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Hella gay | He/him | Director of MURDER BY NUMBERS at @Mediatonic. Past: Swords of Ditto, Heavenstrike (Square Enix), Hatoful. ゲームディレクターやシナリオライター。日本語OK

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I can't wait until the pearl-clutchers see AJ and the Queen, they are going to LOSE their MINDS 😂 @Glinner @MagdalenBerns @AllianceLGB Or, she was hated because she was a vile excuse for a human being. The world i…
@dudettecolette It's sad - DragWorld has been doing the same thing in the same venue for years but doesn't oversell… The #dragconuk hashtag is not pretty viewing. But Ru got his coin, so what does he care? I can never work at PlatinumGames or From Software100% my approach. I am in awe of those who can parry but I ain't ever gonna be able to do it. If I dodge I feel lik… @LeeDawsonPT It’s mental inside. Like battery farmed hens. Lines for most popular booths run in excess of 3 hours l…
Retweeted by Ed Fearooft. Glad I swore off this World of Wonder mess.
It should be noted that the Cyberpunk developers are *not* in crunch. They have crunched, but since their release…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @BenNizan @Lounarian @CDPROJEKTRED Not drunk enough to encourage this @jennyev62258615 @oopsallorcery @MrMichaelSpicer @DebbieBMoon Is this an actual complete misunderstanding of what t…[to the tune of ymca] white man there’s no need to wade in I said white man just don’t even begin I said white ma…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @Lounarian @CDPROJEKTRED Louis how drunk are youOR this is a very brave new direction for their content, in which case, I'm on boardI think Vox got hacked @iamleyeti I CAVEDThe Murder by Numbers desk island strikes again!’s @JamesAcaster making pasta. Fair play.
Retweeted by Ed Fear @demanrisu I only played the first ten hours or so but: very little, thankfully. @LaineMithra persona is for weebs who can't tell the difference between 'stylish' and 'fun' @LaineMithra you NEED it Lindz you NEED it NEEDI don't like Persona at all and I'm ambivalent about Fire Emblem, but the 'everyone's a pop star' angle is so far u… please stop me from buying this today (I liked it a lot on Wii U but stopped playing it because I couldn't… @taku9218 誕生日おめでとう!ID! @JakeKimber NOBODY who lives in London thinks thisDear Coronation Street, Thanks for putting Roy Cropper in a corset. Yours, Ed Fear (Esq.) @AngelosLH Hahaha give the women what they want!!!I think I'd rather have a Bond film written and directed by women than a female Bond? Not that I give a shit about James Bond anyway butThe actual quote from Barbara Broccoli on Bond’s gender, which isn’t being tweeted about nearly as much, is a fasci…
Retweeted by Ed FearFOLLOW US AND RETWEET to win a slightly damaged Nintendo Switch game bundle! Inc. Yoshi's Crafted World, The Witche…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @empika A queen like you really does deserve that!!
this website Kitty is teaming up with Kan-chan the enema to celebrate Ichijiku Enemas’ 95th anniversary.
