someone needs to get Moonlighting onto a streaming service. It's nowhere to be found, exc… @ahumorlessfem Photon! It was a live action sci-fi show that was made to promote the Photon game (basically a Lazer… @perpetuallyame @JewelsJourneys @ahumorlessfem There was talk of a female reboot of it a few years ago, but nothing… @raznochintsy @JewelsJourneys @ahumorlessfem It also airs on the Heroes&Icons channel on Saturday mornings. I thin… @barackfan1 @ahumorlessfem I find it so odd that Police Squad was cancelled after 6 episodes, but the Naked Gun mov… @JonathanRamen @ahumorlessfem Ugh Small Wonder. I think Antenna TV shows reruns of it. @DanMajdali @ahumorlessfem I used to like Silverhawks. Even had some of the toys. It was odd that the show was a sc… @OHWildBill @ahumorlessfem I remember Cop Rock. I liked Steven Bochco dramas like LA Law and Hill Street Blues, so… @TChalla____ @evil_dallas @ahumorlessfem My sister met David Rasche once at some political event. She got me his au… @evil_dallas @TChalla____ @ahumorlessfem I *loved* Sledge Hammer! A couple years ago, MeTV was airing Sledge Hamme… @KaylaraOwl @ahumorlessfem I recall the Alien Nation show being pretty good. I wish someone would rerun it (or a st… @QueTiculate @ahumorlessfem I remembered the USA Cartoon Express. Cheesy cartoons that were a few years old. The go… @ahumorlessfem No Soap Radio! It was a wacky comedy show that I liked when I was little. Steve Gutenberg was on it… Twitter, I make coffin shelves! They are handmade & handpainted 🤗 I can paint any solid color & any fabric you…
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @woodmally1979 @Oliviaj_8 Brent Spiner made an album too! It came out in the early 90s, iirc... @Spearhafoc_ This is my biggest pet peeve about Twitter. I lose the tweet, and have to madly scroll down looking fo… @Oliviaj_8 Kira, but the evil version from the Mirror Universe. @Brian_Mulhall @dweck140 @AmberD1116 Trump's base is older than the general population. If footage from the rallies… @Brian_Mulhall @dweck140 @AmberD1116 A lot of Trump cultists are going away. They tend to be older and thus more su… @RadioFreeTom That's so weird! I was listening to Thomas Dolby yesterday. @midtownsaporta @GatorsDaily @TimeAintWaiting @SusanHammill @murray_nyc @realDonaldTrump "multiple sources?"The Whittier News, California, June 19, 1923
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @yesterdaysprint I'm digging the flapper style of the "nowadays" thought the protests died down? Black Lives Matter protests from the past 24 hours (thread):
Retweeted by Eddie MartinToday in 1980s Music History: 1980- The Clash Release “Bank Robber” 1983- James Jamerson Dies at Age 47 1986- Pete…
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @macker_da @JamesFales2 @Athleist @RadioFreeTom @BrimleyLine Yes! That's it! @raddatz_mw @RadioFreeTom And even he would have to be on probation... @JamesFales2 @Athleist @RadioFreeTom There's a Twitter account that notes when celebs reach the age that Brimley wa… 2020, I just think I should start seeing other years
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @OscarHancock0 @AngelaBelcamino I love OFF!, but really none of the other members are on the same level as Keith Mo… @AngelaBelcamino They're up there. The Whores of Babylon, with Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators, and Dee Dee Ramone, is another contender. @aceygee @sgrg92 @ClarePratt2 "Code of Honor" is the TNG episode where Tasha Yar is kidnapped by space Africans.To see an example of a good body swap episode of a sci-fi series, check out "Out Of Their Minds" from season 2 of Farscape. #MeTVStarTrekI'm usually more forgiving of Shatner's acting, but holy hell, he is awful in this one. #metvstartrek @AlexandraErin @fandsf @jayxwolf I love that she refers to the baby as "the poor mite."“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” ― Frederik Pohl
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @hudsonette I usually skip it when it's on, but there's nothing else to watch right now, so here I am...Spock and McCoy are pretty dumb in this episode... #metvstartrek
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @MsStormi *veddyThinking about how Mads Mikkelsen got big for playing a charcter whose entire asthetic was “old European Class and…
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @carlinspace There's no behind the scenes notes or whatever? @original_af @SSnatter I think it's this guy. But why don't we ever hear from Bill?
@RegretaGarbo Yeah, it's just a 2 parter. Personally, I liked those eps. It's Archer In The High CastleThat "McMason-McDixon Line" joke was funny... #MeTVThreeStooges @Joe_A_Blevins Everyone on screen in this short is probably dead now. Think about that inbetween laughs! @carlinspace What's this "Alien 2" nonsense? She has a name! They at least could have called her "Andorian 2" or "Female Andorian"... @carlinspace Andorians aren't familiar with Earth history... @carlinspace I've mentioned it before that Shran was going to be a regular in season 5. That alone would have made… @carlinspace Does this mean Pluto is a planet again in the future?Little Owls by Uri Kolker
Retweeted by Eddie Martin @carlinspace Yeah, this is a solid ep, I believe. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems like every epi… @naththom29 @washingtonpost @RadioFreeTom It's bad enough that they have Hugh on Meet The Press, but now the Washin… @TrekLad Deep Space Nine is not only the best Trek, but I find it holds up best for rewatching. @phillips_allen1 @pennyawful @TheCyberelf @TRUST_BRENT Star Trek fans who are also Trump supporters are so frustrat… @cw4700 @carlinspace I didn't realize Ian McShane was in that! @AlexandraErin Of all the times to compare to, the 1950s? @cw4700 @carlinspace Where is that gif from? American Gods or Kings? @Jane_Says2 @Nash076 I guess they're spin-offs, tho Discovery feels more like a reboot at times. The franchise is… @KingOfTheSkyGuy Her Twitter bio describes her as "pro-life, anti-feminist," so it's no surprise that her opinions suck. @Jane_Says2 @Nash076 That's a shame. There's some great tv in there (especially Deep Space Nine, the most political Trek series of all).