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@NickFondacaro @terrycrews is a goddamn treasure. Don Lemon lost an argument to President Camacho.
Retweeted by Eddie Durkan @NickFondacaro Don Lemon is a wrongen. @Keenan1892 Even split there!
@sirtokesalot81 @witzhappening Hahahahaha. Was it Fergal Darcy who did it? “Out there in the garden. Dunning themselves”
@purcyadonis I don’t think he was on it. He’s his own plane. @MicilGlennon Have a gander. @_Mighty_01 Courtney bum love?Alleged celebrity flight logs to Peado island. Shit be crazy out there! #ghislanemaxwell didn't kill herself. Lines From Hardy Bucks - Part 2: “I’m going me own way” “Who do you think you are, Fleetwood Mac?”…
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanGrasp my quads! Southampton Man city game is awesome. #ManCity #Southampton @GmonsoonI @olippydoo @Jimcorrsays They were too busy being sexy. @Looper148 The cap makes users seem snarky and annoying. Myself included.
@TCBlackCat76 Doesn’t bear thinking about 😐Imagine what Bukowski was around for Twitter. @gerbo1978 We’ll see if some Oil Barron wants to get in on some vanity project action. @gerbo1978 It’s long overdue G unit! @MickeyVaugn @Jimcorrsays Thanks to them we’re forced to pay a cuntish amount of annual road tax after last time th… @olippydoo @Jimcorrsays Isn’t that the same lad who got bopped in the jaw by some hard lad over in Russia while si…’s a shame we never made hardy bucks 2. Universal said the plot was too far fetched. ☝️😑 #conceptart @Jimcorrsays Who’s the nonce in question? @jarmchairpilot Rooney would be happy to go in for the slide tackle. @alrightcus “That’s what this is. Sick shit!” 🤣Happy 4th of July America. Everyone stop fucking about for the day. Enjoy some nice BBQ moments with loved ones.… @thefortuneblack What a shot!
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanOne of the funniest TV moments of all time? #pauliewalnuts #sickshit @dwaynemoran12 They’re into pure weird aul demonic pub talk. Wearing fancy masks. Drinking piss flavored miwadi out in spooky woods.Rough yokes altogether. masterpiece is for the BBW super car Connoisseur. 👍 line from Hardy Bucks: “They’re all vegans lad” “What, that science fiction shite?!” @EDDIEDURKAN
Retweeted by Eddie Durkan
You’ve too much Chang at a party and someone starts talking about buying garden furniture. @EDDIEDURKAN That dog is on hash
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanClassic Yngwie! beasts! @Mel_S_Pr @Ryland_Adams @shanedawson A pair of two bob wrong cocks!
The bastards are everywhere! #Illuminati @EDDIEDURKAN 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanEver wonder what happened to Johnny Cab from Total Recall? @ismisecian You pass remarks like you would wind. @Pork_Soda_187 Your muscles are class man. @dougiex87 Who cares at this stage. @fennixO0fuller I’m on it!No Cunt tells me what to do! @niallmcardle7 You wear a mask. I’m right behind you. It’s up to the individual.