Retweeted by Ed Fear @AnnaRoseVan sorry @weefz I REGRET NOTHING! *hisses, retreats into cave*FFVII Remake, now Cyberpunk... all I need is for Animal Crossing to be delayed and the path for Murder by Nu… @charlteon I would sign this petition 1,000,000 times @_RandomJ_ denying Biology would be a block-level crime. @sdrhod ULALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 @sdrhod sounds about rightI don't even like Smash Brothers, I just want to fit in :(more like BORELETH am I right @tenniiiiiiiiiii ロクサスかアクアだったら死ぬIn addition to the Fall Guys Discord Server, we've just launched an official Mediatonic Server! It'll also be hom…
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Retweeted by Ed FearCOME CHAT WITH THE TEAM! I'm not allowed to swear on the Discord so this is going to be interesting!!!! is a really fascinating read. At certain points in my life I've been in this situation - and doubtless will be…
I'm so good at Death Stranding! I'm the best Norman Reedus!!!!'s nothing more sinister than hearing that @Absintheuse was asking whether I had any holiday booked until April...😰 @leonkillin "My Teacher's Too Hot!" definitely _sounds_ like a Korean drama @TobyFoxArt I just don't know how this sort of thing happens to me all the time (I do, it's because I pick teachers based on looks) @keefstuart it REALLY does, and I regret nothing!New Post: A poetry contest for women who love homoerotic male fiction generates a series of laugh-out-loud winners…
Retweeted by Ed FearGameRevolution named @MurderByNumb3rs one of their 10 indie games YOU NEED TO PLAY IN 2020! Wooooooo! YOU. NEED. T… @NidaAhmad_ I say this all the time and people don't believe me. @lxFortes Right? So unexpected! @lxFortes Hahaha yes I am fully committed to this as a source of an excellent anecdote now. @lxFortes This story has taken an even weirder turn - discovered that this teacher is a singer and I've now seen hi…
today i had some ultrasounds & one where they stick an electric wand up your vagina & as the sonographer was rummag…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @robfahey you get it! you get it.
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Retweeted by Ed Fear @jackremmington 100%my logic is that if he's hot I'm going to want to impress him, right? so I'll try harder? this is why if I ever ha…*me, scrolling through the Japanese teachers on italki* "Don't just pick that one because he's hot. Don't just pic… @DarceyButtell unless you paid upfront, no!the bad thing about working next to a comfortable sofa is that I spend 99% of my day wishing I was lying on itI know it's only a month extra but still WAHHHHHH am having a lot of fun writing this (yes I need a better intro shut up) listened to Bananarama this morning and now I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD sorry colleagues but I'm going to be s…
思ったどおり 12歳 | 好みのカレーをつくると精神年齢がわかっちゃう診断 a single oscar nomination for Carly Rae Jepsen's EMOTION... just because it "isn't a film" and "came out in 2015"...disgusting
Retweeted by Ed FearI recorded an awesome podcast yesterday! I'm doing an interview today! I'm in full on PR mode - well, as close to '…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @Dentist64 What kind of numbers you got? @_JonP It doesn't even have a name yet - I was their first guest! I'll post when it gets announced!Looks like my work trip to Japan ain't happening, so anyone know any quick ways of getting your hands on a couple o… is it so hard to get video playing in Unity on Switch?!?!?!?!?!?!? game development should be easier than this!!!! @maziar_d @MurderByNumb3rs 🤭I started playing Death Stranding again last night and fuck, I don't know why I like this game, but I *really*'s been less than a minute but I can already state that this deserved better numbersI give good headlineI recorded an awesome podcast yesterday! I'm doing an interview today! I'm in full on PR mode - well, as close to '… choice of gif *chefs kiss* the day of submission I've caused a massive huge tangled web of Git issues because I changed script editor last… best picture nominees this year are wild
Retweeted by Ed FearYamaha (instrument makers) issue a warning on social media: “somewhat belatedly, and for reasons that cannot be men…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @MizButtons @Team17Ltd GET IN THERE YOU SUPERSTAR! ♥️💛🧡💚💙💜Yes. @PaperbagTweet @MurderByNumb3rs Mission nearly accomplished! 😄アイコン更新! @jericawebber @MurderByNumb3rs hahaha if it was up to me it'd be now!!!!!! @MurderByNumb3rs (the original version of this tweet ended with " - and I've had sex with a man!!!!" but I didn't want to brag 💅)we've got something @MurderByNumb3rs related to show you at the end of the month and, I'm not kidding, it's easily… @Lounarian yaaaay @Lounarian are you ever coming back to workhold the fuck up oh wait that’s me, i’m the fuck up, someone hold me please
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自分を嫌うのが疲れるなー 非生産的な生き方だ。 もういいよ。変わなければといけない。 @_RandomJ_ I tweeted that and then two bots slid into my DMs. Guuuuurl. @kazhei_ichijo_ 楽しそうだった! いつか行きたいなー