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Hella gay | He/him | Director/cowriter of MURDER BY NUMBERS at @Mediatonic. Past: Swords of Ditto, Heavenstrike (Square Enix), Hatoful. ゲームディレクターやシナリオライター。日本語OK

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we're all in this together... but not really
Retweeted by Ed FearMe going another day without Final Fantasy VII Remake
Retweeted by Ed FearThis is definitely an Angel isn't it. At this point I'm pretty much cheering on Third Impact.はやく外で思いっきり遊べますように
Retweeted by Ed FearAmid all the worrying news, this made me smile. Glorious.
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a star is quarantined (2020)
Retweeted by Ed Fear @oneofmoo thanks Moo! I really need to properly get into Unity (there's something about the paradigm that just isn'… @tedregulski oh sweet! glad you feel accomplished in this most depressing of times :Dtoday I wrote some code and then I deleted that code. that's what kind of day it's been2020 said
Retweeted by Ed Fearwhy is bleaching your asshole not called changing your ringtone
Retweeted by Ed Fearthe Karens are at it again緊急事態宣言の準備入り表明見通し.xls 緊急事態宣言の準備入り表明.xls 緊急事態宣言の準備入り.xls 緊急事態宣言の準備.xls 緊急事態宣言.xls 緊急事態宣言_最終版.xls 緊急事態宣言_最終版_fix.xls 緊…
Retweeted by Ed FearI love this so much!! @dlesica Oh wow, thanks so much! We'd like another entry too, so tell all your friends to buy a copy! (Your enemies…
Murder By Numbers is friggin awesome. Anyone craving a new Ace Attorney-esque mystery story with solid characters/w…
Retweeted by Ed Fearお散歩🚶‍♂️🐕✨✨✨ 今年の秋で18歳になるけど 頑張って歩いてくれています。 ピリピリした状態が しばらくは続きそうですが 少しでも癒しになれば幸いです☺️
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@_RandomJ_ I SAID WHAT I SAIDAfter an eight hour stream I finished #MurderByNumbers and ugh I just want more. My eyes and head are numb but I wa…
Retweeted by Ed Fearngl, assumed this was a prolapse UK proving we are terrified peasants afeared of evil spirits in 2020.
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@rkbennet Oh my god, a Murder by Numbers x The Sims 4 crossover sounds AMAZING! I need to witness this!Someone added the GameCube intro to my unemployment graph & it’s significantly better now.
Retweeted by Ed Fear @monsuke_z 美味しそうです!!here come a special child
Retweeted by Ed FearFinally a bit of GOOD news for you all: this man has finally met his 15 month-old daughter, who “is named Eleanor,…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @orbette I love Minju and Angel so much @ImRichTea it's so good 😭Our incredible puzzle designer Dorian has made these AMAZING Murder by Numbers Animal Crossing outfits!!!!!!!! NEED… @pommier1484 @feline_dacat omg @tt0307tt イギリスに来てくださいねー! @MudManCampbell 😭😭😭😭😭A sequel please! #NintendoSwitch #MurderByNumbers
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@Ashetails Thanks buddy @brittdgx Thanks Britt. ❤️ @toasteroverheated Ahh I'm sorry to hear this Paul. It's a shitty time for things like this to happen. @Bearskopff Thanks Bear ❤️ @purrsneakitty Thanks Wendy. Great advice :) @hownottodraw @joningold it is deeply infuriating how Jon keeps on accomplishing this stufftbh I wasn't even behind the most applicable bit but I've got to wonder if it subconsciously seeped into the framework I laid out... 🤔Therapist: Do your issues ever appear in your work? Me: I don't think so Therapist: What about your most recent one… @Liistarr Thanks asshole ❤️ @schillingc @BAFTAGames Chris this is REALLY good (and not just the answers; asking him about the sequel-subversion of MGS2 was inspired)Zipper and I giving you a sneak peek of our hippity hoppity Bunny Day performance 🐰🥚 #ACNH …
Retweeted by Ed Fearright I could REALLY do with FF7R right now so, if anyone got it early, please let me know where you got it! @alicemrendell thanks Alice ♥ @SophieRossetti thanks babe ♥ @anniegrmbl thanks Annie ❤️ @BenNizan thanks Ben ♥ @JoannaHaslam thanks my dear ♥ @saikocat thank you ♥ @_JonP thanks babe ♥ @lumberfemme thank you ♥ @studioanisa I can't stop laughing at this 😂😂😂😂😂Dad's cancer is inoperable. He's got weeks, maybe a bit longer. I'm fine, obviously devastated but holding together… you have a Switch, get Murder By Numbers. I want this game to do well enough that it spawns as many sequels as the Phoenix Wright series.