@mcdonagh_damien Check out the comments on his Instagram page. He’s gone silent. @nikkisaarsteine Don’t take the 5th pint Nikki @the_farreller @iluvlokiloki Do you what you want. You’re the one who’s coming across as unhinged. You’re living in… @mikeopinions Here we go with the ad hominem attacks from an anonymous account. Pure twitter twat right there. Your argument is done. @the_farreller @iluvlokiloki Aren’t most common colds of the covid family? Concentially ince Recovered you’re immun… @iluvlokiloki You’re going to wear one forever? How many people die of influenza and pneumonia each year? No one ta… @Grangeunited @Fozzy_Comp @Bryan_laffan Haw haw. That’s the stuff! @Fozzy_Comp @Bryan_laffan @Grangeunited What about hardware stores, are they open? @Bryan_laffan @Grangeunited Here Brian, I’ve a question for you. Why is acceptable to do your shopping in Tesco, Li… @Grangeunited Yeah I know what your saying. I’m not a thick cunt. @Ger4 It’s grand. Other than 1.5m distancing and capacity restrictions on public buildings its business as usual. @Grangeunited Not at all. If people don’t want to catch it. Then they should a mask. @Ger4 Soon as someone sneezes on a bus people are gonna smash the windows and jump out. It’s all based on cranking up fear and ignorance.Wearing masks should be voluntary. You want to wear a mask, do it. If not, don’t. If you get sick. Stay home and ri… @GrantSana Poor guy was innocent, chased and shot Repeatedly and his family lose the case. The Establishment looks… @hardy_ivor It’s more like a badgers den these days. @JJolenelove A solid business plan.Anyone else find it coincidental that John Hopkins institute ran a simulation of a covid virus last year with Bill… @zitagirl1 @TheCriticalDri2 Revenge of the south lost all credibility when death Väder comes off the table doing th… @BitternNews As twatty as they can be, they don’t get as much air time. The internet has fucked us. We were lured i… lords of atheism. liberals need a good punishment bumming!
@mgk19961 The plot thickens. 🤔
Hit vats quick! #Fallout #Feral #ghouls #lizard @TheCriticalDri2 Could you please come onto the podcast to eloquently dismantle the folly of modern film making and gaming? @TheCriticalDri2 @literaturedevil if this doesn't convince you the entire elite critic system is dominated by sellouts then idk what will
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanCatch these guys later on in Pygmalion.
@xGerard95 It’s sound as a bell. Weathers unreal. And the pint bottleS are ice cold.The police? What are they gonna do? All they’re good for is arresting lads for inappropriate tweets. Liverpool fans…
While the plebs are off fighting each other in the streets The federal reserve and Blackrock assets are globally fu…
@Timmo101 @ViperHiggins Top three mawn. As long as they get back up into the dream cup, big boy league I’m happy enough. @Nondomjovi He himself has checked out into bobos of the next realm 😑
Maybe Derek Accora was onto something with the ghost craic. An empty Goodison park seems to be haunted with ghosts… are ruining the world. They are a #global #pandemic. This is a German #Karen, and she screeches like a hard…
Retweeted by Eddie Durkan @ViperHiggins here lizard tits! We need to get back together. Unleash the deluge of relentless piss taking. #ItsTime @ElectricMiknik @ViperHiggins It would be a nice touch!Even though I’m a Liverpool fan, I’m still behind Leeds to get promoted into the premiership. It’s been way too lon…
@JJolenelove Number always.
@greg_doucette @Imamofrebellion So unnecessary @jamiedlux Bit of tapping going on?
@WHO @DrTedros Sick of this shite.
This. Never. Gets. Old. Regardless of @netflix and @AppleTV I (Without fail) always resort back to this…
Retweeted by Eddie Durkan2012 - Oh no. This is the end. 2020 - In for a penny. In for a pound. @Akhokhar333 Trigger happy fuckers!
Fuck the NWO. @jamiedlux “Don’t let them fool ya. Or even try to school ya. One love.” times!
@JamesHeavey6 @AJ_Cats_ Solid time to duty would be taken. Absolutely mindful of the situation. Gratitude and appre… @JamesHeavey6 @AJ_Cats_ Well Stacked!
@AJ_Cats_ Couldn’t hear a word of that 🤷‍♂️
Mega compilation of mad shit @DMcNeela I’ll play a gig at it. Bring the strat with me to honor Rory.Lock downs officially over! Now go forth to penny’s. Buy shorts and vest combos, random printed slogans such as “f… @EDDIEDURKAN If this is how Hardy Bucks season 5 gets started then I am all fucking in!!!!!
Retweeted by Eddie DurkanYaaaaaa-aaaaaaah! @Frankie_182 Smoke bowls!
@EDDIEDURKAN Time the Hardy Bucks came up to Cross.. hit The thatch and then the Dolphin.. followed by the rollover…
Retweeted by Eddie Durkan