Retweeted by Ed FearI just finished playing Murder by Numbers and can I just say wow. What a great game!
Retweeted by Ed Fear @feline_dacat @pommier1484 I NEED IT
@vickypedia there's a bug which means the menu says 'New Game' when it should really say 'Case Select'; basically i… time someone says they like K.C. my heart flutters @vickypedia was it at the end of a case? @ed_nights Ed this is so cute <3My ass would snap this fucking chair in seconds @feline_dacat i mean LOOK AT THIS @feline_dacat their whole twitter is just food pornI want to go to Pommier so bad 😭 @MurderByNumb3rs @__Bianconiglio @2kkari congratulations to the both of you! enjoy :) @genericblues We would like to release some updates but we've been completely stalled by COVID-19, so right now I h… @genericblues Dialogue fast-forward is possible (we have a slightly borked version already). Solved puzzles is impo… week I sent the #AnimalCrossing opening theme to my lovely professional musician/shotokan karate instructor pa…
Retweeted by Ed FearI mean sure, we definitely don't need anything dumb to cheer us up right now.Thanks, 2020, for giving everyone even more reason than usual to be joyless about April Fools' Day. 🥱hahahaaaa no but seriously please buy Murder by Numbers, I want to make a sequel. And surely you're getting a bit b… named Murder by Numbers as one of its '10 Great 2020 Games That You Probably Already Slept On', alongsid… @Mitsuo_Hirakawa happy happy birthday Mitsu! @disappointment the dream
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Retweeted by Ed Fear @lumberfemme @ModernWolfLtd YAAAAY amazing stuff Claire!!!I have no idea what this is but I'm sold on the concept alone played a bunch of this game a few weeks ago and it is GOOD. I mean, it's literally in the name. @ujimasa_ujiyasu フレンド申請送りました! @shane_reaction_ @this_vid link plz @lumberfemme HahahahhaI'm dying (and really annoyed that MT uses Google Hangouts which doesn't have filters or Zoom's backgrounds or anyt… has given me every ounce of energy I need for today.
"Murder by Numbers is an amazing piece of work. It kept me interested enough to go back, held me long enough to get…'m lurking... 👀 @moriyoshijon Thank you so much! Great to hear it hit the right balance for you - everyone seems to be different bu…"Better the Devil You Know" is definitely my favourite Old Kylie / Kylie Era 1 songHappy Monday! SCOUT wanted to do a giveaway to recruit more murder mystery sidekicks! To win a copy of Murder By…
Retweeted by Ed Fear @sgch thanks!! @darthmongoose they just announced that they're shipping it far earlier than normal to try to combat delays, so peo… was going to get FFVII Remake digitally but now it might arrive early if I get a physical copy? Who are best for… @ObvItsAmy @ImRichTea this is so cute ❤️
Retweeted by Ed Fear‘ ONE KISS IS ALL IT TAKES- SO PLEASE JUST MASTURBATE” @DUALIPA #corona #SocialDistanacing #IsolationLife
Retweeted by Ed Fear @iamleyeti Haha! Well, technically, Automata did that too so I don't think it'd be so shocking...Gonna be interesting to see what they do to reduce the repetition of the second half of Replicant. They got away wi…